MW 64 PvC- The Beginning

Hello there fellow IC peeps. My name is MTGDad, and while I am new to the game, I wanted to give a PVC thread a shot for the round. I am fairly new to the game, but i have been able to pick up a few things. My goal is to update this every few days to see where everyone stands. I have reached out to all of the leaders in the galaxy and have heard back from 6 of the 8 families. If you would like to give me more information so that I can update this PVC, then please do so.

So here we go.

1.6150 : Currently number 1 in the rankings, with a 37 planets and 50k nw l lead. I reached out to their leader and was told they were happy to share their full line up
Attacking - frosty, modnar, XxXxXx
Res - tbo
Banking - mizzle, undeath, myself(Xenon)
They also wanted to be sure that everyone knew that Tommy is consulting for them.
So far it seems like they have a great start, with a fairly decent core, moving towards '46 and 45.
SO for now i say CONTENDERS!!!

I was not able to get any info from this family. I have been told that Pickle is attacking for them. They look to have 1 inactive or semi-active player. They do have a great start though. They also have a decent map position and can start moving west if needed.

For now I call Contender.

  1. 6144
    I was only able to get limited information from Tif. Seems like they have 1 inactive, but everyone else in contributing to the family currently. They seem to have gotten a good start. They have a decent map position but look like they will have to start skirmishing with '50 and '51 to continue to progress their map position going forward.

For now I will say Contender

Alundra is leading this group of players and they seem to have a decent start. His first statement to me was that they were playing for fun before the win. As for players the only info he would give me is as follows “we have sunstorm and vegnarok as our bankers, our fam is good and active but everyone seems to be out partying this weekend lol
if we can get it together we can defo compete for top spot as long as we dont fall too far behind”

They seem to have a pretty good map position being right in the middle, and the closest family is 51, who does not seem a threat.

If they can get through the weekend and be active, i will say contenders for top 3

  1. 6153
    My currently family. we were the last family to get merged and a little worried about where we would be. But we got our three merged folks and I was able to snipe us a draft so I think we will be ok. right now we have myself, cells, toxin, spike, hoit, marwan, and developer who is only in game. Similar to '47 we are seeing some issues with activity due to the weekend, but I think we will start seeing some good growth coming through.

I will say the same is 47 here as well, if we can get active coming out of the weekend then contenders for top 3

I reached out to swagga and was told that they do not want to give any information at this time. But looking at the family itself they seem to be struggling, with 3-4 inactives or semi active players. Not a fan of their map position with 3 families around them forcing them to explore in certain directions.

So with limited information I wall call PRETENDERS!

I was able to snipe the original leader from this family, and he told me before he left that they were very inactive. Looking at the family currently they have what appears to be 3 inactives, and did not build any extra expo ships before they sent. Their map position is not great at all, surrounded by 4 families

Definite Pretender

  1. 6152
    I feel really bad for Darkhorse, he told me he is a newer player and that none of them are responding to messages. It looks like he is taking action to his own hands and has marked them all inactive.

Definite Pretender

I appreciate any and all feedback, but be easy on me its my first time. As I said above, if you would like to give more information, for my Tuesday update, then feel free to reach out to me here, ingame, or on discord.

Thank You


Alundra isn’t a “he” but besides that nice work. Moreso from a new player and getting no info.


Was a good read MTG_dad, thank you!


Nice one! Thanks!

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