Market delay is too short

So cheaters would only have to launch their multies before round starts so they could aid their stuff once market opens(after 48h), so easy, and almost no improvement to make cheaters life harder for this round, i am disappointed.

That’s not true. There were empires joining last round after the market opened to do this.

The changes we put in place were to combat the easiest form of this, so “almost no improvement” is hugely inaccurate.

If you have ideas for further improvements, you’re welcome to post in #roadmap:ideas.

I got an idea that would actually work

when you put up a trade, it takes a tick to travel to the market, thus u can’t ideally target win bids.


also this puts more pressure to co-operate with your fam and use the market as a last resort, and teamwork is the focus of this game no?

In my opinion we wont have even 7 man fams as last round, so making multies is even more benefical this round :smiley: Meaning it can ruin more fams…meaning round can be even less equal

The smaller the fams the more benefical to make multies. The shorter the market delay, the more benefical once again.

But market delay mostly kills it all, atleast getting the benefit from starting res, period

I think i have said enough about it, i will just let it be :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand your point, you’re not wrong: a longer market delay would lessen the impact on multis. Unfortunately, it will also impact the round for everybody else in ways that aren’t necessarily best for the round as a whole. Like most things, getting the settings right is a balancing act.

Nobody’s under the impression that our recent changes are a perfect solution to stop 100% of multis. They were never presented as such. They are, however, an improvement over last round.

Like I said, if you prefer a longer market delay for MW69 you are more than welcome to start advocating for it early.

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we got our differences from last round, but i agree with you on this