Milky Way 62 has been created!


An interactive version can be found here:

If you’ve hit the galaxy limit

Patron Fighters and above are exempt from the 2-galaxy rule and may play in as many galaxies as they’d like.

Time Settings

  • Length: 6 weeks
  • Starting: 2018-04-26 17:00:00 GMT
  • Ending: 2018-06-07 17:00:00 GMT
  • Market Delay: None
  • Offensive Operations Delay: 2 days

Size Settings

  • Galaxy Size: 100x100
  • Planets per system: 10-13
  • Systems: 465
  • Planets: 5128
  • Families: 7
  • Family size: 7
  • Drafts: 2

Other Settings

  • Morale formula: Classic
  • Unofficial Alliances: Not allowed
  • Players can choose to stay in fam after round.
  • Starting Resources: 100x
  • Max Defense Stations: 3
  • Cores: 3
  • Starting Fleet: Standard +16 E-Ships

## Reserved Registration

The next 24 hours will be reserved for players who chose to stay in their family. If this is you, you can log in now and you will see this message:

> You have a spot reserved for you in family ####.

These spots will be held for the next 24 hours. After that, normal public registration will open up for everybody.

Hi everybody; small delay here while I look into an issue that came up. Should be open soon, but we’ll push the start time by a day if it takes much longer.

Public Registration is Open

Existing players can join here.

If you don’t yet have an account, you can join here.

The start has been delayed 24 hours to allow time for fams to fill up.

Also, the initial post here showed a 7 day market delay in error. It’s been adjusted; there’s no market delay.

looking forward to dominating!

Does it look like you are dominating?

I think I see you in 6th place out of 7 :stuck_out_tongue:

Rank Family Planets Networth Score
1 The Dead Reign (5737) [37,79] 217 426089 4089
2 Colourful Peacekeepers (5739) [18,23] 215 402618 3712
3 Obscure Philosophers (5738) [28,12] 181 364993 4562
4 Passing pebbles like :penguin: (5735) [15,68] 187 327293 3256
5 (5736) [69,2] 176 286886 3203
6 some sort (5734) [93,88] 130 228259 2743
7 Preternatural InterGalaxtic MF (5733) [58,91] 110 196470 2741

well i am dominating the family in 7th place!

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LOL that is a good come back hahahaha

Let the fun begin, something is about to go down in MW I heard.

Stay tuned the sleeping giant has been woke from his slumber and is angry at the little pest that woke him and now the exterminator will exterminate.