Sorry if this is answered elsewhere but a bit confused why I’m deducted 22% morale for attacking seemingly anyone regardless of size… in any galaxy? Do you have to declare war now?

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I have suspected that it has been bugged for a while now. Seems like morale is way off when you only have a few planets.


@Release_Team, can you set up a test on dev to assess this?


Been a issue both ways… if your small on planet count your morale will be high say you have 30 planets an your attacking someone with 150… an vice versa

Ahh, so it’s not just me.

@Soull I tested launching on players with planet and NW sizes very similar to mine and it was still ridiculously high! I thought that there was some new mad change I am still yet to get my head around haha.

I think its to stop someone taking 30 planets first week of round when only on one planet =D

So; it reduces after one week or it remains like this for people only on one planet? How else am I meant to get planets when there’s no expos :frowning:

This sounds like a bug.

Do you have a few examples of specific numbers?

Not sure if this is expected.

I have 21 planets, if I attack someone with 30 planets I get deducted 8.1% morale.

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