Well its been a long time coming. But its time that i start working on content again. I have had a bit of a rough personal year. But im not going to let that stop me. Im not sure what our schedule or future topics will be but for now:

Sunday January 26th at 930 est live PVC with @Tommy and @MTG_Dad

Look forward to having everyone listen in.

Dicord link for those not already there


It will be recorded right? cause u broadcasting in the middle of the night

Yes i wilk record it and hopefully have it up sunday night

Big big update. I will have a live 1 on 1 with Noir tonight at midnight eastern. Join the above discord to join in the conversation

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@MTG_Dad When can we expect the recording?

Eithrr tonight or tomorrow night. I have had some tech ical difficulties so i have to do a lot of editing