Multiple Bugs

Changed mah name , mah race , made someone else leader eventho I have the votes lost expos
Attached is a picture

Changed my family name too I think it unless that was current leader I should get extra evolution since it changed mah race and errthing

Hey dude, that’s odd.
You mention a number of things you encountered, but we would really need a bit more context to understand what happened.

You changed your name? How is that a bug?
You changed your race? How is that a bug?
You lost expo’s? Did you send them perhaps?


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Was it something people could consider offensive?

Also: Maybe your new fam leader changed your fam name.

I think you have it solved here, Hala

Nevertheless, freedom of speech doesn’t equate to freedom of consequence - everyone has a right to feel comfortable and not-offended in this game :slight_smile:

Oh, new evolution… from whatever you were to a pirate… nice… never seen the evolutions work in real life before…

to be fair, I can’t even make sense on most of the sentences this guy is typing…

That makes two of us :man_shrugging:t2:

Maybe he should come to chat

he’s pimpnut

I though I was the PimpNut

Catching up here:

Changed mah name , mah race

Multiple players reported your name and race as offensive, Staff agreed, and they were both changed.

made someone else leader eventho I have the votes

The votes are misleading; votes from inactive players are not factored in the vote, but their numbers still show up.

This is known display issue, but the leadership reflects the family’s decision. No staff action was taken to remove you from leader.

lost expos

We’ll look into this. Thanks.