Milky Way 76 Introductions

We will be giving in-game rewards to players who post introductions.

We’re posting community intros grouped by family to encourage community activity, especially from our recent influx of newbies.

The specifics are still being worked out, but if you want to make sure you and your family benefit, make sure you and your family members have a post in #general:introduce-yourself. :muscle:

You can check the status of your family here:

Let’s get minglin’! :ic_winky:


Fantastic work everybody, keep em comin’!

We’re going to start processing these tonight. There is no deadline btw, if you don’t have an intro up by the time we start sending the rewards, you’ll still be able to put one up after. :+1:

The rewards have been sent out! :money_mouth_face:

28/70 empires rewarded

This is going to be a scheduled process, running daily in all active galaxies to pick up any new intros. You’ll only get the reward once per round, but you will get it every round.