Milkey Way 3.0

Family of 3

If you wish to be SS you can select this b4 entering, it will give you a solo system and 5x start fund. And allow you to make 1 expo ship every 2 hours. Nobody will be able to enter your family for the duration of the round.

No alliances allowed and no attacking families 10x lower than you in nw

Round lasts 3 months

IMHO… After the 6 week round, I don’t think any round, with this amount of players, should last longer than that. With how fast round and family conflict resolution tends to happen, the round is generally over in just a few weeks. 3 months would just mean 1 family (or maybe 2 if allied) just dominate and pull so far ahead that everyone else is just left squabbling for scraps (if the smaller fams continue to log in at all).

And if it really does kill incentive to log in, that’s a long time to wait for a new round.