Market Fees x Market flow

I wonder if there is a way to improve the Market’s appeal. There’s barely any flow in market in MW, and I’d like to hear ideas on how to improve it.

So far… why the fees?
They reduce people’s desire to use the market to buy/sell their needs.

If the fams have a balanced economy there is no need for economy. When the big wars start you will see iron,oct, endu hoarding or damage to certain infra types that will trigger market usage.

Reasons for market fees: limit market aiding, promote intra fam trading.

At 2% fee, “market aiding” is still pretty simple to do, especially considering decay is 0.5%/tick. And market aid still needs to go through market prices and means both ends of deal must have something to trade with, either cash on one side and resource on other, or vice-versa.

If the market is very active you risk putting a bid and buying from totally different family.

The more liquid, fast, market works… more all of these matters you mentioned get washed away, get more complicated to do successfully.

10% fee on parking resources on market is prohibitive.
How about someone who puts a market bid/offer and change their minds?
How about those who puts mkt bid/offer, but then receives aid from fam member who came online?

Another idea is: someone who provides liquidity to the market, in whatever metric (perhaps a “MARKET USAGE RANKING”?), also gets some type of incentive:


I had a post with some ideas for changes to the market here that were somewhat in line with what you are thinking.

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