Milky Way 68 has been created!

Yes i will just sit this round out if a third draft doesn’t open up. I’ll get decent sleep that way ha ha

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Many people are waiting for the next batch of slots to open to draft in.

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Might also be the weekend timing. We tend to get a bump in the last 24 hrs too.

There is an issue though yeah with the join process here. It is better than the alternative where some families would fill up while others remained empty, but there is still room for improvement.

@OrBit posted an idea for a Pre-Draft Round Player Pool that is a good step towards hashing things out.


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Wait, market delay is 2 days again? Why? Didnt we learn from multies?

Please make it 7 daya, come on :frowning:


Yep, we did learn. That’s why New empires have to wait to use the market.

No need for 7 day delay.


So for new players, delay will be 4 days, u can still benefit from multies.

Also, what if player plays with his multi, but aids with main account? No protection from that

Please make market delay longer :((((

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People can always benefit from multis. If we made it 7, they’d just wait till day 8, and so on.

Suggestions were taken when we discussed the Milky Way 67 Review. You’re welcome to make a case for MW69, but this round is set.

But the benefit from starting resources drops alot by the day7, thats my point :stuck_out_tongue:

I have fighted for longer market delay both rounds when multies got blocked, if u didnt listen me then, why would u do so for MW69 :wink:

Round is set, gotha


I hear ya man, but we gotta balance a lot of things. I appreciate your feedback but we gotta keep moving.

We’re changing a few big variables this round already so we don’t want to change too many other things, but if the market still proves problematic we can definitely reconsider for MW69.

It’s not that I’m not listening, it’s that we’re testing for the long term too. :+1:

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So when/how will we know that we can use our third draft?

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i joined and im doomed

thanks, audiodef :stuck_out_tongue:

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So new players have a 2 day delay, but galaxy market delay is also 2 days.

Does that mean new empires can use it as soon as the galaxy market opens (if they joined pre-SoR), or after opening of market, their delay will be an additional 2 days?



He got a point.

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It’s the first one: if you join pre-round you will be able to use the market as soon as it opens.

The largest impact will be on people who join after the market opens, which is where we saw the easiest manipulation from last round.

Quick questions @I_like_pie

-Will MW start tomorrow no matter what?

-If u kill off drafted player, will it open a new draft spot?

bitchfighting in the fam already?! :stuck_out_tongue: