Milky Way 64 Family Merges

In the interest of fairness, the 2 smallest families have been merged into other families. They will show up once the players that were moved re-join into their new families.

Thank you for your constructive feedback.

We can put this to poll to gauge interest. Note however that we need to decide quickly as the round otherwise starts in 19 hours.

Should we delay MW64 start to give merged families additional time to plan?

  • Yes - delay by 24 hours
  • Yes - delay by 48 hours
  • No - start as planned

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I have booked tomorrow off work, getting a friday night off where i work is very tricky, I am having to do a double saturday and an open on sunday, delaying the game 24 hours will be incredibly annoying >_<

but if it is defo getting delayed, 48 hours is ok :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Blue players in your situation is my primary reason for not wanting the delay.

Normally we’d be more open to doing so, but the pre-round for MW64 was far longer than normal, which gave a reasonable expectation that the start date could be planned around.

I sympathize with the families who need to adjust for the merge, but I think we should also acknowledge that changing start dates is very disruptive.

Yes, merged families will be at a disadvantage, but that’s part of the reason we merged them in the first place; to help them out. They are still better off than pre-merge and can still adjust their race 48 hrs after SoR.

It’s not a perfect scenario for anybody, but we’ll try to do what’s most fair.

It is an 8 week round … I think we can afford another day to get everyone set up.

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I really don’t care what everyone in the full fams think. They might only be thinking on an advantage with unprepped fams.

What do the people in the merged fams say? Could they use another day to prep? Or are they ready to go?
I believe it should be their call.

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It isn’t the full fams’ fault that the other fams didn’t fill up. They shouldn’t necessarily be inconvenienced because others didn’t draft or random in at the same pace. Keep in mind also that merging the families is already itself a compromise.

We have to keep things moving. Taking your suggestion to the extreme, we would only start the round once all families fill up, which will cause some of those that have joined already to go inactive.

Everybody’s vote here is useful. We’ll make a final decision 6 hours before current SoR.

That’s rather blund. It’s a full draft galaxy.
This is what may be scaring of new players. All existing player will know plenty of people and draft their fams full in no-time. I agree it may be laid back or not very active players in the fams that required merges, but it may also be new(er) players, who may not be the ones that are asked to draft into a fam, and may not know people they can draft in.

Not at all what I’m saying. I’m saying we should ask those fams that have been merged, if they need one more day or not.

I couldn’t agree more: hence my suggestion is not to ask everyone (people in MW, and even people not in MW, since everybody can vote here), but ask those people that are affected by the mergers of fams, if they need an extra day or not. (thats the only option I’d propose).

well it looks like 7 out of 8 teams are ready

Hala I just want to confirm, my fam is not full draft, I just got lucky :slight_smile:
the inconvenience I am reffering to is nothing to do with IC, its Real life that a 24 hour delay inconveniences me.

I am very nice to new players and I help them as much as I can.
I was actually actively looking for people to join my fam, and had Any new players stepped forward I would gladly sent them a draft code, because I value eagerness to play just as much as skill.

the only fam who looks like they need more time is #6152
so somebody should go ask them if they are ready or not.

also, it shouldnt be put to the vote of just the merger fam. there should be 8 votes. 1 for each of the leaders in MW, that way we would get a clear veiw of whats happening :slight_smile:

@Hala you have good points, but I don’t think ignoring the voices of those who have been waiting a week already is the right move.

On that note, we’re going to start as planned. Thanks for your input everybody.

I guess my feeling comes from the assumption that you did not ask the small fams if they wanted to be merged.
Maybe you did - then my approach makes no sense

There wasn’t enough time to get feedback from the smaller families, especially as some haven’t even logged in recently.

Sometimes a fast decision is needed. The feedback here was the best we could do given our time constraints.