Mw64 alleged war plans

How would I have known? And also a fam isn’t at war until they are at war…

Sol still salty losing 35m NW in one tic :smiley:

Thats not so difficult when being outjumped having 50 portal shares and trying to clear systems before getting cleared. As said before I am actually proud we are not in pmode. But then again, the setup for this war already made it a paralimpics round. Only fair the Wolf&Pickle alliance would win that round :wink:

I am sore for giving you a normal nap after I slapped you and your fam around in our war. Consider it a last one for old times sake. :wink:

i lost more than 35M in one tick. more like 70Mil with all the rez you killed lol

but i don’t get salty :smiley: