MTG_Dad's Andro PvC

Howdy folks and welcome to another edition of my PvC. Its been a weird round so far, and we are only 2 days in. WE have a known multi in one family, phantom empires, people getting moved around families, and who knows what the next few days will bring.

Before I start though I wanted to take a few moments and give some of my own thoughts on the game as it stands. This is not an attack on Pie, or what he is doing, just some observations.

I Am coming up on my 2 year anniversary with IC, I have made a few “enemies” but also made a lot of friends in the game. People that I chat with outside the game. This I think is one of the biggest draws of IC, the community. Even the bad parts of it. It is still a place to interact with folks from all over the world. Not every game can provide that.

The community is also a big issue at the same time, you have people getting “revenge” for things that happened 1.5 and even 15 years ago. And it just pushes the cycle again. And now that we are down to 36 players in the “main galaxy” its just a community that keeps feeding on itself as it get smaller and smaller.

When I started there was usually 75 to 80 players in the main galaxy, even getting up to over 100 for a round or two, now we barely made 36. I went through my discord PMs of people that I have talked since I started, and around 45 people are no longer playing. That’s in 2 years.

No I don’t have a fix to this, and no its not Pie’s fault as I truly think he is trying to fix things. Just some observations that I have seen in my 2 years.

So now on to the PvC

  1. 7247- Dota 2 Heroes
    This family currently has a 4 planet lead and about a 5k nw lead which is about right, they have gotten off to a good start so far. Being lead by The Dr, they also have Axel, zanharim, daylight, dronze and cxris. Solid lineup of good players, but I wonder if there is a true leader or true econ person in the bunch. They also have cxris who will screw up majorly at some point to set them back. I think when it comes to it, someone will out save or outmaneuver them in a war and they will start falling.

Prediction- Contenders for top 3

  1. 7246- Cloudy Skies
    Can Kingray finally do it? Can he finally be the king? Or will he fall behind again. He probably has his best line up yet with Luker, hala, ordos, pickle and spike. If spike and pickle are active then they have a decent chance. They are off to s very good start, currently they have the second best planet/nw ratio in the galaxy, and are over 100nw per planet better than 7247. I think Kingray falls short once again.

Prediction- Contenders for second.

  1. 7248- No Chaos No Drama
    This fam has been through a lot, they lost one of their players to another family, and are dealing with a multi, as well as having their drafts have pop and food issues, but despite that they are a strong 3rd currently. With The other Doctor leading, they also have a solid line up of Orbit, TBO, Scouty, and Schniepel. Will orbits actions of last round come to bite him? Can TBO OH the whole galaxy? Will they get a good random/draft when they kill their multi?

Prediction- Contenders for top 3

  1. 7245- Choctaw Hogs
    And now we come to my family. And there are some nice folks here, but how in the hell are we not in dead last. Lineup consists of Myself, Manos, Dzordz, exceed, Funeral, and Machiavelli. Mach is going SS as normal, Manos, Dzordz and funeral are all recent returning vets. We are trying to set the ship straightened, but it may be to little to late. Our real test will come in a war scenario, so we will see how things go.

Prediciton- Nice guys finish last

  1. 7244 Crapper
    What an awesome line up here. Nightwish, Retorica, Soul, Thirdrock, Cells, and Flip. They are currently last in planets, but have the highest nw/planet by far. They may look to have a slow start, but looks can be deceiving. Nightwish probably has the best income in the galaxy atm, and is a beast when he wants to be. If Cells and Flip are attacking they will have one of the better attacking groups out there. And this is no offense to anyone in the family, but activity across the round may be their biggest issue.

Prediction- Contenders for the win

  1. 7243 B4D4ZZ T3RM1N4TORS
    First off, they lose points for making me type that name. Secondly, its another swagga fam……currently with the worst NW/planet ratio, and by worst I mean 300nw/planet behind the next closest. Daffy, stealth, darkhelmet, rivan and bluegizmo round out this group. Look we all know whats going to happen. Swagga will start some early expo war, LOSE, talk about how great he was, and his family will sit in the bottom 3 the rest of the round.
    Predictions- 5th.

For end of round here is where I think standings will be

  1. 7244
  2. 7246
  3. 7248
  4. 7247
  5. 7243
  6. 7245

Nice read @MTG_Dad
When I started I was extremely happy to end up top 500 :joy::joy:.

I keep getting sucked into the game cos of the possibility to work together with different minds. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, like in real life :sweat_smile:.

You downgraded us to 4rth place, Challenge accepted!!!

I started IC in a period when ‘the talk of town’ was abour who ended in top 100 and also big discussion about eor jumps and multis.

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Those were the days, I remember my first family was with a guy called Godland who was an absolute idiot; starting in Milky Way and then spending the majority of my time in Pinwheel.

It was strange seeing forum absolutely full with comments, loads of conversations going on about galaxies you werent even playing in; hundreds of people arguing; 11-12 people per family with 15-20 fams.

Id love to try and help push IC and gain more members… but a couple of things that need to change are stuff like; more comprehensive on-boarding of new players with a guide that teaches you the things that people only learn from experience (don’t build lasers on your HP etc). And also, the arrogance of who is better than who needs to stop. Going on about people being noobs etc can be pretty offputting especially if you’re a new player joining the game and seeing how theres SO MUCH to learn and so many people already here that seem to already know each other so well… I imagine would make people feel a little helpless/contribute to high churn rate for new players.

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The Kamikaze, DS destroying, Fleet Crashing, One & Only Swagga is present.
I’m at the bottom of the barrel & have the worst reputation.
I Shall Honorably exceed all expectations.

T 69 1006Zulu 200721

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Can’t wait for swag v orbit 2: electric boogaloo


Swagga the DS slayer


Nice read @MTG_Dad !!! Definitely might fall short :joy::joy:

lol… amazing… predictions, predictions, predictions :slight_smile:

Sorry for invading your PVC MTG Dad, but you quit already and Jets probably has his phallus in a blow up doll.

#7244: =====Legion===== (10,11)

Nightwish - Always a solid performer, good eye for details, not complacent or lazy. He should carry this family to some sort of success
Thirdrock - Not sure what this old fart brings to the table anymore, very placid, just here for the trolls and drama. As a player, he’s better than most, but most of what is left is shit, in my opinion he’s an average Joe.
Soul - Not even sure where this guy came from, I left IC for a bit and he’s co-chief. A bit clueless when he comes to playing the game, weakest link in this family and doubtful he will improve
Ret - Returning player I presume, name sounds vaguely familiar, chance to impress this round perhaps
FlipFlop - Is considered a good player once all the real good players left IC. Carried by Cells a lot, like some cheaparse handbag. He always tries hard, which is respectable.
Blue - He’s as annoying as a mosquito bite on your arse cheek. As a player he’s meh, whines too much and changes his mind every 5 seconds, I think he might be a ladyman man
Cells - He’s Canadian, and not my favourite one. He talks too much, but is a good competitor.

This family should win this round, if they don’t then I take back all the nice things i said.

#7247: Dota 2 heroes (21,58)

Daylight - Good IC player, always in poor families, he’s like the guy who arrived too late to party and hasn’t got any friends. I wan’t to see him in a family who are not numpties.
Dronze - Like this numpty, he’s still playing 2001 Imperial conflict, he probably calls planets ‘Worlds’
Axel - I dislike Begians, they are not trustworthy, and the same applies to this pile of turd. Thanks to me, Axel is a decent player, but the attention went to his head, he starting playing with hillbillies, and he’s been a vegetable since.
Cxris - I need 10,000 words to describe how painful it is to have this dude in a family with you. If you didn’t give him any instruction for a week, you’d realise he’s built CF on a mining planet and nuked himself. Hopeless.
RA - He’s the real leader of noobs, he leads every round, the same shit players, to destruction.
Zan - typically SS, doesn’t care for people so I dont care to write anything about him
Rawr - Apparently this person has bags of potential, sadly no-one will ever see it because he’s short tempered, impatient and volatile, when things get rough, this guy is 100% an instant quitter

This families is a mixed bag, sometimes that can turn out to be a winning formula, but there’s 2 or 3 real shitters in here that will prevent that ever happening

#7248: No Drama No Chaos (58,65)

Schniepel - Solid player, obedient and a work-horse, could be more vocal as he’s smart, and has to hear alot of dumb things being said to him.
Orbit - Loser
TheBigOne - Never been a fan of TBO, in my mind he’s a one trick pony and way too rash. but hopefully he will prove the family wrong, has the potential to be this fams mvp
TheDoctor (Aka Pitbull) - My young padawan who is now about 90 years old, used to be great, now good, soon to be senile. His softness could be his biggest downfall
WhoFlungDung - Would openly admit he’s not the best player, but he is very easy going and committed unless drunk, which is 99% of the time. greatest quality is that he never gives up
Sunstorm - Pie let this guy talk in the weekly discord meetings and since then IC’s lost another 20 players. Not sure he’s all together.
Rexer - Dark horse of the round, new player, unknown qualities.

Who knows what will happen with Orbit in your fam, you may wake up and not be able to log in

#7246: Cloudy Skies [57,37]

Hala - Not seen Hala for a while, someone dragged his arse up from the underworld. No-one has a nice word to say about him, he’s either great at spreading rumours or he’s just a rick with a p. I don’t think he’s bad, he can click buttons with some of the best.
Luker - Possibly the best economic player in IC currently, not the best personality. I would go as far as saying he’s smug and cocky, but he done very well at proving his point. Great at making cash, but has little to offer aside that, what would make him the complete player is if he was more for the family and less for himself, during war he wont be making any retakes.
Ordos - You buy a empty plot of land and want to build your dream house, but theres a tree in the way and the goverment wont let you cut it down because it’s a protected species…thats Ordos, serves no purpose but to get in the way. Not a bad guy, he reminds me of MTG Haribo, used to lead one of the best families in IC history and his contribution would be to log on and say ‘meh’ and leave.
Angles/Vamprys - I’d grow old watching this guy do the same dumb things every round, if you join a tennis class and realise you suck at tennis, try a different sport kid.
Pickle - Knows IC very well, probably the best attacker currently in the game if you base it on online hours. Not sure about motivation this round, Remo deserted him, that motherfuc…
Kingray - When i first heard about kingray it was all positive, then i landed in his family. Ever been to maccy D’s spent 30 minutes waiting for the drivethru and then you get pickles in your burger when you said you didnt want any, thats the dissapointed meeting kingray gave me. He’s needs to sign up to common sense classes with 75% of the IC community
Protoss - Recently joined, past his prime, but when in the mood he can be a good addition to any family, sadly he has personality of a sponge

This family needs to stay alive early on because they have the players here to challenge, if they get going, could be unstoppable

#7245: Choctaw Hogs (26,27)

Manos - No idea on who Manos is, part-timer by the looks of it, needs a mentor
Funeral - My partner in crime and unbeknownst to him is now the second most hated player in IC behind yours truly. Returning player who is trying to re-learn the ropes. Awful family, but this is the best place to be to learn the skills. Every now and then when i need a freshen up i’d be on the discord to Vicious, hey bud, lets play together.
Exceed - Old timer, not the greatest but plays with honour.
Dzords - Not sure this guy is a true leader, he’s a mannequin in a shop window ‘That’s why no one will remember your name’
Machiavellie - Is this a multi?
Xenon - New/Returning player? lets see what they’ve got
Dukey - Asshole

I see this family everytime i finish my tea, the dregs of a round with 2 drafts, the infamous pool of unwanted players

#7243: B4D4ZZ T3RM1N4TORS (50,8)

Spaceballs - OK guy, whoever taught him this game needs to be put down. Needs mentoring, i see potential
Swagga - Gentleman/phsycopath, marmite, love him or hate him. In my case i don’t dislike him. He’s like the guy from that movie apocalypse now, IC’s worst players worship him as a god, the good players just think he’s a nutcase. He has heart, he has courage, so what would that make him lack from the 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz
Rivan - What a nightmare, what is your purpose here, go back to your planet
Bluegizmo - ???
Daffy - Someone told me he’ll start OK and then go inactive, now I realise he’s not inactive at all, he’s just got so many accounts on the go he can’t keep up. Your ‘Orbits no.1 fan’ t-shirt is in the mail.
Stealth - Havent heard this name for a while, was suppose to be in our fam and got moved. RIP
Saxton - Sorry, no idea.

I don’t even know if it’s worth logging in at this point…

Apologies for any typos, i wrote this up quick. Good luck with the round everyone.



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I wonder if my one trick is what will make me MVP😁

I AM NOT 90 TEARS OLD :rofl:

91? Did you recently have a birthday old man?
Happy Birthday!! :tada::birthday::balloon::tada::tada::tada::tada:

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Funny how one of my IRL worst character traits is always wanting everyone around me to like me; so I come to an online game full of people I’ve never met, and all of my worst nightmares come true without me actually realising it. Sick.

Not sure if you’re inviting me to play with you… or you’re inviting me to invite Vicious to play with me. If it’s the latter, I would literally prefer Jofra to bowl some yorkers directly onto my nutsack.

But aye, nice PvC; I am going to pretend that I didn’t do what everyone else does in only scrolling to read what you wrote about them; and say it was a well balanced; unbiased review full of fairness and intrigue. yep.


I’m not playing 2001 IC…
2010… realistically …
Good read though … thanks to both you
Mtg dad and orbit…

@OrBit Very entertaining!

@OrBit why do I need common sense class?

Yeah I’ve been a really underwhelming presence lately, just ask the people I’m playing with :joy::joy::joy: