MW64 Upset

It’s a bit of a late revelation, but it turns out that last round’s sure winner (#6150) didn’t actually win, as #6146 actually out-jumped them in networth!

Of course, not everybody agrees which is the “true” win between size and networth, but I was surprised to see that nobody called this out.

No offense, but any halfwit can infra whore and save for nw jumps. If they had the skill they’d have used that nw to get more planets for the size win which actually takes work and skill. My humble opinion… also shared by many. To me the nw win is like a consolation prize.

Also we probably could have jumped more nw to beat them if we were concerned with getting the nw win.

No offense taken, I didn’t play it doesn’t affect me at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, you guys “could” have done something is the same as saying you didn’t. :wink: Speculation doesn’t really mean anything.

I didn’t say the speculation actually mattered either. Fact is we had best econ for probably 90% of the round even while almost constantly fighting/warring throughout the round. 46 maybe fought one real fight all round. Recreate the gal with just 46 and us and we can settle it in a war :joy:. I think that would erase any doubts. I don’t even think 46 would claim they were the winners lol. I mean come on… this is silly. We had a 1500 planet lead on 46 and they had like what 13 mil nw more? That’s reaching even for you pie lol.

How is your fam doing this round? I_like_pie Tribute Squad = 46

I look forward to meeting you on the battlefield.

Plus you sabotaged our long term plans by ending the round early. We would of had a win of epic magnitudes if we weren’t set up with this early ending in an attempt to get all of mw to collaborate and kill us lol.

And Regardless, 46 won NW and 50 won size. Most players agree that size is the true win, and I am among those.

No no no no, I agree… 6146 clearly won last round! :rofl:

I believe @Sol_Invictus is correct in your attacking skills assessment, lets see what you can do without an eco powerhouse behind your back.

LMAO 3 people replying atm…

That’s a great detail for story telling, but the EoR ranks are what matter to many. When people look back in a year they won’t remember any of that, they’ll just remember that 46 won NW and 50 won size.

Who’s reaching? The ranks speak for themselves. 50 didn’t take a definitive win (as in, both spots) as some families sometimes do.

That’s no opinion of mine, it’s objective fact. :slight_smile:

This was put to a vote, I only did what most players wanted. Regardless, it was announced a week ahead of time that it would end early, which meant if you guys wanted to you could have had a week to grab the nw win as well.

Don’t blame me because you guys didn’t take the opportunity. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re more than welcome to sponsor a custom galaxy for a grudge match. :smiley:

I’m not sure there will be any battlefields for me this round. I did hear that 31 pulled a super early raid on another big fam. Maybe if I get bored I’ll see if i can join a fam close to you and see how well you are defended :wink:.

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That’s not true Pie. I’ll be around to always remind people of the facts. Isn’t that the point of this forum? I like remembering details :grin:. Also people will see we massacred the size win and lost a short second in nw. I’m not denying we didn’t win nw. If I won NW and not size, I’d not care much. I think most would agree the size win is a lot more work to get. Like a lot lot lot. Also ladies are lying when they say size doesnt matter :joy:.

Which part isn’t true?

I do agree that you guys had a great round, but it is definitely a matter of opinion which ranking is the true win. That debate is as old as IC itself.

To be fair 46 only had one attacker. We had a brief period where Maul was here and he was great for us, but sadly he disappeared which caused us to lose our war against @Sol_Invictus. Can only do so much with 110% morale. But yea wolf, if you want to get your squad back together I can set up a custom galaxy after Pickle’s Playground is over.

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Also, on a side note, had I not chosen to go after Flip/47 and instead dog pile on your fam at eor, you wouldn’t have won size either :stuck_out_tongue:

Them’s fightin’ words!

I never thought of it as a debate. Most players that i’ve spoken to in my time in IC would agree the size win is more important. But idk, maybe i need a larger sample size to poll :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Usually the only people who care about the nw wins are the ones with no chance of getting the size win. I look at it as a consolation prize. I could be wrong but I think a lot share that opinion. Even Pickle who was in 46 and led them said size is more important.