MW 64 Mid Round PvC

That’s right folks, you have been asking for it, and now you have it, a new PvC. Sorry we have had such a delay, but between personal life, getting ready for tonights IC RADIO I have had to push back an update for a bit.

So lets get started

  1. We Are TheOne (6150)

Lets be honest folks, this is their round to win. They have been dominant all round, and finally got lucky with some returnign veteran randoms. I currently have them pegged for 2 active randoms, but i know the first few batches they had 0. The only thing that will stop them is if they get caught in 2 or 3 wars at once, or if they just go inactive because they have nothing more to prove.

  1. Randoms at work (6153)

Well this is my family, and what can i say outside of what a turn around we have had. We have not hit the returning vet lottery like a few other families have, but we are firing on all cylinders at the moment. I honestly have no idea how anyone would fare in a war with any other family, but that will be the deciding factor between us and 50

I want to take a moment before I go on and discuss the drastic differences between the two top families. to my knowledge 50 had more drafts than any other family in MW, while my fam had 1, and was one of the merged families at the start of the round. It will be interesting to see what happens at the end of round and which family wins. It is honestly two opposite ends of the spectrum, and I think it will show how important, or not important drafts can be.

I honestly do think it is 50 and 53 and then everyone else. At this point in the round, it is the top 2, the next 2 and then everyone else.

Now back to the PvC

  1. Les Cols du Tour (6146)

46 and 47 flip flop on a daily basis but are not gaining much ground on the top 2 families. 46 is currently on top of 47, but they are in the very bottom of GC production. From the looks of it they did get 3 active randoms, which can make a difference. they are curretnly 5th in planets, which makes me wonder how much they can grow, and how effective they will be in a war

  1. Cute Things In a Small Tub :slight_smile: (6147)

A lot of the same things said above for 46 can be said here. They are doing a little better in economy, but nothing to crazy or impressive. It looks like they got 2 active randoms, but they are not doing much at the moment. I wonder how they or 47 will fare in a real war, and who will be the first to take them on.

I want to take another moment to discuss the next 4 families, and what the best case scenario for them can be. 44 honestly has the best case, as they are second in size, but lacking in infra and fleet, and can be a good target for a top 4 family, or maybe even another bottom 4. 45, 52, and 51, honestly have no chance to compete this round. My concern is that they will start losing players to inactivity, and some may never come back.
As a new player I know if I was in one of those bottom families I may probably would not have stuck around as long as I have and i am sure the same can be said of some of the returning vets. I feel like until we grow to much larger numbers we cannot lose any players and must figure out some sort of option to keep players in lower ranking families active I think some version of a purge or assimilation is the best case scenario.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming

  1. A.O.T.P. (6144)

My thoughts on 44 can be read above, but they are the only family in the bottom 4 that has any chance of doing anything this round. they are currently 2nd n planet size, but do they have the infra, and fleet to actually defend them. 44 was one of the top families at one point in the rounf but they have had a hard fall from grace. They got 3 active randoms which is probably helping with their growth in planet size. I am still going to call pretenders here.

  1. 1St Round Of The Sith (6145)

The little engine that couldnt is what I like to call this family. they did get 3 randoms, which gave them a good boost about a week ago, but they did not have the econ to to keep them growing or to stop the top families from taking all of their planets. Their round is over.

  1. Down not out (6152)

I think they got a total of 5 randoms that seemed active, but they were never in this round. if lone wolf is a decent attacker maybe they can take one of the other smaller families on, but i honestly dont think they have any chance at all.

  1. DEATH :skull: (6151)

What is there to say, this family is last, they got some good randoms from what i have been told, but like the two families above them, they just cannot catch up

Well there you have it folks, another PvC. What are you thoughts? DO you disagree? Is Pie a communist? What is the meaning of life?

As always if you have any questions, comments, insights or concerns please feel free to reach out to me here, or on discord chat

Until next time


Another great, well created post! Very well done… moreso by someone who’s new… next round, you can’t use that :slight_smile:

Pie is a Hobo
Meaning of life is obviously 42

As for us in the last fam. We are just bummed the round is taking so long. We got no chanse, being farmed (and mocked). We trying to stick around till next round to get a fair start but its a drag :upside_down_face:

Again an enjoyable read MTG! Anywhere a link to listen back to the PvC on IC radio?
I might have a crack at one somewhere this week and show MTG how it was done back in the day! :ghost:

Unfortunately Pie’s recording stopped about 30 seconds into the show, The first 30 seconds was basically @Random saying Fosters Australian for Beer, and Put Another Shrimp on the Barbie, so you didnt miss much

Just to clarify, we don’t drink fosters in Australia and we say prawn, not shrimp :wink:
The shrimp came from an advertising campaign aimed at getting Americans to visit aus in like the 80s or 90s

I am TBO

You are TBO

We are all TBO!

Who’s TBO?

I’d actually like a copy of random saying “Fosters, Australian for beer”. :joy::joy:

I am TBO!

Think hes the guy who stole rickings name

Rick was just assimilated early :slight_smile:

Writing a PvC again gives me such nostalgic feelings. I feel like the blue texts in the forums are slowly turning yellow again. Just clicked the rankings page and its been loading for 5 seconds, thinking that Arby3 sat on the big red button again, but look, it finally loads!

Ever since I_Like_Pie took over ownership of the game there have been many postive changes.
From looks in the forums there’s a lot of input from the IC Community and I even had the pleasure of being whipped by him to help out with some quick tests of moving players empires from fam to fam.

That intro should be long enough to get you in the mood for some slicing and peeling of family stats.

Since a couple of days we have a new family taking the first spot in Networth. Randoms at war #6153 passed WeAreTheOne #6150 by having jumped their 2 partaxian bankers and most likely used a lot of savigns for that.

It seems that the former number one (#6150) has been watching and waiting for the right moment to cancel their NAP:

Posted nearly a day ago or so in #general on discordchat:

NAP Cancellations
Our relations with Randoms at work (6153) have been broken. Attacks and offensive operations may resume in 46 weeks.

So it will be interesting to have a look at the clash of Milk Ways Titan families. The winner of this war should be able to secure round win with it.

At time of writing this PvC we are at Tick 650, a nice number to edit-in the stats:

T650 Top Families by Networth
1 Randoms at war (6153) [113,56] 1564 25384569 69153
2 We Are TheOne (6150) [102,5] 1999 22578902 82985
3 Cute Things In a Small Tub :slight_smile: (6147) [49,65] 1483 21663656 60444
4 AOTP: Ritual of Battle (6144) [12,30] 1700 17964606 61772
5 Les Cols du Tour (6146) [67,117] 1270 17880662 58543
6 1St Round Of The Sith (6145) [116,90] 665 8110813 35742
7 Down not out (6152) [47,31] 730 7574483 28835
8 DEATH :skull: (6151) [84,76] 654 5098156 22948

T650 Top Families by Size
1 We Are TheOne (6150) [102,5] 1999 22595347 83183
2 AOTP: Ritual of Battle (6144) [12,30] 1700 17983248 61935
3 Randoms at war (6153) [113,56] 1564 25394396 69338
4 Cute Things In a Small Tub :slight_smile: (6147) [49,65] 1483 21622107 60611
5 Les Cols du Tour (6146) [67,117] 1271 17847690 58681
6 Down not out (6152) [47,31] 730 7600335 28902
7 1St Round Of The Sith (6145) [116,90] 667 8120120 35811
8 DEATH :skull: (6151) [84,76] 653 5102443 23004

I made family system lists about 48h ago and checked for recent changes, listed below:

6150 310 systems - No change
6144 298 systems - No change
6153 193 systems -2 system(s)
6147 184 systems +1 system(s)
6146 154 systems - No change
6145 90 systems + 7 systems(s)
6152 88 systems - No change
6151 77 systems -9 system(s)

  • 6150 and 6144 clearly seem to have the best spreads in the galaxy
  • 6150 and 6153 who are about to war have about 40 system shares with eachother
  • 6147 and 6153 have big cores but few outposts across the Milky Ways
  • 6146 Big core, only no outposts. Pickle seems to be slacking and needs to be whipped by his fam to get them some more planets too match that Networth
  • 6145 seem to try to expand their spread my skirmishing with 6151 and by the looks above it seems to be working
  • 6152 and 6151 are the families who are in the corner of taking all the beatings from one family saying Hi after the other, but from personal experience rounds in those families tend to be the best to get to know your fellow family members who stick around and continue to help eachother out.

Where all the bigger fams war eachother, 6151 and 6152 have been retaking and attacking constantly and or the dominant families in the Universal News bar on the old map.

Done with all the raw data, now lets get down to the juicy part where we rate and grade.

1 Randoms at war (6153) [113,56] 1564 25384569 69153

Key/known player players: MTG_Dad, hoit, Cells (L)

Just like my fam early on in round, just when you hit first in Networth you’ll get people knocking on your door and that is what happening now.
They’ve been skirmishing with 47 and earlier with 45, and 51 and/or 52. Their infra & incomes come close to that of 6150, but with their 2 huge pop bankers their NW gets inflated a lot. Not to mention their gap in size with 6150 means they have a lot of expensive infra and with being cancelled on just after a big jump while 50 has been saving, this could be a short war depending reserve funds and on tenaciousness and thats one thing I know Cell and I have in common.
It will be interesting to see the ver likely fight of the FA’s Cells and The Young Wolf, the winner will probably win the round.

Contenders for 1st, but seeing all of the above I think they need to aim to try and secure the 2nd place. But nothing is decided until the fat lady signs!

2 We Are TheOne (6150) [102,5] 1999 22578902 82985

Key/known player players: Frosty, Modnar, TBO, Xenon(L), Mizzle, Undeath, The_Young_Wolf

The family to beat. Last round they were the favorite FTW and they are again this round and have been since SOR. Their timing for canceling the NAP with 6153 their biggest competition infra wise, is impecable.
It will be interesting to compare the changes in size & NW once the first 12 ticks of war are up and obviously the fleet NW at SOW.

Contenders for 1st, nothing more to add.

3 Cute Things In a Small Tub :slight_smile: (6147) [49,65] 1483 21663656 60444

Key/known player players: UnknownInPvC :slight_smile: (L), Paytimer, Stars/Vicious, Lethal, LuStIn (No more Alundra :scream: . We all hope to see you back on soon!)

Recently having lost their leader, one of their drafts took over control and seems to have settled in nicely on Alundra’s comfortable control chair.
It seems like they managed to re-explore all planets and besides some NW loss haven’t lost any ground. Plus I notice Lethal in there now. That should be some welcome additional attacking experience.
Especially seeing how close the gap with the 50 and 53. They could be the laughing 3rd party if the clash of the titans war drags on too long.

Contenders for 1st, the might be the biggest surprise of this round depending on what they do while 50/53 fight it out and how long that will take. Time will tell

4 AOTP: Ritual of Battle (6144) [12,30] 1700 17964606 61772

Key/known player players: Sol Invictus, TheIronFist, Ricking, Hell, Pentacle, Xanthus, Krypt0n, Redlink, Kawiz

The family that didn’t give much info in the earlier PvC’s. It shouldn’t be a surprise then to most people, that I’ve been hiding with this bunch of misfits since SOR.
We had the bad luck of losing the very first big war of the round with 50, right when attacks openend up. In a way that has also been our luck with being able to secure such a big core compared to our NW that is still behind on our size.
No other fams dared to come close because 6150 has a good presence in a lot of our systems, helping us to get back up on our feet.
Earlier today we overtook 46 in the rankings after having had a short 48h war, because Pickle declared war and he had to learn to at least fight till you are able to cancel.
All my fun is over for the moment, so I figure I’d use a couple minutes of my time to look into all this info and write it all down for you.

Pretenders, if we continue like we have, we will good change to get a top 3 finish and if all of the above slip up, who knows what could happen.

5 Les Cols du Tour (6146) [67,117] 1270 17880662 58543

Key/known player players: Pickle, Ni, Remo, Caedmon, Hala and Kuwait recently joined them after they kicked out IC_Death. Probably because ICD was bloating about having the same name as his awesome & equally entertaining president!

Pickle’s fam, he didn’t want to share any information. Seeing the theme and hearing my family members complaints about those annoying french words and their stupid cycling sports.
Knowing how much drugs are being used there it would be no surprise if this theme was all vaped up by Pickle alone! Some people call him Maurice!:ghost:
They recently took a small beating from 44 that should have woken them up to make some of this round. So go enhance those red blood cells on your attackers go for the Tête de la Course!

Pretenders, seeing Pickle refused to give info I’ll give him the 5th place finish!

6 1St Round Of The Sith (6145) [116,90] 665 8110813 35742

Key/known player players: Kirikai, Swagga, SSL, stormworld, TheBadTrip, Gurney Halleck

We finally arrived at the tail of the rankings with the number 1 of the bottom families.
From what I saw it seems they have managed to nap most of the big fams around them to secure some peace and there’s no better way to move up, by pushing someone else down further.
They been slowly expanding their spread and taking planets from 6151. Seeing they got Swagga I have to ask here: How many times has he crashed his trannies up till now?
If it is zero, my pickle might get harder than Swagga’s elephant ivory tusk! :sunglasses:

Pretenders, likely they will finish just below where they are now. 7th

7 Down not out (6152) [47,31] 730 7574483 28835

Key/known player players: Drones, Zanharim, WhiteLightning, Trina, sgtHAWK

Compared with the first PvC they have managed to gain a rank and are within the backdraft of 45, looking for an oppurtunity to overtake them.
They have a small core and not many outposts. Securing more systems will be key for this family to help them grow.

Pretenders, seeing the line-up I favour them for 6th place at EOR, depending on activity a lot from Zan & WL.

8 DEATH :skull: (6151) [84,76] 654 5098156 22948

Key/known player players:UndedBizarroSkratch, DarkTemplar
As said earlier, they should be having the must fun this round, constant stream of incomming attacks and families trying to nibble planets away.
From the looks of it they are not letting go easily and like a pitbull continue to hold on and not let go. Keep that up till EOR and there’s a good chance you guys can surpass 52 again.

Pretenders, I hope they will manage to get of the bottom place again but against better judgement after this long PvC. I’ll place their finish at their current place. Go proof me wrong!

Damn T653 now! I’d better go wrap this up and post it. I Hope you all enjoyed the read. It feels good that some of you are thinking of me while pooping. I will return the favor in the morning! :rofl:.


|1||We Are TheOne (6150) [102,5]|2072|58997281|84144|
|2||Randoms at war (6153) [113,56]|1491|42350391|70183|

Now that is some nice timing! :slight_smile:

ThePigOne Dragnipurake 25,424,749 107
(VL) TheBestOne Camaar 4,218,720 89
TheStupidOne Camaar 3,152,675 91
Empirename Camaar 14,817,561 47
(VL) Dead [email protected] 3,952,544 60
ManlyMen Wardancers 1,979,649 170

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97 planet(s) captured by TheBestOne (100 %).
60 planet(s) captured by TheGodfockerOne (100 %).
35 planet(s) captured by TheStupidOne (100 %).
18 planet(s) captured by ThePigOne (100 %).
7 planet(s) captured by TheBigOne (100 %) (2 retakes).

217 from #6153

We overwhelmed the enemy 217 times. 1 families and 217 planet(s) involved.
We actually gained 213 planet(s) in total. Unfortunately they managed to retake 4.

Very nice one sol!

As Louis van Gaal would say ‘promise makes guilt’! =P


214 planet(s) captured by TheGodfockerOne (100 %).
207 planet(s) captured by TheBestOne (100 %) (42 retakes).
181 planet(s) captured by TheStupidOne (100 %) (51 retakes).
63 planet(s) captured by TheBigOne (100 %) (58 retakes).
46 planet(s) captured by TheRichOne (100 %) (46 retakes).
30 planet(s) captured by ThePigOne (100 %) (8 retakes).
14 planet(s) captured by TheSmartOne (100 %) (14 retakes).
4 planet(s) captured by Kode (100 %) (4 retakes).

759 from #6153

We overwhelmed the enemy 759 times. 1 families and 494 planet(s) involved.
We actually gained 315 planet(s) in total. Unfortunately they managed to retake 179.

Pretty easy to do when the other family was busy with another family and spent all savings for it. meanwhile you saved for 96hrs and we got 48hrs. I dont think I’d personally try and brag about that lmao. 96hrs savings compared to 48hrs is pretty obvious of the outcome.
Yet use still refuse to nap as is and want every retake back putting our family in dead last after assimilation.

5 attackers vs 2 96hrs savings vs 48hrs savings haha yep I dont think I’d brag about that. Lmfao haha