NAP changes?

You can offer a Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) to family #xxxx. It will not be official until both parties sign the offer.

Upon cancellation of this pact, both parties must wait the number of turns dictated below before attacking.
24 - 48 - 72…

So far nothing has changed.
But if you offer the NAP, and it doesn’t get signed by other party you can’t remove it for another 48hrs?
It used to be when you or other party attacks it gets removed.
Why is this changed this way, and why is it not explained in the message above?

I’m stupid. I just gave someone 48hrs to portal up and build up at a nice pace without having to worry about me.

I can’t see why someone could not cancel the NAP you offer? => read: ‘its still an offer not a pact’