MW 67 Closeness

|1|#6363: Simply us [32,78] 2,157,923
|2|#6367: Internet Browsers to Play IC [55,54] 2,110,289
|3|#6369: The Horde [85,48] 1,889,077
|4|#6370: The Family [81,97] 1,875,517
|5|#6366: The Hundred Acre Wood [6,95] 1,829,373
|6|#6371: Masters of the Universe [15,24] 1,784,806
|7|#6368: Heroes in a Half Shell [32,3] 1,598,220
|8|#6361: Naruto’s guild [39,27] 1,473,338
|9|#6362: Make Our Family Great Again! [89,23] 1,442,491
|10|#6364: Christmas is Over [12,48] 1,233,250
|11|#6360: Spectre [81,73] |990,289

Still cannot get over how close this is… probably the closest MW I’ve ever played.

Yea, I think the 3 drafts makes sure every fam has 3 good players, but no super fams like full drafts would allow.

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With 3 drafts, 4 good players can be in the same family. 1 join first + drafts 3 players

Maybe with even 2 draft spots it would be better?

Also, MW still needs less spots, 77 is too much as u can see some families still dont have active 7 players. Till this moment, there are weird players joining with same empire/leader names, they dont talk, they dont play.

Maybe we should try 7 man fams, and 10 fams total instead of 11 as its right now.

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I think the IC community needs to give BG a free patreon account, or give him his own galaxy?!

imo this is all thanks to him! :rofl:

There are currently zero open spots in mw and only three players with one planet. I think a large part of the parity is that the huge advantage to more explores from larger fams has been nearly eliminated. I certainly don’t think the galaxy should be made smaller, since then actually active people would not be able to join.

I’d rather see him perm ban from the game.

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So u think MW should have free spots for joining whole round? That means exactly that some families will suffer with less players.

I find it would be better if galaxy would be filled before it starts, everyone starts with equal players-resources. Thats why there is more than 1 galaxy to play. And its not like that alot players wont be able to join. For an example, if u take this round, minus those 1 planet guys, then only 4 players wouldnt be able to join MW. It could make other galaxies more active aswell.

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Simply comes down to the lack of players. When MW had 100+ families with around 20 spots a piece, it was not all that much of a negative to have an unfilled spot or two during parts of the round. With the much smaller setup nowadays and the lack of proper morale/NW attacking limits, those open spots do indeed become a huge detriment to success.

On the flip side though, in order to attract new players, there does need to be galaxies with open spots able to accommodate new players 24/7/365.

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I didn’t say there should be free spots for joining the entire round. When there are open spots or the galaxy is filling up pre-round there is no guarantee that a player who joins will be active or not. Someone who fills an empty spot will either be active or not. If they aren’t then they get cleared in 48 hrs by their fam and that keeps happening through the round until all the spots in question have been filled by active players who are wanted by their families. This process can only be affected by altering the probability of whether an active or an inactive player comes along when there is an open spot. If families are calling up their friends and getting them to join, then that’s great for speeding up the process of weeding out inactives, but it also brings up the issue of effectively giving families extra draft spots (with 1 open spot in the gal, you know where you’re landing if you random). I know at least a fam or two in MW this round benefited from this.

Ultimately, the only way to really prevent inactives from filling up a noticeable percentage of the spots in a round is to change the pre-round signup process to ensure that players are going to stick around. This could be anything from making new accounts go through Virgo, only allowing accounts that played and finished the previous round at the start of signups, or generally incentivizing the player base to quickly sign up for new rounds (via emails, or advance notifications for when gals will open).

There is no doubt that Milky Way is the main galaxy of IC and I don’t think it’s a good idea to shun a returning player who wants to join mid round since the alternative is they don’t start playing again until the next time they think about it and come by looking for a spot to join. I think a large number of returning players return part way through a round but then stick around for future ones. I know that is exactly what happened with you in 2016 Munder, because you randomed into my family halfway through the round and we had fun and you kept playing.