Milky Way 67 PvC

Hello there again folks , its your friendly neighborhood MTG Dad here, with another exciting edition of Pretenders vs Contenders. I wanted to delay this one until we had a definite answer on the cheating that occurred this round. This time around I also did a IC Radio with Tommy, but if you missed that, heres your chance,. This time around im going to go in reverse to make sure you take a look at the whole galaxy. So here we go…

  1. #6360: Spectre
    Being lead by Spike, and full of unknowns in his own words, they do not seem to organized, they have a decent map position, but unless they can get organized they will lose it all to the families around them.

Prediction: Pretenders

  1. #6364: Christmas is Over
    Decent map position, but a slow start describes this family. With folks like vicious and hoit they have a decent line up, but have not gotten off to a great start. Their lack of a camaar may hurt them down the road, but i just think they are so far behind they wont be able to catch up.

Prediction: Pretenders

  1. #6362: Make Our Family Great Again!
    Only player i can see here is Rivan, they are at a big disadvantage with only have 5 players though. They have a decent map position, having the corner to themselves, unless they can make some big moves in wars, they will not be able to keep up.

Prediction: Pretenders

  1. #6361: Naruto’s guild
    Was told by 2 of their players that they are full of inactives, they do have 7 players, but have not kept up with the rest of the galaxy. Not a big fan of their map position, they are surrounded by 5 families.

Prediction: Pretenders Top 8

  1. #6370: The Family
    With a lineup including kingray, zanharim, tif, swagga, biscuit,and spectre, they have a strong core. They do have a great map position and have tons of room to grow, but it looks like they haven’t had the greatest start. Duel camaars could make they interesting when to comes to war. They have the distinction of being the fam where the cheater was. They seem to have rebounded well from him not being there though.

Prediction: Pretenders top 8

  1. #6363: Simply us
    Wow what a great lineup here, and no one is hiding. They have an ok map position, but they are surrounded by a few fams. They also didn’t get their full line up until a few days into the round. So that has them behind a little, but I fully expect them to catch up.

Prediction Contenders for top 4

  1. #6366: The Hundred Acre Wood
    This fam has Shumi, ordos, whoflungdung, kanga and orbit. They have a great map position, and have a decent start. Im not sure how strong they will be when it comes to attacking.

Prediction Contenders for top 5

  1. #6368: Heroes in a Half Shell
    Lead by Pickle they also have lightguns, dukey, hala,remo, caedmon. Look at that lineup folks, they do have 1 inactive it looks like, which will set them behind as the round develops. Their map position is very rough, but they seem to have a good start going. Normally I would rate pickle high, but this round is stacked.

Prediction Contenders top 5

  1. #6371: Masters of the Universe [
    This fam has soul, vivanti, and mr blonde, they have had a really great start. They have an active 7 players, and seem to have a good start strat. Not a big fan of their map position, but lets see what they can do with it.

Prediction Contenders top 5

  1. #6369: The Horde
    Well this fam has caused some controversy this round. With White Shadow, Helraizer, Hydrop and pw forever, they were accused of cheating from the start. They have had an amazing start all round long, and have been aggressive with their map position. It looks like they are going all pop, with no camaars, so lets see what happens with these guys,

Prediction: Contenders For the Win.

  1. #6367: Internet Browsers to Play IC

And now we come to my family. We have a solid line up with myself, Tommy, TBO, Xenon, Tortoise, Zero and new Italy. We are smack dab in the middle of the map, so we are getting pressed in from all sides. We are looking to have fun, and that is our goal for the round.

Prediction: Contenders for the win


how dare you leave me out of the PVC

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thank you for the rest

@MTG_Dad very nice PVC. Well worth the wait. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this…I hope you do another one again later in the round…Also, I wouldn’t call my fam a pretender, but we will see. :slight_smile::wink:

Hey, I gave you a shoutout in the radio version flipmode. Hydro didn’t include any names when he responded to mtg so blame him. I didn’t get to give comments since MTG wrote this like 15 min before IC radio started.

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I’m sure anyone that has played this game can figure out why The Horde lost their 100k plus NW lead and if you figure it out you know the Horde is still well ahead :ok_hand::crazy_face::ok_hand:

Who cares…I wanted to talk about how there is still people playing with muiti accounts…pretty sure I rat my bro out evertime haha I think he has 3 now in same fam… #6361: Naruto’s guild

Updated PVC?

Yeah weekly PvC would be great !

And don’t just look at NW. That’s a little off if you compare the attackers NW fleet versus other fams that have half the fleet the larger fams have.

If once some of the middle fams decide to jump their attackers to the exact level of the top fams then I think you’ll see they are right there Eco wise with the top fams.

Some are just not spending on attackers at the moment to concentrate on Eco.

Your also have to look at who the attackers are in certain fams and decide if they have the skill to use their Eco you know like AW ha ha :wink:

Hmm…seems I was right…anyways @MTG_Dad any news on an updated one? Or would you like me to do it :eyes::slight_smile:

We’re gonna try to do another ic radio this week!

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Sounds good, that means PVC right?