MW 66: 6304 and 6303 struggle with 6325

Tick 408:
1 - Margaritaville - (6303) [24,56]|841|5849463|
2 - Married with children (6295) [74,37]|682|3906975|
6 -Diktaters (6304) [72,61] 555 2722857

6304 declared war on 6325 at tick 435. Since then:

188 to #6304
126 to #6303
3 to #6294
3 to #6299
1 to #6302

171 from #6304
60 from #6303
8 from #6299
2 from #6300
1 from #6294

1 family should if defiantly backed off

You forget 6303 and 6304 were also hitting each other, it’s more of a love triangle than a devil’s threesome.

We have offered a nap twice now. 95 can nap 04 at anytime with diplomacy. I personaly mailed two of your members myself.

thanks Rizz for the observation.

6303 were positioning themselves for an attack, we were on to them and clearing them trying to keep our core safe. Slowly prepping for possible conflict with hem and if not for a war with a fair target
6304 made a nice prepared raid on T430 and declared war on us on T435, we were still keeping an eye on 6303 but lost a little track.
T452 6303 hit on us, little before that we gather info that this was going to happen but we were too late now.

One comment I received was how are we supposed to know that you are at war as it is not posted in forums… Well if ya planning an attack on us your info on us should clearly state that we are in a conflict with 6304
Second argument: it is sort of a triangle war. Well yeah some of the planets you took were planets that 6304 took some we already had done retakes on others not. So off course it will become sort of a triangle war.

Though it could be it is as I haven’t been keeping info on this as I haven’t been that active myself so maybe my last comment isn’t correct.

Anyway it is a war game and we will deal with it :slight_smile: It is just not the way I would like to win. I would position myself and keep track of the war once things get settled take my chance or in the mean time choose another target. You will still have an advantage that way as you can prepare, build more Econ, … before getting into things compared to the other fam who came just out of a war, but at least they can give a proper shot at defending themselves.

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so 6325 in the topic title should be 6395?

i think so, i was confused as well

its simple, all your planets belong to me :smiley:

Meh we got what we deserved we did not even have portals on our bankers we looked so juicy why not attack us.

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Or rather 6395 should be 6295 :joy:

@Hala seems that getting the right number is a bit trickier than you thought!

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hey I’m not playing MW, I’m just looking at the topic title :stuck_out_tongue:

My bad, I told the attackers to go attack and stop being deadbeats. Didn’t know there was this supposed war going on though.