Mr. IC Universe 2020 Sign Ups

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Imperial Conflict, I would like to bring back one of IC’s most glorious competitions. Mr. IC Universe! The tourney will be:

  • Single elimination
  • Bracket style tournament with each participant being assigned a random seeding.
  • 3 picture maximum
  • No Nudity (Shirt off is ok)
  • List 3 Interests and a quick one line caption

More rules may follow. Judges are a panel of female judges who will vote for their pick in each bracket.

Sign up below.

  1. Jets
  2. Arby
  3. Cxris
  4. Sunstorm
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This manwhore is in.

Darn! Guess I’m out! :frowning:

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How do I play this one? in

Sign James up

@OrBit @Remo @Lord_Pickle @Luker8969 are all in

@The_Unknown @Amok @ZichtOpZee and @thirdrock are in as well

@HellRaizeR @SCORP ^^

Does it have to be an entire sausage fest?
How about the ladies too?

Is there a Miss IC Universe too?

@Ordos234 no way :ic_angry:

I’ll give it a go! Never done it before so will look for inspo from the regulars :wink:

@Remo sent me his submissions but he needs to re-take them as they were all nudes.

Thats all your getting, take it or leave it!

I won’t be a part of this, it’s just unfair for all the other competitors 🤷


Alright, I’m sure a first round knockout for me will add to my quarantine depression. Count me in

How do i submit??

Simple. Just post a d*ck pic.

Counter strike was looking for you noir

mr and mrs universe :slight_smile: