Milky Way 67 Historical Review (By the Players)

Ok so I threw this idea out there before, and idk, maybe someone is interested in doing this as well or maybe nobody is and it can die a cruel death with all the other IC junk floating in space.

What I think would be great is if each family leader could post their thoughts on their own fam first. How exactly they feel their round went from sor to middle to eor and their wars etc. Then do a quick posting of how they felt like the other fams did on a more overall scale (since they do not have specific information those fams will only have).

I would like to think that this would offer everyone some perspective into every fams rounds and some detail from each point of view that could help puzzle rounds together and also add a nice history for people to read should they choose to.


#6369: The Horde

Lineup: HydroP, Hellraizer, WhiteShadow, Exposed, PW_Forever, Sintrix and Flipmode

SOR: Well, we had a super strong starting strat and a lot of activity that put us into a rather large lead through the first week of the round. I actually thought that we were going to run away with it all in eco size which would lead to lopsided wars overall. However, I made an error and thought (for some unknown reason) that it was a 4 week round so I decided to start portaling on day 5 and doing full conversions on my bankers to pop. This resulted in a lack of eco growth and a major step back in income for 3 days. All in all, our eco lead was gone 3 days later.

Middle: We started to have proper eco growth midway through the 2nd week but then our attackers decided to start fighting with/clearing attackers from 3 other large families. That resulted in their spread being targeted hard and ultimately led to 63 conducting a banker raid that hurt our eco yet again.

Again, some eco to make back up ground and we decided to select a proper war target. 3 different fams were thrown out as options. 67, 68 and 62. We seen 67 as the ultimate fam to beat as they were taking off from everyone in eco at this point. We knew 68 was going to be a tough target and we knew they were not portaled yet and we could raid and probably gain solid planets on them through our positioning. And lastly, we knew 62 was the close fam to us and that we could gain some easy planets should we decide to take them down (they were not on of the top fams yet.) Ultimately, we decided to do the most daring of the options and I started planning a war with 67.

2 days of eco and war planning and 2 more days of saving and we felt we were ready to take on the biggest eco in the galaxy. Attackers built fleet, hid infils, sent out raids (continued to hide infils) and also sent fleets to 62 to make it look like we were picking them as our target. It was a long flight to our first raid target and 67 was prepared for us to hit. The initial raid did not go as we had hoped thanks to cells being able to stop it. From that point we began trying to setup other raids and kill infra on TBO planets. 67 counter-raided and the war devolved into a bunch of semi-successful raids on both sides. The biggest factor for 69 in this war that I believe cost us the chance to win this in dominating fashion was that flip ended up disappearing a day into the war and never came back until it was basically over. The lack of use of his fleet was key to potential raids and really hurt us. All in all, it ended in a stalemate war that cost both sides a lot of eco.

After the war we made some moves on eco yet again and actually built up a decent income. We conducted a ressie con jump and 62 moved in for a quick kill on us. They blasted all those freshly built ressie planets and I knew we would have to decide whether to pay for a NAP or get into another nasty war that we had no savings for. In the end, we paid up and moved on.

EOR: We ended up fighting 66 in a slow war that resulted in nothing and fought 71 at the end for a small amount of gains. All said and done, it was a largely disappointing round for a family that really should have competed for the win. A lot of talent and activity (for the most part) and yet major failures on econ (thanks to me) and also wars. We still managed to finish in the top 5 fams in size but that is about all the consolation we will get for this round.

#6362: Make Our Family Great Again!

Lineup: ICD, Munder, Rivan, Sol and whoever else

This fam had a super rough SOR with only a couple of players in the fam that were active. As those players were killed off they began to get some other players in the fam and they started to claw their way into an impressive round. They managed to climb the ranks while avoiding any wars with large fams and they picked smart targets. Up until the end, they were probably the most impressive fam in terms of comebacks. However, the farming of 2 different families to try and win size completely ruins what they did for me and I cannot help but feel like they don’t deserve to be seen as a top 4 fam.

#6363: Simply us

Lineup: Darrk, Pitbull, Airwing, Lethal, Easyway and some others

This family actually gives 62 a run for most impressive comeback as well. A rough start of round and yet they fought their way back into contention for first in size finish. The key difference between this fam and 62, however, is that they actually fought some of the big boys in the galaxy where 62 just avoided them. Taking down 67 was extremely impressive although it turned into a little bit of a farm fest when they seen 62 farming to try and steal the size win. Most impressive family this round even though their attacks made some major mistakes in wars.

#6368: Heroes in a Half Shell

Lineup: PickleArmy and co.

These guys were consistently good all throughout the round but never seemed to have fought any fams that were considered potential winners (67, 63, 69 or 62). They still won some impressive wars but also had a tendency to do some farming as well. I would say they deserved their 3rd place finish in size, maybe deserved to be 2nd behind 63…

#6366: The Hundred Acre Wood

Lineup: Orbit and others

We actually thought we would have a pretty easy war against this fam. They didn’t seem to be super active from our perspective. Turns out, my fam was the one not super active and we found ourselves in a really tough fight with them. Hats off, your fam impressed the hell out of me with your stubbornness and never back down mentality. You lacked the skilled players to really compete as a top fam but with time, those players are going to be good if they stick at it like they did in that war.

#6367: Internet Browsers Go to War

Lineup: Tommy, MTG_Dad, TBO, Cells and co

Great eco. I cannot hype that enough. They had a massive lead and even after the brutal war with 69, they still had a monster eco within days after it ended. However, ultimately their downfall led to attacking power and activity in the war with 63. Kudos for a good round and sorry to see you fall so low in the final size rankings.

#6371: Masters of the Universe

Lineup: Not really sure who all is in the fam

They had a decent start on the round and looked like they might compete but from what I can tell they lack attacking skill and activity as a whole. That hurt them against some of the more talented families and probably led to a lack of morale as a whole.

#6364: Christmas is Over

Lineup: No clue

This poor fam never really stood a chance and have been beaten up left and right by bigger fams. Kudos to those who stuck it out until the end and my condolences for the constant raping you took by fams looking to gain non-competitive planets.

#6370: The Family’s Gonna Pop You

Lineup: No clue

Another fam that was actually contending quite well like 71 was. I do not know exactly what their downfall was, but their round turned really ugly when 62 unleashed farming hell on them. They got pounded badly.

#6361: Naruto’s guild

Linupe: No clue

I didn’t pay much attention to this fam’s round at all so I could not offer any real information on them.

#6360: Spectre

Lineup: No clue

Another fam that never really had a shot in this round. Lack of skilled players, lack of activity and lack of players in general. They got farmed left and right by fams and never had a decent shot to even compete for anything but the bottom rankings.


Its like a post round pvc analysis. I like it.

I know hydro disagrees with me on this but 62 i give credit for there comeback finish. At one point they had 4 revalons and seemed a pretty inactive fam with bunch of randoms. For them to be where they were and to come back and do what they had to do is pretty impressive. Could be called farming by most and even by me but had they been as organized a fam and dominated eco like 67 did and 63 and then they decided to farm, i would be harsher. But they weren’t. 3 revalons 2 attackers playing ressie is what they had. And they were middle of the pack. Anyways well done to 62. Personal differences aside with some of the individual players, it was well done.

Thats my own little post pvc on 62.


We let 62 happen. They been our un napped neighbors when we dominated eco and even when we were 3rd we could have easily done some stuff but we didnt. We went for glory on 67 instead with that mid round jump all of a sudden. and the rest is history.

Darrk suck me.

That is all.


This is a great idea @HydroP. I’d even say open it up to all fam members. We can comb over the results afterward and start translating some of it into the #ic-wiki as part of our larger history.

It’s great to get this stuff down while it’s so fresh in our minds. If anybody needs a refresher, check out the #milky-way-67 tagged discussions.


Whaaat? You failed at eco? Nope, I was there remember? You were awesome lol, just some little things out of our control happened. I was online 30 something ticks straight and the tick I decide to have something to eat and drink, I come back and I’m in p/mode… One tick before my air defence was built too… No-ones fault there

I believe the cheating accusations affected us as well, because we weren’t the same after it, whether it was negative or positive it did still change our attitudes from there. I do have a feeling if I wasn’t in the family then Pie wouldn’t have searched through our underwear drawers looking to pin something on us lols.

I loved the round right up until my computer shat itself, from then on it just didn’t seem like I was family anymore… :sob:

Really happy I got to play with you guys though, sorry it didn’t work out the way we all wanted it to, please don’t blame Flip, blame real life. :v:

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I agree… we wanted to hit 66 and Browser fams but every time we would start saving somebody else would war them. Didn’t really have any big wars all round… pretty disappointing but we all knew it would be a bitch to win size with our map position.

Before I forget, shout out to Mr Hinks and 60, you were dead last from the first few days but I saw you alot in the news through out the round fighting someone somewhere :joy: at least who’ever it was in Spectre who stuck around, made enough to keep you busy haha, chur :call_me_hand:


Ya i like how I was only person pointed out haha. I was away one day and told you I’d be off the weekend after Friday. Had most captures up till then!

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Also, we’re not ‘and co.’ - the people in the team other than Picklearmy actually have names too lol.

You mean you guys aren’t Pickle and the Cornichons? :stuck_out_tongue: :cucumber:


I’m also offended, Orbit isn’t even the leader!

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Hellboy and I exist!

When I put and co etc, it is because I couldnt remember who else were in the fams and I couldnt be arsed to go look it up. It was all off the top of my head and I expected that if other people did their fams, they could fill it out as they went!

So, step up and write up your fams guys. Would love to read them.


That’s a good point. It’s not on @HydroP to know everybody.

Stand tall and proud people! Tell your empire’s story and put your own legacy out there. :smiley:

Our eyes and ears are waiting! :ear: :eyes: :ear:

I’m not saying we’re not. I’m saying the Cornichons have names.

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They should come tell their story so people don’t think their names are Cornichon #1 - #6. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

#6368: Heroes in a Half Shell

Lineup: PickleArmy, lightguns, Dukey, Remo, Hala, Rookie, Caedmon

Dealt a real bum hand with map position but some good diplomacy and aggressive early round throwing around of muscle around cores enabled us to grow pretty well. A decent early war entailed with 71. We agreed a pnap for a few cores from them in exchange in the end.

After the horde and browsers war I don’t think any fam was close to us eco wise from that point until EOR. We did some Pretty risky 200 planet late round science jumps that propelled us above others. Our hearts were in mouths haha.

We originally had a nap with 61 but they broke the nap time and time again, even giving them the benefit of the doubt a couple of times after saying “seriously, hit us again and the nap is void, stop being idiots” we finally had to go through with our threats or we would have looked like pushovers, and they gave us a nice 3 week ding dong.

70 Fancied a slice of us at the same time and sniffed around retakes between us and 61, they jumped fleets just as we did a big eco jump and hit us by surprise, especially being a few ticks away but we rallied and had a couple days of skirmishes. They didn’t capitalise, even with much larger fleets and that fizzled out. We was about the jump fleets to match but they agreed a nap before doing so with litrelly minutes to spare.

We had a nearly moment with 62 after a couple of share clearing caused a bit of friction, but diplomacy rather than war was the outcome as 62 had eyes on other fams and also ourselves. In hindsight we would have continued this as this would have probably been our best chance at size win.

We was gagging and saving for a big EOR war but everyone else was warring everyone else for the past 2 week and it just didn’t happen sadly.

Sure I missed loads so hopefully other fam members can fill the blanks.


#6366: The Hundred Acre Wood

Lineup: Orbit, Plazers, Shumi, WFD, Rabbit, Kanga, Ordos234

SOR: Plazers, Shumi, WFD and met each other in the previous round of MW and drafted in 66 with our main goal not be raided at the SOR like the last time. Luckily for us we got Orbit randomed in the fam who helped us set up a nice starting strategy. We tried to NAP as many families as we could which gave us a nice starting size and eco growth.

Middle: After most of the planets were explored we tried our first raid against 6371 which was very uncoordinated and failed hard. A week later we tried again without much success. Not much later 6363 canceled the 48 hour NAP and we had to prepare for our first real test and to make matters worse we had Orbit going on holiday to Thailand. We knew we would lose the initial attacks and our strategy was to just be annoying as possible with everyone doing retakes. Somehow this worked and after 2 days of war a NAP was signed. This gave us time to rebuild and focus our attention on #6364 which wasn’t doing very well and was a perfect raiding target. Family 6369 was thinking the same we were pretty raiding each other at this point.

EOR: Our round ended with a war with #6369 in which we got a huge first hit with me losing more then 50 planets. We resorted to our previous plan and tried to retake as much planets as possible, which again worked pretty well, we even started to gain planets. After the first few days the war turned into a stalemate which slowly turned into an heavy OP war. Luckily we signed a nap before any really damage could be done. We wanted to do one last big hit before the EOR so we decided to focus our attention on #6362, we noticed the banker didnt have any of his planets portaled and waited for the very last tick to take as many planets as possible, which pushed us over the 1000 planet size.

All in all we had a great round under guidance of Orbit, without him we would have never gotten this far. Biggest surprise for me was how easily the wars ended after the first initial strike didn’t force us into an early surrender.


#6366: The Hundred Acre Wood

Lineup: Orbit, Plazers, Shumi, WFD, Rabbit, Kanga, Ordos234

SOR: Landed in this family full of noobs and misfits, they stole my drafts spot so immediately my thoughts turned to rage quitting. After a few days realised they were actually quite funny. However no escaping the fact im stuck on a raft in the middle of the ocean surrounded by sharks. These guys are no winners.

Lessons learnt from previous round, a few early naps and focus on econ. Spot a gem of a target in 71, i mean, they looked pretty fucking awful, and thats bad coming from this bunch of grapes. Underestimated their military science, mistake 1, kanga went YOLO, mistake 2, nothing materialised, shame.

Econ remained strong, despite having to explain to he who should not be named how to overbuild planets. having real doubts about this fam, it’s like playing russian roulette, but these idiots are looking for the bullet not avoiding it. im thinking, we’re dead a week tops. However we started a warfund, which would probably save us. 63 cancel nap.

Straight away we buy 3 defence stations, i can’t work with these nohopers, but i can work with defence stations, they are reliable. pick 3 prime locations. pitbull out jumps WFD, of-course he does, wtf is WFD anyways. pitbull the legend vs a drunk. WFD follows orders to deportal all shares with pitbull and we focus down Airwing, we compete, we push, we harass, we break their spirit, Darrk comes at us waving a white flag, fuck knows why, its pretty even at this stage.

Maybe this fam isn’t so bad? i mean i can work with this. I scour the map for the next fam in line to take a swing at us, and we redirect the defence stations towards 69, we know you just bent over and got spanked by 62, you want redemption. We need a excuse to get out of 68’s sights, game on. This time our bankers step up with vital opps, the fam push together, work together, fight for each other, we deal with everything thrown at us. We made a little ground against 69, but would easily say it was an even fight. I’m feeling proud at this stage, like watching your kids grow up to not be like Sol Invictus. I see the development from cave men, to defenders to aggressors, Shumi nukes the shit out of exposed, WFD makes a mockery out of Guldan, Piglet, our medal winning noob retakes and Owl goes on the offensive. The most important thing is we continued to save throughout the war, we gave 69 50% of our cash and res, always eyeing the next challenger.

Shits brewing in the galaxy, a fierce rivalry for a size win which no one really gives a toss about, feelings are hurt, words are said in anger, someone is a racist, someone isnt, i lost interest after BG was caught shoving dollars down his top. Then during a quiet period i think of rounds gone by, and i wonder, whats Sol up to now? A commendable effort, the guy can take planets, thats for sure, like a accountant with a calculator, sol sits on his bean bag, putting infils into his little attacks for idiots app on his computer and sends his mass fleets all round. They did well, but they avoided me. I dont like being avoided, im not a fucking traffic cone. so we get back to the war room, plans put in Place, one final raid, piglet sends to the unportalled gains from 70 and me and WFD jump fleet and take on Rivan. Only to discover later that Rivan apparently saw us coming and abandoned ship. We had our last fun and the round drew to a close and we finished on a kind 1,000 planets.

I had fun. The family fought hard for every planet earned, and im sure feel like this round was a win.


Simply Us – (whatever our fam number was)
#1 Fam in most people eyes.
#2 In p-count.

Orginal members:

  • ReneDamon

  • Lethal

  • Easyway

  • Darrk

  • “Partaxia” (Arch Angel - hiding)

  • Some scrubb that didn’t speak for 3 days. Then starts talking when we rouge him, gets cleared

  • Some scrubb that never spoke.

  • Drafts:

  • Airwing – 4th day.

  • Pitbull – 6th day

  • Hellboy. 9th Day

I random into the fam this Partaxia (Arch Angel) is already leader, Rene is there, and Easy and Lethal are in chat and not saying much. As BoR ticks down, with 7 mins to go before the first tick I ask Eazy to make a new chat, and I post the Fast Research Strat (that everyone claims is “the strat they worked out with Orion”) everyone was using in Tera. I tell Easy “Alright Easy, ima take 2 planets per system and we can have some fun turtled up and try some econ tricks”

Round starts and I am voted leader.

Partaxia (Arch Angle) is pretty salty and creates a ton of meaningless drama (just unreadable noob garbage), explores right into other fam’s natural cores. I start planning to remove him, and ask Easy to make a second chat so we can talk about the actual round, not whatever that guy thought he was doing.

Day one:
@Picklearmy sends me a funny map picture for a perm nap with no cores. Works out well, he gets a fat chunk of real estate to his north and some extra spread, and we gain an actual organized family in our cores.

12:33 PM] Picklearmy: interested in a coreless pnap?
[12:34 PM] ™Darrk: Lol why not just ally?
12:34 PM] Picklearmy: not allowed lol
[12:34 PM] ™Darrk: oh… I should read the directions

My answer was this picture:

Around T-48 I am already portaling on what would become our outer core for the round with the fam to our west (#6366: The Hundred Acre Wood) and the fam to our east (The Browsers). Not that I have any intent to hit either of them, I need portals to kill out the Partax idiot, and the guy that explored all over the map. Fuck - stuck playing Dancer.

I suppose the 66 sees me portaling and that dood spread to the winds and thinks we might have our shit together. They approach about diplo. I quickly draw them a favorable map from their perspective, and essentially gained our family about 30-35 systems we could have never held with the stroke of a pen. @I_like_pie would have been proud.

So now we are going to be at least a 700p fam.

AW asks to draft in, we accept. Why not?
AW hits all his Fast Research Strat ticks, promising!

Tommy/Netscape (leader/attacker of the Browsers) and I start squabbling over a natural border gap, I take up Rene’s wiz so we can keep his portal down. Having not played Pax before he presses the CFPP quite often (to a bit of humor – the Browsers notice his exuberance).

We get some fleet started, and a few ticks later the Browsers come to me for diplo.

The Browsers are #1 (by a martathon), have amazing econ, are cored to the gills, and come asking for a NAP. Tommy and I have a bizarrely long talk and we get way more territory then we should have.
I am still @ 99 droids.


Somewhere in there Tommy implies that he wants the nap the way it is so “he can kill me back to my core” . That two bit bullshit pretty much makes The Browsers the only thing that is of interest for me for the rest of the round.

Pitbull drafts in
Hellboy draft’s in

@HellRaizeR clears PA (they called him “The Camar”) from one of my cores and with my last attack (we are at 6 total for the round) I message him and say “I am just a kid with 1 trannie, two droids, and a dream”.

End of week 2

Total cost for a 900p core:

6 attacks (3 real ones)
99 Droids, 33fgs, 16 trannies.
312 lasers
1 portal
2x 5 min diplo sessions.
1x really weird 2 hour diplo sesh

I let the family loose on exploring, and they poop like they went to Chipolte.
No one can really hit us, so I stop looking at the map completely
(To this day I have no clue where ICD’s, The Horde’s, or The Turtle’s home systems were)
I have to travel for work for a week and the gang is doing a bang up job exploring over this ridiculous core.

Somewhere in here the Horde light into the Browser’s like they owe them money.
I only know this because our only real opponent for the round (The Browsers) stop growing.

I have to travel for a week for work.
I leave the family set up so Lethal can take over leadership should the need arise.
AW takes over flippy jumps (Sci /Con) Everyone calls it something different.

The Horde stops fighting the Browsers.

Pitbull and Aw get in (or start, no clue) a spat with the Horde. Someone in the Horde is unlaserd so one quick FleetElite raid and a just a shit ton of CPFFs later there is a nap with them that claims such a massive amount of territory - that we cannot hope to fill it.

Things start to get fucking weird in our family.

Fresh off a pretty quick drubbing of The Horde, Aw (never a family leader) signs some secret “CF (in their eyes at the time) or “Perm Nap” with ICD’s family. I didn’t know about it for at least a week, and I don’t think Pitbul knew right away either. Never asked Easy or Lethal, shit got so crazy in our family the week I was away – never had time to ask them.

AW takes it upon himself to:
Do a MASSIVE pop jump but not let Lethal research.
Kinda takes over the fam
Voted me down as leader
“Planned” the “war” against (#6366: The Hundred Acre Wood)
We weren’t saved for these doods.
They had about 60% of our econ – our jump was just the shit we had lying around.
Had Lethal declare
Jumped Pitbull (with waaay less shares) to 70% of the NW of 66’s WHOLE FAMILY.
Didn’t explo a single fucking planet to keep his silenz stats up
Opped first
Wouldn’t let people take off him “because they are looking for my portals”
Timed the war for 8:00 Fucking AM on a Monday Morning EST, the day I am home and have to be at work, jet lagged and exhausted from a week long work trip.
Ran over at least one d-station
Got his fighters ran to piss
Spent three hours alone (Pit and I stayed up all night cleaning up the mess)
Realized how fucked he was

Came crying to daddy to do diplo.

In no mood for more of his bizarre bullshit – and after such an epic fail - I essentially gave 66 a nap that gave us our core back, and gave them theirs.
Had I waited another 2 hours – Pitbull would have torn that family (66) apart.

Yeah @OrBit I let you run your mouth, and call me a bitch or whatever - I was playing a much bigger game then your scrubb family and the smoking crater Pit was without a doubt about to turn it into.
It nearly cost us Pit – and DEAR GOD HE WAS PISSED – and rightfully so.
I took full blame for the call.
I even agreed to say “We lost” in the uni thread.
It was the only way to get the family back under control.
Swallow my pride, take the insults, and achieve the only thing that mattered…

It cut off AW’s balls.

24 hours later Lethal, now researched (like a normal fucking pop banker) easily had the top GC income in Uni for a few days.

This had to happen or the Browse’s would have canceled.
They had the worst case of “BIG NUMBER SYNDROME” I have seen in 15 years.
I just played into it.

Pit vs Swagga:
Pit, now pissed as fuck - needed a target to fight with his remaining fleet
Swagga exploed in our core because of a war with The Turtles (I really don’t think he meant to).
Pit cleared him.
Swagga cleared from another side of the map.
They tick fought for a 36 hours and I had to call an end to it.

The Browser’s had started spending their iron again.
We topped off the planets Pit scored and I put the fam on full save.

The Browser War:

The Browsers (apparently not paying any attention at all) continued jumping their infra while we were on a hard full save.
I suspected (had they been paying attention) they were going to cancel on us during the radio show.
But nope, just one more big round of jumping Cells to likely the highest CF income in the game.
Easy was running infls all the time on them during this save.
Once he started failing on Cells (about 15 hours after the radio show) I knew Cells was doing info on us.
We counter jumped Agents, and they counter jumped right back.
In their minds, because they had a 10 mil GC lead on us they thought they had us.

They cancled.

We had a cool Billion saved on the market. Their 10mil GC a tick lead on us cut our Bilion saved by 480mil.
None of their bankers had any Con%, everyone in our fam did.
Fuck, their attackers barely did.

For the first time all round, I had full control of the family.

The plan was:
Go 90/10 Offence vs defense spending.
Split fleets giving AW air, and Pit ground.
Spend 4.3 mil Oct on wiz we had to take down Josh’s pop.
Have a massive stash for counter jumps in case of an emergency.
Blow all RC’s on Pit, AW, and Rene for maximum con%.

The first tick:
We did manage to outjump them (in total)
We did manage 1 Hypno and 3 storms.
Pit lost his monster ground force.
AW got off some good fighter runs.
We immediately rebuilt Pit’s trannies.
Got cleared from a lot of systems, but put a decent enough hurt on Tommy (Netscape) that he couldn’t raid.

At this point, someone in their family started kinda bragging in chat that it was over the first tick.
Tommy sure sounded confident that it would be over quickly.
TBO was the only that showed a bit of foresight and said “This is far from over”.

The next few ticks, while their fam idk –just kinda sat around doing nothing (whacking off to their brief success?) I made it home from work, AW, Lethal, and Easy passed out, and Pitbull out of the fight till morning I did the only thing I could.

I cleared my shares and (not fleet eliet, this could not be massed – it was to technical, to many players with varying fleets) did a massive 60 planet retake on all of their family. It took about 4 hours to set up.
Pit was back in time to counter jump fleet so every unit was ready in the middle of the night when his trannies came in. He sounded rather annoyed, and I told him not to worry, I would keep them busy for a few ticks.

61 wins of 63 attacks over 3 ticks perked him right up.

By the time I woke up the next morning, our family – finally gelled and playing up to it’s potential began to systematically tear the Browsers apart.

Over the next few days:
Rene laying down OH’s and with some counter jumping got a 9 storm volley off on Josh. 174 mil pop – gone
We tore down their CF bankers Sci
They were losing territory.
Cells (Zero fam 62) was all over fucking retakes. Have to give the guy credit, if he was on – he was fighting.

Tommy asks for a nap Friday night, we had a less weird chat than our first one.
Still a little shit talky for someone who picked a fight, and was reduced to a retaker by the second day.
At some point Cells asked me (personally) what was the point when we would offer a nap.
I said 30%.
The tick we reached 30% we got 22 nukes.
Figured “terms” were of no interest.
The tick Tommy came back, we nailed his iron supply… a lot.
AW would raid dead bankers in the day and PB and I would claim systems at night.
IDK, we wound up taking 500 off them.
@Malin Cells never gave up.

EOR weirdness:

So Munder was talking shit in #general about how awesome they are for farming 200p familes, and how it is somehow our fault the ill prepared Browsers canceled on us, and wouldn’t stop fighting that they had to rape to win.

Considering that AW had made some (never confirmed) secret nap with the rapists, and he never lead the family, no matter how much he tried…

I did the only sensible thing.
I called Pitbull and had a chat on the phone.

Knowing that Sol was banned for being a racist bag of human waste, and something he said to Pit personally was along those lines – AND that fact they were raping helpless exhausted families, we chose to hit them.
We knew full well that AW would want to protect his fellow IA having - racist sweethearts.
That’s how racists do it right? They stick together, cover each other’s lies, and scurry around like rodents when light pours onto them.

So we both sent a copy of the same letter saying we were going to hit them to Easy and Lethal.
When we woke up.
Racists sympathizing Airwing, under the cover of some bullshit IA he personally made said he wouldn’t help but he would raid the browsers – I rouged his ass.

We all voted, kept him rouge, and planned our hit.
While The Browsers continued to jump fleets, op and fight.
Valentines day happened, Pit had a date, and did not make it back in time to hit them.

So we finished second, fought all the good fams we could get shares with, and in Planet count – won every contest we had.

Just wanna say thanks to:

@Lethal – Great job co-leading, you stepped in when you needed to.
@Easyway Tier one play from you as always, you played the shit out of that race.
@RenegadeDamon Thank you for listening, learning, and staying calm. I hope you learned a ton.
@The_Doctor A pleasure good sir. There was a lot of noise trying to stop you and I from playing smoothly together. We got there in the end, and the payoff was pretty fucking satisfying. You are one dedicated motherfucker.
@KingoftheNorth (Hellboy) – I know you had some RL probs, and I can’t thank you enough for playing in spite of that.

Good round guys,
Not too shabby for 4 randoms who had to kill off 3 players.