MW 62 PvC

|1||The Dead Reign (5737) [37,79]|618|2789171|21510|

An odd fam to be sure. Have you spoken to their leader? Full immersion into role-play. That being said, they seem to be doing well at eco for the most part but the real question is whether or not they have the attacking power to contend for an eor win.

1st in NW, 3rd in Size

|2||Colourful Peacekeepers (5739) [18,23]|627|2467383|20273|

Quite nice eco as well and staying up there in pcount. Haven’t seen any action on the war front for them yet so we will await and see what they can do on that end. There are a lot of hungry fams out there and I would see them sliding down just slightly along the way.

3rd in NW, 2nd in Size

|3||Obscure Philosophers (5738) [28,12]|577|2402292|21165|

Death leading another fam that is doing well. His problem? He has cells playing with him. That being said, if he can teach him how to play then they should do well. Can they break the curse?

2nd in NW, 1st in Size

|4||HOIT-To behave thoughtlessly (5735) [15,68]|558|2301585|18749|

This is actually quite an active fam. They are just slightly lacking on the overall coordination to close themselves into a top place. So this means even if their attacking team is quality, they will be fighting an uphill battle in terms of infra soon. I could be wrong here as they are my darkhorse team of the galaxy. Don’t be surprised if they finish in the top 2!

4th in NW, 4th in Size

|5||some sort (5734) [93,88]|450|1838684|14828|

I know little about the next 3 fams except that they are all overloaded with inactives or middle of the road players (though they do have some vets hiding in them). This fam seems to be at least making an honest attempt at playing a good round. They are outclassed in terms of eco and attacking by the other top fams but I would not be surprised if they play a stealth game and go after fams that come out on the losing side of wars to move up the ranks and try to contend. Unlikely though…

5th in NW, 5th in Size

|6||Who R U? (5736) [69,2]|379|1173117|14477|

These guys give a perception of activity but do not be fooled. They are casual players looking to just have some fun and that lack of intensity and aggression is going to hurt them.

7th in NW, 7th in Size

|7||Preternatural Kill Bill MFRs (5733) [58,91]|345|1000819|10261|

What to say? They are pretty much 3 players that are playing hard. Kudos to them for not just giving up and looking toward a future round. I can see them moving up for a possible 5th place finish but that will be tough.

6th in NW, 6th in Size

The only real odd thing about this round so far is that frosty and Munder really ran their mouths at me last round talking about how they would teach me how to attack and begged me to go attacker so they could crush me. Yet, if they managed to build up the courage to play, they have yet to show themselves. Is it fear? Probably…same as when cells decided to go banker instead of attacker. I have that effect on pathetic players who talk themselves great but run and hide when a truly great player arrives.


Lmfao hydroP you clearly very uneducated on this round let alone ic history. Anyways i think somone may need to teach you lmao have you won a round in the last say 5 years atleast? Hmm oddly ive won many also by leading, im not the best player in ic but for you to bash me and attempt to think i suck your clearly a fool especially since me semi inactive in sn last round and 8 of use had trouble with me as a quan.

Not sure why you have it out for me but seems every other month some moron joins or rejoins ic challnages me for about 5-7 rounds straight gets there ass kicked and handed to them non stop and quits ic. Guess your the next?

Maybe when you learn how to attack as good as lets say Sol,Frosty,Munder, pitbull, icd you can actually fight me when im an attacker and do well till then if i attack you lose plain and simple…now go study the guide and learn something. It wont help but its a start. Infra isnt everything in ic so you may want to learn the other aspects of the game before calling players out :wink: :smiley:

Thanks for PVC

Malin vs HydroP

I want to vote to see the showdown.

Let’s take votes on who thinks who would win attacker vs attacker?

For those who know both players make your bets.

I vote HydroP with the odds being

HydroP 900% chance of winning

Malin 100% chance of winning

after all Cells did call out HydroP for this round of attacking and then he went and hid as a banker so not sure if even Cells thinks he can beat HydroP

In any scenario I vote NOT malin with 1000%.

Wow that was a lot of senseless babble there cells. Feeling insecure are we?

lol hands down myself hes to full of himself like yourself use will make to many mistakes :smiley:…it makes me happy tho use must truly deep down think im a top player tho because ive countless times said ive never claimed to be one but im able to compete hands down with them. use non suggesting and saying i think of myself as one must be one of those guilty conscious things, but thank you :slight_smile: makes me smile and laugh ever time one of you immature fellows say something like that , yes immature there are 3-4 of you atm that do nothing but attempt to grasp at straws to start an argument or fight with me yet use just started playing ic and have no idea who i am or what im actually about but use seem to claim use are the all time best players in ic history like you mr self proclaimed ic legend. anyways whens use get to a mature state in life where use can play a game without attempting daily to try and target and harass certain players you dont know for no reason what so ever ill be here still laughing at how use act and still managing to do well against all the top players and holding my own . good bye and hope you can find a better hobby then losing rounds and starting arguments and fights

lol hydroP your entire pvc was aimed and directed at how bad of a player you think i am. seems your the insecure one. you couldnt even make a real pvc

Yep, he feels insecure.

A round of cheers for the insecure child everyone!

*claps and yells

im the child? yet im the calm one poking fun at the fact you have to be so immature to even write a fake pvc to attempt to bash me lmfao get a grip and shake your head . you need to step down to reality and look in a mirror

lol claps and yells i picture you jumping up and doing this very often

hydro will beat cells anytime… cause he will go outside of the bounds to do so … which is a part of strat

I do jump up clapping and yelling often. Joy is an important part of living.

I picture you sitting there bashing your keyboard and mouse. Maybe destroying a monitor or two.

Dont call me out like you did last round and pussy out in the end. You are a chump and the only action you have left to take is to babble like a blathering idiot on here to try and save face. Go back to your corner child and let the adults talk.

you maybe right there scorp. i play with respect and honor and it bites me in the ass. its a shame more cant have honor and respect these days like the old times but some ppl like hydroP need every advantage they can get but in the end i agree with you he will do what it takes to win i will not because im not about that

i called your family out for claiming one banker beat munder as an attacker i doubted that and called you out on it. not my fault your a little child and take everything to heart. i get great joy out of you assuming im an angry person yet your the one who trys to fight and argu non stop and insult others lol seems you keep talking about yourself you must have a really guilty consious because im more then a happy person ingame for months now and in rl for my whole life. thats much more then you can and will ever have to say. oops i scooped to being as immature as you and insulting you, im sorry . oh thers me again being the bigger man and more mature adult

I Like Pie

Can I get a LOT of credits for once again as you know from days of old I bring forums ALIVE lol whereas without me they are BORING :slight_smile:

seems use need me to make it interesting actually. you have nothing better to do then to mention me all over ic hoping i respond and bring life into ic

We don’t have to hope you respond. Fools always respond

So we are getting out of you exactly what we want right now.

Dont call me out and then not show up. Chump

hense why you keep responding