MW67 Start Postponed

The start of MW67 is postponed until after the holidays are over, including NYE.

A specific date is TBD.

If you have any questions, comments, insights, or concerns, please feel free to message @moderators here on discourse.

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Why it is postponed? Just when I would have time to play. After holidays I have to work and have less time for IC.


Indeed agree 100% with Zan above.

What is the harm in opening the galaxy already and maybe extend the period from opening so players can get their families organized? There’s no need to start the round sooner, just open it up and let people join!



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Yea you guys could at least start it now to give it time to fill up.


start it up


Two reasons:

  1. The mods play and know that well set up fams gut them like stuck pigs.

  2. It’s the holidays, and they want some time off. They would have to organize how the round is gonna be.


If mods need a time off during holidays, there should be more mods. They are too busy then. They also could have planned MW67 during MW66…

Is it really that much of a work to setup a new round of MW? I bet you have some sort of UI where mod or Pie chooses options for new round and map is generated automatically. Then you preview before opening round. If it is harder than that, fix it.

If IC really wants to attract players there can not be any down time. Other activities do not take time off and it is a competition out there.

I know that I may be in a minority and majority of players want to have holidays off from IC. Then IC staff could have a planned some holiday special round for those players who prefer to play during holidays too.

There can be valid reasons for down time, but now I hear only excuses.

Yes, it is easy to demand and critisize. Players aka customers do that and it is their right even if they do not pay. They invest time and interest and it has a value too. Get used to it.

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Quick response for you.

Mods don’t need time off, we want the round to start now also. I wanted the actual start date to be today.

Pie is the only person who can start a round, and he doesn’t have time before 2019 to accomplish it.

I can’t help you with anything else at this time, the sad truth is, it is what it is when he’s got time to set it up.

However, I hope you had a great Christmas, and have a wonderful New Year’s!


Pie has set up custom gals for me in less than 5 mins… Kind of sucks he cant spare a few mins for us and hasn’t equipped mods with the tools to run the game like he said they could.


If Pie wants more time to spend on fixes and IC 2.0 android/IOS app, maybe it would be a good idea to give the mods the ability to setup galaxies? Just a random thought…

I really don’t understand how something as frustrating as a week ‘downtime’ for the entire active IC community in between rounds seems to be the standard time in a tick-based-game. How do you want to get new&returning players to join and actually play if they can only join Manthano aka Virgo 2.0?


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How about we get together and come up with what would be a good round structure, have @TheBigOne and the rest of the @moderators sign off on it - then when his_pieness is ready to launch it, jump right in?

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The delayed start works for me. I have been non-stop swamped lately IRL. Even when it starts, I’ll be advising my fam to assign me to a supporting role where I only need to check in a couple of times a day.

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Let’s get some convo then about those round options…

I did not hear much of a critique from last round setup. Maybe there was not enough players for all fams though. My fam did not get full seven active players ever and had five most of the round. Cut down fam size by one or cut fam number by two perhaps? Other stats worked.

If some players get eventually left out, even after inactives have been removed from fams, setup some other (different style) galaxy for them to roam for a short while.

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I like smaller fams… fams of 5 would be ideal. I think the map size and number of systems and planets from last round was the best balance we have had in a while.

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ya I completely agree. I think 5 was a great size.

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