MW77 Swagga's Drafting

Hello ya’ll! I’m starting early in case there’s draft spots open.
I’m looking to have an active, organized, competition level family so if you’re interested let me know. I’d like to make new friends and form a Dynasty.
I’m a Free Thinker, so feel at ease to join the party!
There’s gonna be new combat rules in MW from now on so it’s going to be a bit of learning curve for everyone
i’m mainly concerned with activity
i want a competition level fam
i want to win- shit
so yeah- think about it
there’s plenty of time
Discord Invite:

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I’m always down to play with you Swagga!


EMP3ROR_Niganati of Swagga (#6990)

“It takes greater skill to feed on the strong, than to feed on the weak.” ~Attacker, Swagga

@kingray That’s great to know- I’ll have to call you on that: Bet!