Mw 65 pvc baby!

Hey folks, MTG_Dad here, and first let me apologize for the delay in this PvC. Between being on vacation, limited information, and a very very slow start for everyone, I am about a week behind of where I want to be. But, you have waited, you have been patient, some of you have even begged, so without further ado, lets get this thing rolling

  1. I_like_pie Tribute Squad (6231)

This family is off to a great start and has an early 50 planet lead. Hala is leading them. I know that they have Caedmon, Pickle Army, Remo, Tortoise, TC, and few more that are in hiding. From the looks of it they have a good map position, and look to be the front runners to win this round.

Contenders for the win.

  1. Freedom Fighters (6229) [6,103]

This family did not give me any info, but i know they are currently targeting the smaller families to get the planets they need to catch up. I believe they have Sol attacking for them, and i am not sure who is running their econ. Very good map position with lots of room to spread out in every direction.

Contenders for the win

  1. Pie_rate Space Hookers (6237) [178,151]

Currently sitting in third place, from a nw stand point but 100 planets behind the leading family. They have a good map position, but i worry they are spreading thin on their core early. They have a pax, but he is still sitting on 1 planet, so i worry they may be in trouble when it comes to a war

Contenders for top 3

  1. the milkyway bakery (6230) [143,14]

Scrappy group of players here, their leader reached out to me and let me know that they have some new folks,and a few vets, but no one big, and even a trainee which is awesome. They have a good map position. They are a little behind when it comes to NW, but currently sitting at 3rd in planets, so I think they will catch up soon

Contenders for top 3

  1. Lethal Threat (6232) [13,194]

5th across the board in NW and planets, not a huge fan of their camaar being the biggest player, can only assume they are using him for a con build, which is horrible for a camaar to do, also not a huge fan of their map position, as they can easily get cornered in, but they seem to have a good start, and could jump up and get someone.

Contenders for top 5

  1. Silent but deadly (6233) [96,64]

Caught between 34 and 35 on the map, and being pushed in by the bigger fams, they have a decent start, but unless they can start pushing out I do not see them doing anything.


  1. Hooligans (6234) [147,82]

Save as 33 above, they need to take out 33 and 35 to be able to have a shot, almost identical start to 33, so will be interesting to see who wins


  1. By Order of the Peaky Blinders (6238) [73,16]

Hate their map position, so on one side, 33,34,35 to the south, and 32 stopping them from galaxy wrapping to much. I just do not see this family getting through 5 other families, unless they have some great great attacking power. Their leader did message me and said they wouldn’t even be second to last,and to mark them dead, but the seem to be doing better than a few others.


  1. No one only two (6235) [43,60]

same as 33, and 34 above, just do not see them being able to get away from the middle of the map at all


  1. Baratheon (6240) [186,50]

I dont even know what to say outside of pretenders, their leader messaged me, Baratheon, but it was pretty crazy.


  1. The inactives (6239) [65,110]

My family, we truly are inactive, me being gone for the first 4 days of the round hurt, then a lack of leadership has set us back as well. I am currently the leader, so if your feeling pity reach out to me. Great group of guys here, just not enough to be able to make any sort of push


  1. Vault 13 (6236) [67,161]

Decimated by the cheaters, and I truly feel bad for those that are left. They realistically have no shot this round


Whew, there it is folks, 12 families, 12 predictions. Lot more work than last round. But tell me, what did you think? Did I get anyone wrong? Don’t like what I have to say about your family? Let me know. My next Update will be this coming weekend, lets see what happens this week in MW.


Lies! I bet it is all a conspiracy infused with an IA! =P

Good read mtg thanks for it

Ow and yeah if its still baratheon then i doubt anything sensible comes out haha

Great PvC man! Thanks :slight_smile:

Good PvC!

We are witnessing some action already, which should help you make some difference between all those pretenders. Usually mid-rank struggles are more interesting than top skirmishes where action is more conservative, so even loser would not drop too much.

It was a bit funny to say #6232 is contending for top 5, because all others are pretenders and not contending. :wink:

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Yooo bara glad youre back haha put some heat on them admins haha

Yes welcome back Stewie, IC needs someone like you with a J.C.-complex!

Feel free to come play in my fam again! I still got a special tag for you! I know you will remember which one! :skull_and_crossbones: