Magical gc and rescources

Hi all,
Its me again, Ohgren.
Kinda want to get something of my chest.
So , ready to start a war. Ok here we go, we saved ton of res and gc to jump attacker and me ressie attacker and go for it.
Plan, gain some planets and nap. Deciding not to estorm from the beginning to not wipe out other family.
But then after few days, that decision back fired on us. I didnt realize that the there is appearently so much hate and spite against a fellow family member that they refuse to nap with us. (blocked messages). Ok so we fight on, no nap then i guess.
After 2.5 week of fighting we are at a point that there banker is drastically down by Income, ok it ment we had to take planets in core of other fams from the fam we fighting and giving those up, but hey, if the other fam refuses to talk we had no choice. We accepted that negative effect.
4 “mistakes” on wrong attacked planets not shared or in core is normal appearently. But hey after a chat with that fam they assured me they will not attack none shared planets.

We then break the banker to a point het gets in pmode.

Pmode, whats that? Ah yes pmode is a game thing where the game protects op players from losing to more then half the planets. Yes protect players who chosen to not talk, not take a nap thinking we couldnt beat em. Well he is right, ya can just be an stubborn person and rather die then talk and nap cause well the game protects you.

Then we have system outside core of that other fam we talked about, but that systems get taken over anyway, well, we where to close to there core. Uh yes… We talked about it … But hey saying one thing and doing it are 2 different things i get it. Who cares .

At a point other fam cant follow upkeep and rebuild fleet enough. Now its over ya would say.

There it is, after 2 and half weeks of fighting a magical recovery happens. Poof , 2.7mil NW jump in fleet of the attacker of the other fam. Poof out of thin air.

Ah well there pop banker also magically recovers in a few ticks and poof they back up from the brink of dead of a total NW of 7.8 mil to almost 12 mil NW.

Dunno what issues everybody has with each other, but strenght of IC is obvious. Showing new players to be ruthless, hate other people, hold grudges, and just be a plain a hole.

Ofcourse the fam or peep who helped out and made it 2v1 is gone, dissapeared, or laying on a graveyard. And i am the problem…
Why… Well obvious i am the problem, i had in my first round ever a player called “cells” in my family.

I dunno the history of the game, fuck who even cares what ya all did previous games or games played 10 or 15 years ago…

Anyway! Cells teached me the game, teached me to play fair, teached me to try not to ruin other players game and dont always go full out. How to retake, how to manage res, manage gc, manage spells and opps. Above all he is one of the most respecting players i met in a long time in a game. And believe me i played a lot of games in the years.

Ah well, thx all for the wonderfull round,
Next round adapt to the community.
Ok i will, be an inconciderent asshole, and dont leave any stone unturned to crush others and do everything in ya power to make sure everybody is having a bad time and try to be vengefull, try to build up memories and hate and spend time trying to figure out who is who to even more be an a hole.

Hmmmm , well i am new, but i do wonder, why oh why is on the main galaxy a full set of 20 people playing? Hmmmm i wonder, well maybe not everybody wants to dip his toes in a toxic , hatefull, try to make each other lives miserable kinda enviremont.

So lets bring on the replies!

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Dude it’s not spite it’s called savings and not blowing our wad before our main attacker goers back from vacation …

We didn’t blow our resources on battling your top bank.we played the odds you guys would implode cause we don’t give up…
Your guy says we are ruining the round.
.no we are fighting
And we are the type that will fight till the bitter end cause our our pride not cause we want to ruin “the round”
Krush us don’t hold back it’s ok we won’t cry
It’s war … stop crying and kill us

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Thx for that mature replie. Confirmation of my point.
Have fun and a great game with youre thriving and booming community.

Its pretty obvious that you guys had help from the market. Whether or not it was intentional, whether or not you were targetting cells specifically, you might be able to argue. There is 0 chance you had that much in savings with the fleet upkeeps you had and how much gc you making.

Glad ya had a good round. Hope to see you around for more. Definitely right about the community. We’re all a bunch of crusty grumpy old folks.

The game is called imperial conflict though so you shouldn’t be upset when other people aren’t willing to just quit after you take their planets and tell them they need to NAP because you don’t want to ruin their round. Fighting is the round. EOR rankings rarely mean anything. We’ll ignore the cheating accusation because we know the guy it actually came from doesn’t do that math thing. Numbers can be hard.

If you’re here for intelligent conversation and well thought out responses…well you’re in the wrong place.

Not gonna argue
Cause my main bank was making 3 times more than “was figured” and we hid our stuff in the market…
And we didn’t play into the way they thought we were… I think outside the box… ps we have more than one bank… I didn’t go negitive till after 1/2 planets were taken :+1:t3:

I’m not going to accuse anyone one cheating. At the end of the day, this is just a game and we are all here to have fun.

I just want to say my fam had a blast playing together. We started out as a 3 man fam, barely having any communication with each other. Ohgren was the first person to join our fam discord. He was our new player and I tried showing him the ropes a bit. Later Cells joined in and helped Ohgren and myself A LOT. Cells took the role of main attacker and helped Ohgren as resourcer/attacker (Ohgren’s first round! Awesome job man!). I also was lucky enough to get someone experienced as Cells to bounce ideas off of and plan our next move with. (he didn’t tell us who he was until way later in the round) Later, Soul randomed in as our Pax banker and was a huge help with income, war efforts, killing pop, CPFF, visions, retakes. We worked really well together and came a long way considering how the round started out.

It’s a shame this round is over for us now, but I still have no regrets about playing with these guys. I had an amazing time!

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I guess the real question is, is it okay for other families to help influence wars with the market? I think since the game allows it to happen, it probably should just be a part of the gameplay.

(Again I’m not accusing anyone of purposefully abusing the market. I’m just talking about hypothetical situations right now) It can very well be that a fam has been infra-whoring the entire round. When they see a war between 2 other fams, they want to just throw resources on the market or buy out the market because they are bored. The game doesn’t stop you from doing that so you can’t really blame the players.

Maybe its just a good idea to plan for market manipulations during war. We had hundreds of mil of food stocked up so we might’ve been able to block off food trade. Also maybe we should also plan a portion of our gold/resources to block trade or at least try to profit from it if other fams attempt it. Obviously you can’t stop two fams from using the market to trade if they REALLY plan it out, but maybe its a good idea to just plan for random people manipulating the market during war.

I’d love to hear thoughts from experienced players on this. Has anyone actually tried to block the market during wartime?