MTG_Dads Podcast

Thats not going to be the official name, but since i cant use the other one, its all i got.

So i didnt realize that the first two postings had my full name on them so I took them down.

But here they are again


IC player Radio.


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Yeah that

No, no IC

I think @MTG_Dad can name it IC Player Podcast
IC then is just an abbreviation for ‘Interesting Content’


Fwiw IC/Imperial-Conflict is fine in the name if it’s clear that it’s independent. There’s no need for “IC” to mean something else.

The purpose of the name restriction is to avoid confusing the audience with names for the official show, especially if it comes back. It’s a practical consideration for the circumstances, not a “don’t mention us or else (shakes fist)” thing.

@TheBigOne’s suggestion for IC Player Radio sounds pretty cool. :+1: I’ll butt out of it from here though. :grimacing: I just figured I’d provide some clarity.

Will have a good listen while I’m Sat around the pool tomorrow sipping all Inclusive beers :beers:

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