MW War 6144 vs 6150

In a war there are many moments for compassion and tender action. There are many moments for ruthless action. What is often called ruthless. What may in many circumstances be only clarity; seeing clearly what there is to be done and doing it!
Directly, quickly, awake!

Our relations with We Are TheOne (6150) have been broken. Attacks and offensive operations may resume in 71 weeks.

Too my knowledge 6150 has already gotten a cancellation notice from #6147, but seeing round will end early and that #6150 keyplayers have deplorable game tactics, which is allowed as explained in forums last round, which is no problem. My family will adapt, as Confucius said, change is the only constant in the Universe.

We will bring the gory oratory yes demorally derogatory
Mad expository expedition in your auditory
Categories don’t apply
Your mind’s eye is blinded by my battle attacks
Like cataracts, your habitat is Halifax
Once I run you out your native city
Shea’s committee is pretty witty we’ll show no pity
I deflate the second-rate, wack HC’s attackers who replicate
Every trace of AOTP found up in their record crate
I devastate, homosapian metabolism
Like human cataclysms and read them with an anachronism
My precision makes incisions on your acrotism
Battlin’s a fam already in a war is a bad decision, now it will leave you with aphorisms
I’ll whoop your behinds like masochism dominatrix
That’s the basics, I will break 6150 like how Neo broke the Matrix
To those fake 6150 richies, fifty dead HC attackers to my credit
Learned from the druid Peruvian better known as AlephTheEternal.


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Deplorable? Lmao. What’s really going to be deplorable is us wiping the floor with all of you :joy::joy::joy:

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Doesn’t it count as IA when the owner of the game and every fam teams up to try and beat us? Ya’ll hate us, cause you ANUS!!! :grin::grin::innocent::innocent::joy::joy:

Ia is when everyone chats and agrees and works together. If you pulled b.s moves and upset a few people I dont think them attacking you at the same time is not an ia…owner of the game? Pie is playing ? Lol

The best part is we have been waiting since we naped to wait for somone to war you lmfao been checking your relations non stop :slight_smile: guess I didnt have to u could have waited and read forum hahaha

Can I join???

“I didnt have to u could have waited and read forum hahaha”

I apologize for my crystal clear forum titles. Figured I’d be a hypocrite for not making a clear one after telling on Pie for the Poll Vote.:rofl:



You realize I’m not playing right now, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Developer Partaxian 3,369,751 92

In 6153. Don’t blame him, blame the synthetic weed he smokes. Think I saw him on a clip on liveleak not to long ago :smiley:

Yes I know Pie isn’t playing. I was more so commenting on the sudden change of eor date. More of a joke than a serious comment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

And cells the only fam that has any reason to have any sort of grudge against us is your fam… for whatever reasons you made up in your mind. pathetic excuses are never in shortage with you :joy:.

I better be careful though… I might get more warning emails from moderators :disappointed::disappointed::innocent::innocent::sunglasses:

@Sol_Invictus - tell me more about this tender action you’re talking about :smirk:

Warning emails? Lol from what?

Excuses ?? lol facts speak for themselves and your actions spoke louder then any excuse anyone could ever come up with lmfao
But know grudges can be held for quite some a time and I think last round you didnt play to nice. To the point I felt bad and stopped attacking and went inactive lol and have proof with time stamps that’s the reasoning…but I’m sure you will smoke enough to figure out a way to attempt to twist things :rofl::joy:

You guys are making me do things and it’s bullshit.


Boycott the boycotting!

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/me boycotts the boycott boycott

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Cells you went inactive last round because that’s what you do. You were more active in the forums last round… bragging about the wins the rest of the fam was earning while you were inactive. Do you think it’s a coincidence you didn’t get asked to return? But, it’s okay you can tell yourself whatever version makes you feel better lol. If you spent as much time planning your fams start strat as you spent complaining you might improve your chances in upcoming rounds. You know first tick of attacks in this mw round i could have cleared you and the rest of your attackers and ruined your fam? I mercy napped you so be happy you were allowed to live as long as our nap was signed. Maybe no naps next round. so people can’t complain when they get cancelled on…but then they’d complain that we aren’t napping anyone and giving nobody a chance to grow. it’s a double edge sword. Being this good… It’s a gift… and a curse :joy::joy:

Also, if you didn’t like how I was playing so much why’d you try and draft me into your family? lol

Lol I made more successful attacks then you did last round till I went inactive because I refuse to bottom feed any more lmao … you mercy naped me? Dont think ur tbo lol he loged on and said use took more then enough for a 72hr or do u mean at bor when my fam had 4 players and use had 7? Cause ya I did really want a nap then lol…if anyone has more fleet and infra they can easily break ports like u did but once u were mass cpff u quit on your fam and let them have a retake battle for 36hr then you rejoined in. Anyways I agree maybe no naps next round :wink:

Lol when you dont have any other attackers even artic would have been some help…you were by far my last choice lmfao

@Malin, I managed to win a round with a fam of 4 players…and artic being my 2nd attacker, fighting ICD, Colo, Devilz, GxReborn, Pittbull…4vs1 with fam of 10-12 players and win size on 2 planets 5 min before EOR. Artic is <3 and fArtic got more skill in his left pinky toe than our young wolf cub! =P

Back on topic. It seems that the universe has become an aquarium full of gaping fish with murderous smiles. :star_struck:

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Lol I canaceled as well.

Use can either nap who ever ur fighting or about to or pay us 600p for a 72hr …same options use gave us

lol this should be interesting to see, ESCALATION! :smiley:

Will 50 stand their ground or fall to the numerous enemies coming for their biscuits.

Place your bets gentlemen!