MW 70 Alliance Retrospective

@PLaYeR1 thats your leader asking 100% alliance with us. So lets please include your fam 55 in that post of yours shall we?

Plus MTG and Nai messaging others in our fam for alliance SoR.

Cells didnt really share anything what he did at all with the fam, he was a bad choice for (v)L, something we learned.


You chose him to lead. Not us. MtG dad asked for alliance also, i can find that request too if you like. Point is, don’t point fingers when you guys initiated the alliance requests. We actually scrambled to find allies AFTER we realized you guys arent sticking to the NO alliance rule. 7055 that is.


To quote your fams other leader " the no allie bs" is what was stated. @PLaYeR1

" think it over and get back to us"

So one request by cells to us and another request by mtg to luker in 51 who is are ally now.

We both contacted each other instead and allied.

This seems like the bitter ex girlfriend pointing fingers when clearly you guys started the whole " no ally bs" as stated above @PLaYeR1

HellRaizer, before you start shouting, I was not aware of this. I will remove my statement.
MTG also wasnt active due to RL, so we didnt know.

But 2v1 Remains lame.

Hi @HellRaizeR, @PLaYeR1. Appreciate if you can keep your MW discussions out of this thread.



No worries Torq
Just wanted to clarify the accusation. Cheers.