Market losses

i just put 4B food on the market and i lost some food asap and i didnt get any gc for it either. i think its another bug.

Not a bug. A feature.

A 2% Market Fee on all sell bids are taken by the family’s market agent.


i know that i lost about 1B and nothing to show for it and this is in PIckles Playground 2 lol but whateves

Zanharim i am not stupid you didnt have to tell me 2 % comes off the top this was a significant loss not just 2 % lol but whateves.

Of course I had to tell you just that, because you failed to provide enough information in your initial post. Would have been smart to say you lost 1B food, not ‘some’ food.

But, hey, that fast response from you to correct the misunderstanding was awesome. I look forward on hearing from you in a month or so… :rofl:

Who is this mysterious family’s market agent, and how do I get that job?

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