Name change / map feedback

Pie, your renewal changed my forum name…I want Sol_Invictus back in forums! :’(
I like most of the changes, will take some time getting used too, but imo that new maps really sucks with that dark background.

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i changed your name back

regarding the map, it’s being rewritten for the new version. an example is here:,0:0

if you have specific ideas of how you want it to work, feel free to post em here:

hey sol glad to see you back bro!

Thank you Pie (& Malin), new version of the map looks a lot better! No specific suggestions atm, I’ve been out too long :slight_smile:

Malin=Cells…if I remember correctly? :slight_smile:

Yep thats me :slight_smile: glad your back :slight_smile: missed chatting with you and playing with you!

No worries, I still spy on you all from time to time :slight_smile: I might come back for a serious round after the summer…but time will have to tell :sunny:

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grow some hair:0