Map: Portals Building

I’m sure the map has a lot of improvements planned. Esp when Pie mentioned that IC Mapgen functionality should eventually be brought over (e.g. adding custom planet lists would be great!).

In the mean time though, maybe a simple addition? Would be nice to also have a “Portals building” tick box too. Helps with planning spread, and or key portals for bankers/res:



I like it I’d vote for it if I could

It would be a nice touch on paper. Mostly useful during the exploration phase. Downside though is that pull down list gets even longer than already is. Function vs design is always a balancing act.

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Yes, that’s a given. Ideal functionality is to create your own plists and save them. Does this exist at the moment? I really haven’t played around with it fully yet.

If so, then of course, I can just create my own plist of Portalling planets, or enemies, or whatever I’d like.