Milky Way 69 Review

To help us assess future rounds, let’s hear from you what you thought of this round in general.

Please keep it constructive, and the more specific the better! :slight_smile:

Here are some points to start with, but feel free to add anything you want:

  1. What was your least favorite part of the round?

  2. What was your most favorite part of the round?

  3. If you had 1 wish for the next round in this galaxy, what would it be?

Thank you!

  1. Only having 3 players 75% of the round never having over 4 until he got deleted automatically but as I’ve said many times I’m so good that even with 3 awesome excellent players we did alright.

  2. Playing with translucent and hoit very fun guys and very good.

  3. Pie follow the request us players already posted our desires.


@WhiteShadow making me blush. Also I don’t think Shadows blush

As for me:

  1. I found this round was really mild, and I can’t figure out if @WhiteShadow just has a particular effect upon people
  2. Playing with @WhiteShadow and @hoit
  3. Its a bit of a hypocrisy for me to say this cause I benefited quite a bit, but break up all the top players who are close friends, and force them to a) to play against each other and b) fight against each other
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  1. The allies situation my fam was definatly good enough to win the round but we had peanuts as our choice for allies

  2. That I got to play with my good buddies kujjer and lethal

  3. That the top families next round agree to no allies, my family has agreed to it already and yes we will be a top contender

  1. the BS that was this round, getting raided by two fams that were allied and the fact that people have the guts to tell me I suck at this game…GO AWAY

  2. Playing with my fam was fun…and maybe the best part, they were great. Lots of talent here but the slight un- organization killed us :man_shrugging:t5:

  3. I agree with tge Attack God WS here…we already asked for much and would like to see some of what we asked for come through…

But for immediate things maybe give us a full draft round again. :joy::joy: That would upset people, but it be cool.

  1. Just felt really slow and not enough planets imo. When the number 1 fam barely breaks 1k, its pretty indicative. I think more planets makes for better econ and better fleets, for all fams.

  2. Tbh didnt have one

  3. More planets and more starting resources ( i know you only said 1 wish hehe)


i too would like to break 10K planets :stuck_out_tongue:

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  1. Least favorite part of this round week 2 1/2 to almost week 5. For my fam at least it was a weird gray area. For other fams they were just waiting for that last war week before round. The map filled up way to fast due to the increased 50x starting money. Fams just waiting for the round to end was apparent.

  2. Favorite part of round being attacked my ally then never getting comp planets ( love you @Ordos234 ) 10/10 would ally again.

  3. More systems and less starting resources.

  1. Starting with only 4 players while same fams started with 6 or 7

  2. Managed to somehow stay alive while surrounded by the Top fams.

  3. No draft


Pretty slow round really. No drafting would be my suggestion.

  1. Boring round.
  2. Building lasers.
  3. No draft.

Being able to fund wars and op campaigns ( not even for my own direct benefit! ), simply to “weaken uni”.

The death of anon play.
On a whole, civility and rationality was back in vogue.

Shorter time frame:
Compressing the round means each choice becomes more critical.
Less time to sit back and infra, thereby lowering over abundance.
If you wanna get planets, you gotta go get them suckers.

  1. End of round… Just wait, nothing happen.
  2. First 10 days… One-two man show. Make few good agreements and stay behind them in all round.
  3. No drafts!!! Only random!!!

It was a slow boring round. Nobody really ever wanted to challenge the top fam which continues the chain of everyone fearing the top eco fam every round.

The coordination and skill of all my fam members. Yeah, we got lucky to have a full fam of actives, but it was a beauty to watch the economic dominance.

4 man fams, more fams and full draft