MW 65 EOR Awards Results

We did not have a ton of voters this time round, but we have our results. My apologies for the delay in getting these out for everyone.

  1. Best family:
    @6231 with 6 votes

  2. Best war:
    @6231 v @6237 with 5 votes

  3. Best banker:
    Long_Dong_Silver (@6237) close second of I_hump_pie (@6231)

  4. Best attacker:
    I_throw_pie (@6231)

  5. Best leader:
    PlanetsOfCancer (@6236) tied with Captain_Oral (@6237)

  6. Worst decision:
    Seems to be a consensus on to many naps all around and @6229 farming bottom families

  7. Best resource:
    I_sell_pie (@6231)

So there you have it. What do you think? Did the voters get it wrong?


hoary for me! :smiley: thanks for votes people

Very nice! Thanks MTG_Dad!

Dutchies are farmers, deal with it! And again, if those fams don’t open up diplo, there’s no reason to stop, because imo they don’t mind. Plus it felt good when I found out it was Xenon hehe.

You guys better be prepared for the rising costs of potato’s and unions next year!