Mass lasering/reinforcement

I’d like to be able to select multiple planets and mass-build lasers such that each planet gets a random number of lasers between two numbers I enter. I’d like to be able to reinforce planets with troops the same way. This would make things a lot easier.

In addition, I’d like this way of building to include a random boost - set in some way by the player - which produces a sharp spike in the random distribution for a certain percentage of the selected planets, to quickly produce laser traps and random surprise numbers of stationed troops.

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Say you have 20 planets pick 5 of them pick a number of lasers then next 5 samething etc etc

That’s what I do. I just thought it would be nifty to have an easy way to build random amounts within a range, across a large number of planets.

I use the planet bonuses to divide the planets up when building lasers… select all iron planets build lasers, select all food planets etc etc

So now we know if we hit a iron planet the next 1 Will have the same amount of lasers

I see now that my post was flawed thank you rizz