Milky Way 64 has been created!

Play with your friends!

In Milky Way 64, our original galaxy is running its first fully draftable round in years. Teams will also stay together next round for Milky Way 65. Registration is open, and the round starts on Friday, August 03.


An interactive version can be found here:

If you’ve hit the galaxy limit

Patron Fighters and above are exempt from the 2-galaxy rule and may play in as many galaxies as they’d like.

Time Settings

  • Length: 8 weeks
  • Starting: 2018-08-03 17:00:00 GMT
  • Ending: 2018-09-28 17:00:00 GMT
  • Market Delay: None
  • Offensive Operations Delay: 7 days

Size Settings

  • Galaxy Size: 120x120
  • Planets per system: 10-12
  • Systems: 955
  • Planets: 10,018
  • Families: 10
  • Family size: 7
  • Drafts: unlimited

Other Settings

  • Morale formula: Enabled
  • Unofficial Alliances: No
  • Players can choose to stay in fam after round.
  • Starting Resources: 100x
  • Max Defense Stations: 3
  • Cores: 0
  • Starting Fleet: 10 fighters, 10 bombers, 10 soldiers, 10 agents, 10 wizards, 30 transporters, 24 eships

Public Registration is Open

Existing players can join here.

If you don’t yet have an account, you can join here.

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Milky Way Sixty Foooour!


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I don’t know if everyone is seeing this, as people keep asking.

I want to highlight this aspect…

MW is a FULL draft gal right now AND a stay in family round.

Come one, come all… bring a friend or 6 :wink:

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Feel free to ask/find draft people here also.

I see people using discord, however someone might miss it and “somehow” see it here also.

We’ve re-opened the drafting forum at #general:drafting.

Feel free to team up there if you haven’t found a spot already, or are still looking to fill out your team. :slight_smile:

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Who wants a shot at the championship belt? :grin::muscle::muscle::muscle::sunglasses::kissing_heart:

I Do :slight_smile:
___________ :ghost: :dog2: :person_fencing: :avocado: ______________

We will be merging smaller families together starting 1 day before SoR.