Milky Way 70: The No-Newb Shuffle

Calling All Oldbies!

Milky Way 70 introduces a new setting: No Newbies.

Yes, you read that right: joining Milky Way will now require 1 of the following:

  1. An account from before 2018
  2. Completion of a previous round
  3. At least 10 planets in The Infinitum Galaxy
  4. A Patreon subscription

Milky Way has long suffered from inactives and multis, and while it has been nice to teach new players the ropes with a “real” galaxy, we will be building new features to further shape Infinitum as the place for new players to cut their teeth.

For Milky Way, this will provide an elevated and focused competition without distractions.

Drafting: Let’s shake things up


The top players have more than proven their skill to coordinate amongst each other. It’s time for a proper challenge.

Milky Way 70 will have a single draft spot, and they will fill up quick.

10 teams will compete for 6 weeks in a fresh take with fellow experienced players.



Time Settings

  • Length: 6 weeks
  • Starting: Saturday, May 25, 2019 @ 17:00:00 GMT
  • Ending: Saturday, July 06, 2019 @ 17:00:00 GMT
  • Market Delay: 2 days
  • Offensive Operations Delay: 2 days

Size Settings

  • Galaxy Size: 100x100
  • Planets per system: 13
  • Systems: 498
  • Planets: 6474
  • Families: 10
  • Family Size: Starts with 2 spots, with new spots added as all families fill up equally.
  • Drafts: 1

Other Settings

  • Morale Formula: Enabled
  • Starting Resources: 20x
  • Max Defense Stations: 3
  • Cores: 3

Let’s get it on!

Milky Way 70 starts on Saturday, May 25, 2019 @ 17:00 GMT.

Drafting Reminder

Remember, if you want to draft in a friend, make sure they don’t join without your draft code, because they will not be able to make it into your family afterward.

Registration is Open

Existing players can join here.

If you don’t yet have an account, you can create one here first.

If you’ve hit the galaxy limit
A donation of any amount will enable you to play in as many galaxies as you’d like.


I like it all except the planets amount! Equally spread 640 planets… makes for boring econ imo. Smaller fleets. Whoever makes it to the top 3 in size will keep those spots unless they make very very newbie mistakes. Specially pie if ur having this be a veteran round. If u give more planets u allow for more “come backs”. The top 3 will always have to be on their toes.

I remember this last round when hydro secured 1100 planets cause he was lucky with 2 amazing randoms (more explos to send etc etc). He was laughing at no matter what no one can possibly have his eco.

Anyways my 2 cents. But the rest of ur changes i really like.

We can possibly have the planet ammount vote for another round if any.


I like it. Hope I land with people I still haven’t played with :+1:

Bigger gal wouldnof been nice

You did :smiley:

Oh yes :smiley: I hope you are ready to carry me to glory

Available for drafting. Find me on discord.

I guess it’s good that I am not playing this round since I do not qualify since I am not playing infinitum :stuck_out_tongue:

you qualify it is only 1 of those things. I will shoot you the draft code WS

Looks like the king is letting his vassels do all the hard work :joy:

its not often that Hellz speaks, but when he speaks I Like

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The return of PA and AW?

btw, gonna do a pvc for mw70 like i used to, using a similar stochastic model… (ive gotten better since then)… i might be trying to reach out to some of you, if i havent met you before… i have generally have mostly accurate postings… so if i am inquiring, its just to get info for that, and also say hi… Cheers! o/


Don’t login for 3 days and find I cannot join as galaxy full…Pie, your way of getting oldies back in is now affecting the oldies who have come back but cannot join!!!

Still noobs around, just noobs that pay for patreon. Like me :rofl::woman_shrugging:

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Same :joy:

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Just stick around a couple days scammer I’ll be leaving and other inactives will be killed off

A lot of older player won’t like being in that fam

@Scammer sorry to hear that, but if we don’t cap it the fams end up being uneven after joins slow down.

Your (and others’) best bet is to wait for any inactive drops. Infinitum is also open if you’re not there already.