Mw58 alleged macewindex/zerohedge retrospective

…but maybe it was because @MaceWindex decided mid round to clear all defences (he was the main banker) and let all the universe know that he has no portals, then he went inactiv after tryiing to pull some sort of IA so the fam who declared war on us would got blocked (ofc this $%&%$ masterplan didnt go well)

Can this prick stop accusing me of IA with AW? We already know that I didn’t and he is still salty that his 2-3 other bankers sucked ass, even though I was aided the least I still made the most of it. I cannot help if aiding literally everything I own every tick isn’t good enough. P.S. I didn’t tell anyone about my lack of portals or defences, I just didn’t build as many portals as I had liked and everytime I went to build some the planets were already taken. That is what happens when you get raided, you lose planets. My only fault was that I couldn’t contact the other bankers because of how ignorant they were and it isn’t like the pop banker wanted to play anymore since he got aided the most and still couldn’t build with it.

So again, if you won’t stop bullshiting to everyone then I will just keep going SS from now on in games and if decided that anonymous is staying then it looks like I won’t be joining discord servers anymore.

You are one of the problems with this game @zerohedge and it’s because you cannot let go what has happened many rounds ago. You said past is past in discord and I haven’t logged into discourse in a while so I’m not sure if the message I am replying to was posted after our talk but just stop spreading bullshit about IA talks and either talk to Pie directly about it or sit down you clown.

lol srsly… and this posting was before our talk

Well then, I’m glad that I could stick it on the table for more to see. No point in having some discord peeps see the end result and not the forum peeps

any idea what galaxy/round this was?

Milky Way and we played as colours - not sure of round number

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the date was arround nov 10, 2017

and mace, i do not accuse u of IA with AW, but u had a strategy to clear your defences and let 81? family know it and if they attack it should be found as kind of IA. u then said AW gave us a nap bec he couldnt attack us for this reason and u saved our asses, what AW denied. anyway old story and a very stupid one too

this whole thing can be deleted, i think nobody in the universe is interested in reading old sad stories

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i can shed some some light on this, i gave u guys a nap since your fam was struggling with 1 banker going rouge and one attacker mia due to having family issues.

regarding the whole mace thing, we knew he went against the fam and killed infra etc, this was broadcasted pretty clearly in public chats etc… this didnt stop us from taking some planets and having a fight with you guys, but farming was never my style so we ended it on good terms. Tbo should be able to confirm this, as he was leader at that time. i’w been blocked for IA many times for good reasons, but this was not IA. On the other i think i was blocked later that round for IA, when i gathered the galaxy to fight pitbull and Lightguns for breaking nap :stuck_out_tongue:

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the attacker mia was TBO lol :joy::joy: so i was the defacto leader then. and yes u got blocked bec u sent me a msg :kissing_heart:then i got blocked too :sunglasses:

I was in Zero and Maces fam this round and can confirm everything Zero says about Mace is true.

Mace didn’t bother portalling any planets and got heavily raided by Pitbull and LG. He then had a melt down and blamed everyone else in the fam, particularly one of the other bankers. ive still got the old fam chat on my discord. It’s quite entertaining looking back at it. Mace complained he didn’t get the same ressies, etc as the other bankers but we put the fam news on that site that sorts it to show who got what. And he got far more than anyone else. He even attacked some of our own fam members toward the end. Thats when we marked him rogue.

The discord chat is called TBOs legends btw , remember that @TheBigOne ?

Far more? Are you reading the latest ones after we stopped aiding the others to get my defences up? I had the least all round and the only person aiding more than me was the banker that we had not building as much so that he could aid for our attackers fleet build (he joined the round late so that became his purpose).
And you know that “didn’t bother”? I already spoke about that. I didn’t build as many as I wanted and my whole problem at the end is because even though I asked on many occasions for Oct and stuff, we either didn’t have it or it was going into wiz or other peoples ports.

I guess I can stop listening to Apoc in future because all he does is lazily look at the conversations and pick out details to make the targeted look bad.

Even I chose parts about Cells that made him look good. The least any of you could do is look at the whole round of donations and not just the last few days where I was being donated to finally build the defences that I was denied all round, even after many times of asking in various chat channels.