MW 70 - Set up. v2.1 "Speedy"


Had a second pow-wow about this and here is where the conversation took us.

  • 4 Week round.
  • 30x Starting res.
  • Leave the rest of Uni structure (fams, drafts, and size) unchanged.

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Let’s get this set up!

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Speed up play.
Make choices mean more.

If you want to win size… whew you need to get out there and get taking for sure!



You didn’t give any option against your setup? Lol

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Yeah there was a massive chat about this. =)
This is the second vote set.

We are showing some solidarity with a consensus choice between a bunch of current MW players.

More than anything just flashing this out to Pie. :slight_smile:

You can see the whole convo today in RoD chat “70-pow-wow”



Love u slut @Darrk

But 4 weeks is too short for my liking. But I love the extra resources. Can we make it a 6 week with the same ressies?



Im still for no drafts

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We can’t with fuck with to much or - lol - pie will ignore us. =)



Well round after next needs to be a no draft round we need to mix those in every now and then

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I agree, but right now I am pretty sure we would lose a ton of players. :smiley:

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You silleh fooh, this round is 6 weeks with the same rezzies. :yum:



Reducing round length to 4 weeks will affect pop banking viability.

I don’t think they are configurable yet but reducing build times and increasing base pop growth rate would be a way of keeping if viable and speeding up the round.

Also with high rez start it would be a good idea to have market closed for longer.

For a 4 week round I’d go more lkke 100x starting Res and start with 8+ e-ships.




Everyone freaks out when you say “start with eships”. Don’t ask me, they just do.

Yep, you will have guys at 300% instead of 600%.
Also, I will have cf bankers @ 900% instead of 1500%.
Also - also, top res will be at 1200% (tops) opposed to 2000%.

The idea is to try to curb the overabundance.
Coordination will still be key.

30x is actually a lower res start than the last three. =)
We are trying to force more action by blunting time available for the monster fam team ups.

The final thought.
If this doesn’t work out the way it looks too, we will have a huge lump of new data, AND who cares?
It will be over in a few weeks.

I guarantee you that the final week of the round will be freaking busy.
If we would have ended at week 4 this round, we would have had about 6 fams in contention for the win, and they would have to be fighting.

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