Manthano extra Evolve

This Galaxy has been going for awhile now, an I am sure people are wishing they had spells an ops they don’t have. Going to post a poll in hopes Pie might take pity on people an give some extra evolves.

  • Yes give us extra evolves
  • No you should have made better choices with your race

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Spells and ops are useless in this galaxy since there is no attacks or ops allowed but race bonuses do matter so why not its basically a learning galaxy have it unlimited

good point, i guess i was thinking of the time where the cap was not the hard 99, an trying to find the planets of inactive family members :slight_smile:

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Ya, it really only helps with race but that being said if it was unlimited it could to useful still :wink: I would love to swap between quan and rev

Ops, they are useless unless you need to find planets from the inactives. I would prefer to have the Find Planet op for use with inactives than any other… if that could be added, i would be grateful…

You should not be able to attack inactive player’s either way so whats the sense

Well, we can take out the inactives. I’ve had one in my fam for over a month, trying to locate his planets. Having the find planet Op would give me space for another player…

You should not be able to remove inactive, no ability to attack or op this is why pie made a galactic spell making space and we had 30 active players killed off… this should not be possible.

Plus galaxy is huge and lots of free space for other players

I know, I was one of the active players killed, but if there are players who haven’t logged in for over a month… sorry then you need to go…

There isn’t an unlimited player slots…

Two options, make a script to auto remove inactives after a week or 2, or allow us to do it for you, I don’t mind if it’s after 2 weeks, but I don’t want to be looking at inactive players…

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Do you know 18 players coming back anytime soon? This would be great news if you did! If not I’d worry about the open spots when its closer to the time its needed. This is a slow boring galaxy and takes a week to two weeks to save enough for one build. Removing a player for saving and not checking in seems silly if were to keep player count.

Open Spots 18 / 60

Point is noted, still… I would prefer to have the Op… use it, don’t use it… I would still like it…

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ok here’s a update, currently there is no way to add a extra evolve to a active galaxy, its not coded.

I approached the idea of just giving everyone a reset of there evolves, but then there’s the concern of new players wanting one as well, an we do not have the time to do this individually.


Didnt use mine yet, so no resetting :grin:

I was also killed off from my family and I was active. I haven’t played for years and was excited to play this peaceful galaxy. I was just building my expos and waiting to explore when I signed in to see I no longer existed.

Oh well. Now I’m in Cells’ family and I have to say the folks there are giving great support (like I would imagine is the intended purpose for this galaxy).

@Cells do you have inactive players, if so any of them hitting the 2 months of inactivity mark?

We have 3 at 1 month, 1 at 4 months.

Wow, ok…. And you feel that they still care ?

I feel its not up to me to decide and there is room for people to join still