Milky Way Round 64 - 2 days till the apolalypse

Hello again folks, I hope everyone enjoyed the first PvC for this round in MW. My goal is to keep updating it through out the round. In all honestly, I could make this the easiest PvC ever, 5 Contenders, 3 pretenders. and be done with it. But I know that none of you want that. So Here We GO!!!

  1. We Are TheOne (6150) [102,5]: Contenders for the win
    Currently 1st in nw, and 1st in score, but 5th in size. My guess is that they are working on portals, and saving for early attacks once they are available. They have stayed in the #1 spot all round, and continue to look to be the family to beat. They sure have the economy plan to get the round started, but where will they be in attacking is the big question? I do notice that they only have 1 banker in the top 10 in income, but are the #1 gold making family.

2.iron stick family (6144) [12,30]: Contenders for top 3
I still have little to no information on this family. They were 3rd, and are now second in score, first in planets, and second in NW. Looking at the economy side, they seem to be doing decent with 3 bankers in the top 10. But I would be concerned as it looks like Tif is going pop banking, but has negative magic in his race, which could cause big problems in a war.

  1. Cute Things In a Small Tub :slight_smile: (6147) [49,65]- Contenders for top3
    They were 4th and have moved up to 3rd in score, 2nd in planets (by 2) and 3rd in NW. I know they have been having on and off again activity problems, so that could cause issues for them later in the round. I will say that the biggest person in the family looks to be a secondary resourcer, they also have no bankers in the top 5 of income which puts them slightly behind.

  2. Les Cols du Tour (6146) [67,117] Contenders for top 3
    Were 2nd in score, and have dropped to 4th in score, nw and planet size. They currently have 3 people under 5 planets, but one is a VL and the other FA, so I would assume they are passing planets to do research builds. Or they may be going all in on certain folks. Because of this anomaly it is hard to tell where they actually are in regards to economy.

  3. Randoms at work (6153) [113,56]- Contenders for top 3
    Back to my current family. We are honestly about a day behind, but have recouped well. We stand firmly in 5th in score and NW, but have moved to third in planets. We will be ready for the attacks to start. From an econmy stand point we are top 3 in resources, but slightly behind in gold, though I feel that will change very soon.

  4. Rise Of The Sith (6145) [116,90] PRETENDERS.

Well they look to have finally grown some, but when you look at the family, only 1 person has grown, the other 3 seem stagnant, and the final 3 appear inactive. Their economy is a dumpster fire, with only 1 person in the top 10 of iron,end and food, and nothing else. They could surprise a bigger family, or vulture a war, but I see them being a farm for most of the round.

  1. Quiet Nobody Here (6151) [84,76] Contenders to finish 7th!!! No but really they are Pretenders

Little to no growth in the last 4 days, 3 inactives wasting space. Their economy is actually worse than '45. I think this family will get farmed once or twice, but honestly everyone should offer them an nap and move on.

  1.  (6152) [47,31]  Unfortunately Pretenders

Dark horse and drones seem to be working as a team and starting to grow. If you are doing anything but giving these guys a PNAP then you are doing it wrong. It would be great if a few people jumped in there and help them out to have a respectable finish.

So their you go everyone, they new PvC, honestly there is not much space between the top 5 families, it will really start changing once attacks start. Not sure if we will see an all out war right away but it will be interesting.

My goal is to post another PvC Friday night after about 9 hours of attacks, I will take a screen shot of the rankings before attacks and 9 hours later.

I hope you enjoyed round 2, if you have any questions, comments, insights or inspirations then please let me know. I am trying to make the PvC threads a place to be again so anything i can do to improve would be great.


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