MW66 PvC

Guess we get no pvc @MTG_Dad is slacking

You want a PvC Rizzy/Lizzy? You had to ask…I’ll make one for you!

I’m here to vocalize and open wide
Invoking my emotion like a poet type
Your throat is sliced and closing like a cobra strike
Immobilizin’ poser types who lie and say they’re dope, they’re not
Put metal in they mouth like I’m tryna fix their overbite
I know I’m nice, the forum posts I write
Are so divine and no one’s quite as dope as I am
Throwin’ knives, I’m ghostly white
And glow at night and cold as ice
With hoes are like your trophy wife who choke on pipe
And swallow all my children like the TV up in Poltergeist

I’m dope as spider foes that bite
You know the types that no one likes
I roll with types with motorbikes that dump your body Oceanside
And overnight I soak my knife, you know I’m not just flowing
I’m the plague, when I raid you see the locust fly
I pulverize 'em, trap ‘em in the witch’s craft
And plus the mystic black candles that are drippin’ wax
My ex-girl got married, I ain’t pissed or mad
Wonder if she told her new man she [also plays Imperial Conflict]

Anyway, I got problems and my issues are frightening
Attacking PIckle viciously for a living and my fams attack flows are enticing
Do I want a [plate of spaghetti]? These Mods are psychic
And Rizzy keeps giving [me high-fives]!

Wild Card! :clown_face::v::partying_face:


Required edits aside, that was pretty good.

You don’t wanna know how much I already had to filter out Pie! :smiley: Thx!

The real deal…if u see the edit above…before clicking take into account it 's explicit lyrics! :wink:

:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: Nice @I_like_pie

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Remember for whom we always sang this song? Always makes me think of Stiffler’s mom!

How subtle…? :smiley:

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your attacks aren’t dope, you’ve really dropped the soap.
bent over in the shower, going to show you my power.
accuse me, assault me, it’s clear you just wish you were me… PICKLE ARMY
can’t win a round, can’t go pound for pound, I’m beating you into the ground
fam news has you sad, you’re starting to get mad
beating you at your own game, you’re starting to go insane.
I got you paranoid, while I’m wrecking your droids
got you looking for your lighter while I run your fighters
one more bowl to take away the pain staring longingly out the window pane
thinking of better days but you were never good back then anyways
Even @Swagga gettin his revenge, for that MAGA hat comment, this is gonna be your end
blowing up your planets until your fam just can’t stand it
so turn off your computer screen, sorry I had to get mean
but this is it for you, your run is finally through.

1 - The Margaritaville Raiders - (6303) [24,56] 1381 23232587
2 The Mods (6298) [24,80] 1480 19255515

w00t! Another 20/21H, lets cut the gap in half!

|1|- The Margaritaville Raiders - (6303) [24,56]|1505|25112247|
|2|The Mods (6298) [24,80]|1479|21708262|

I see you guys are making lotsa progress!

Well Swagga was right, he got that eve-gene or something. According to C. Darwin and his evolutionary theory, it means if dark skinned people were first on the earth…:ghost::sun_with_face:

I think you jumped the gun on mr. Elephant ivory tusk Pickle😂
Or is that a new tactic…dropping a lot of fleet to rebuild it a tick later? :slight_smile:

You two really don’t like eachother.

Why would you say that?

Because last round you were willing to nap every single family just to fight Sol in the end.

And now Sol insists you are a cheater and then all of this.

Munder and Frosty ran that fam not me, and it was to go after AW’s fam because they were killing us in infra.

If they told you to keep attacking
They gave you awful advice
Wouldn’t attack in a fam with you
If they offered my price
Keep the million
Buy yourself a coffin on ice
I’m awfully nice
Take your head off with a slice
I’m precise
Forum rhymes sharper than Valyrian Steel
Leaving dead attackers buried in a stereo field
For real
Your average attacker is a bragging liar
I’ll swoop in and attack him with the dragon fire
Burning villages of mumbling fools
And stay dropping gems, straight fumbling jewels
You used to rap and attack, conceited sound clown
Then you heard Sol Invictus and deleted your SoundCloud
Embarrassed that’d you used to think you sound sick
Even found your old stuff, and deleted your SoundClick
Rest in peace to another time struggler
The way I flip these words, I should be a fire juggler


Your empire should get a free No Fear for troop motivation every time you post a decent rap/battle-chant

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Boom boom boom go your planets
zoom zoom zoom go my fleets
already told you you wont be able to stand it
you cannot handle this heat

this revolution will not be televised
do you really think I care about winning size?
I am pickle army and I never hide
going to make another one of my enemies cry
go ahead and call me a bully that’s fine
at least I have a backbone and spine
got my foot on your throat
you are lucky Rizzy had a fire on his boat
only reason you were able to gloat
now your body is starting to bloat
once I am done with you down the river it will float

Boom boom boom go your planets
zoom zoom zoom go my fleets
already told you you wont be able to stand it
you cannot handle this heat

smashing your planets
this is where you start to panic
you will end this round last place in size
hitting you right between the eyes
as your family dies
some are starting to cry
asking you if you were high
when you decided to go against me
while I am sipping on my tea

Boom boom boom go your planets
zoom zoom zoom go my fleets
already told you you wont be able to stand it
you cannot handle this heat

Fighting against Sol
I thought fighing you would be a brawl
this is not what I saw
got you curlled into a ball
knocking your family around like a rag doll
so keep rapping your raps
and building your laser traps
like I said this is your end
gotta go, have some fleets I need to send

Boom boom boom go your planets
zoom zoom zoom go my fleets
already told you you wont be able to stand it
you cannot handle this heat



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My planets? I think you are using the wrong p-list in FleetElite!
I feel like ever since Swagga hit so many lasertraps and DS’s in a couple ticks, he was so demotivated he pretty much waited 8-10 ticks to jump back up, he did buy iron immediately, thanks for that!
After my lil nuking campaigns on your bottom fammembers, I was able to guesstimate their fleets, but I think you guys found that out earlier this hour hehehe.

Seems like we are destroying each other, not bad vs. a fam 3 times my fams NW and twice and probably soon also instead of 2 it will be 3 times our size, I’d prefer to go for Scorp who is hiding with AW, but you’re the next best thing and Swagga is always someone who brings a smile on my face when I see him in my recent reports! :wink:

Sounds like nothing else going on except Pickle and Sol