Mafia 86 - Case Study 3: The Corona Quarantine

**Case Study 3: The Corona Quarantine

It is October 1st, 2020. The world is in a state of panic due to the worldwide pandemic known as the corona virus. Many of the world’s population has succumb to the virus, with a small portion of the population having recovered just fine. A much larger percentage of the infected have emerged as zombie like creatures. Initially, everyone thought that things would blow over. China was the first to experience a reintroduction into normal society. After thousands of deaths, scientists found a cure and its surviving populace appeared to be fine. But they didn’t know, how could they know, what would happen 28 weeks later?

After China, Italy. After Italy, all of Europe. South America, North America. It went on and on. People died. Some stayed dead, but others…they emerged as cannibalistic creatures of the night. A small group of friends from an online game, Imperial Conflict, banded together in an Air BNB mansion turned safe house set up by the government. They each brought their supplies, mementos of loved ones, and most of all, hope that they would emerge from this safely…


Player List

  1. KT
  2. Sparky
  3. Swagga
  4. TBO
    5.Cxris (SK/Introvert) (Lynched Day 1)
  5. YouFool
  6. Ordos Infected Civilian (Killed Night 1)
  7. Oldie Infected Civilian (Lynched Day 3)
  8. Sunstorm
  9. Undeath
  10. Tish
  11. Soul
  12. Blonde (Infected Civilian) (Killed Night 2)
  13. Jets (Plain Civilian) (Killed Night 3)
  14. Arby
  15. TU (Plain Civilian) (lynched Day 2)
  16. Genesis
  17. Goddess (Plain Civilian) - Lynched Day 3

Introvert (SK) – He/She doesn’t believe that the situation will get better. In fact, it is the introvert’s opinion that everyone is a liability to their survival and need to be forced out of the home. Each night, the introvert will go to someone’s room to kill them and take their supplies. The Introvert is immune to the virus and will hide from anyone trying to come into their room at night. They also have the ability to pass a lie detector test making them immune from investigation.

Conspiracy theorist (Mob/GF) – The conspiracy theorist believes that the government officials sworn to protect them and find a cure, are the very ones who created and spread the virus. Each night, the conspiracy theorist will go to a room and kill anyone who poses a threat to the plan to overtake the government. During the game and ONCE a day, he/she can recruit up to 4 players to join the cause over the FIRST 4 days. They can only be recruited if both parties agree. Only the first and main theorist is immune to night kills. CANNOT recruit the Introvert.

Lead Government Researcher (Cop) – Each DAY phase, the researcher can send someone to the lab for testing of the corona virus and will then follow up with a video interview of their interactions with the rest of the members in the house. The subject is hooked up to a lie detector during the interview and the researcher will use this information to determine if the subject is a potential threat to the others.

Undercover Government Research assistant (Doctor) – Each NIGHT phase, the undercover research assistant will choose someone’s room to monitor for signs of the virus. They will administer the prototype cure if the subject is ill and prevent anyone else from going into the room and having contact with them.

United Nations Ambassador - The UN Ambassador was brought in to assist with the situation. They don’t have the very specific expertise to handle the delicate aspects of the research project, but they will fill in wherever they can. They can perform the roles of both the Lead Researcher and the Undercover Assistant ONCE in the game at any time. They can also, ONCE per game, invoke their diplomatic skills to either A. prevent themselves from being lynched OR B. Prevent someone from leaving their room one night.

Infected Civilians – These individuals have been exposed to the corona virus and don’t know it yet. They are a small group of people who are a threat to all if not cured/terminated. They currently don’t show any signs, but when they outnumber the remaining living people, they will transform into hideous creatures of the night and kill everyone. Out of the 18 people living in the house, no one knows just how many are infected. Beware.

Night Phase Order of Events:

SK Kill
Mob Kill

Sunstorm and Goddess ducked behind a car as a group of corona infected zombies were hanging out in front of a nearby gas station. Goddess cursed under her breath.

Goddess: “We can’t get past them. It’s too risky.”

Sunstorm: “We need to check it out. We can’t go another day without food. Wait here.”

Goddess: “No, what are you going to do?”

Sunstorm: “Trust me.”

Before Goddess could respond, he picked up a nearby rock and ran off in another direction. Moments later, the sound of glass shattering and a car alarm went off in the distance. The corona zombies went to investigate the sound, freeing up the entrance to the gas station. Shortly afterwards, Sunstorm appeared behind Goddess, breathing heavily.

Sunstorm: “Come on! We don’t have much time.”

They ran to the gas station. Goddess peeked inside through a window. The coast was clear. Sunstorm picked the lock and the two rushed to grab whatever they could fit into their backpacks.

Sunstorm: “Oh yeah! Score! Check this out!”

Goddess went over to Sunstorm. He was holding up rolls of toilet paper. A scarce commodity during these times. She smiled, echoing Sunstorm’s feelings but then became more serious.

Goddess: “Do you hear that?”

Sunstorm: “No…I don’t hear anything.”

Goddess: “Exactly!” She rushed to the window.

The car alarm had stopped. The zombies were beginning to fill the streets. They had to go. The two of them exited out of the backdoor and stumbled into a trio of zombies that were eating dead rats from a dumpster. They noticed Goddess and Sunstorm and began to pursue them. The pair ran away as fast as they could and cut through some nearby houses. Sunstorm tripped over a tree root and fell. He tried to get up but his ankle was sore. He must have twisted it he thought.

Goddess: “I’ll help you. Try to stand.”

She reached out to help him when a nearby rattling stopped her. A zombie emerged from the bushes and rushed to attack them. Goddess froze. Sunstorm was injured and struggled to get up.

Man’s voice: “GET DOWN!”

Goddess threw herself onto Sunstorm as a hail of bullets hit the zombie and the bushes it came from. When the commotion stopped, they looked up. 5 armed men in hazmat suits rushed to their aid.

Man’s voice: “Get them to the safe house! Treat his injury! Quickly.”

They arrived in the living room of a huge mansion. Other people were there. Mostly wearing street clothes. They looked like they had been there for a while judging from their appearance.The man who ordered the others approached them and took off his mask.

Nolio: “Don’t worry. You’re safe now. Lets get you cleaned up and settled in.”

It is now DAY phase. All players have until 9pm EST (8 hours from now) to submit their choice for lynch. Players with DAY phase abilities have until 9pm EST to submit their choice to Nolio via ingame pm.

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Sunstorm and Goddess were given a room and made themselves comfortable. Sunstorm’s ankle was wrapped up and he was given ice and pain killers. While Sunstorm rested, Goddess went and mingled with the other inhabitants of the safe house.

She approached a guy who introduced himself as Jets.

Jets: “You guys are lucky. Shit has really hit the fan out there.”

Goddess: “Yeah I’ll say. Did you know there’s no toilet paper out there? Like anywhere.”

Jets: “If you need help cleaning your butt, just call me.”

Goddess: “What?”

Jets: “Just saying. This one time I…”

Goddess: “Goodbye.”

She walked off in the direction of a group of people who seemed to be arguing over something. As she approached the group, the chatter became more distinguished.

Cxris: “I won’t be annoying. I promise.”

TBO: “That’s not even possible.”

MrBlonde: “I don’t even know you. Like at all. And I agree with the ginger on this.”

Cxris: “You don’t know Shakespear either.”

MrBlonde: “It’s clear that you’re infected. You need to leave. I’m telling Nolio.”

MrBlonde turned and headed down a corridor where Nolio set up his office.

Cxris: “You like me right? We’re friends?”

Tish: “I don’t know if that’s how I would word it.”

Cxris: “But we escaped from that accident on highway together. We came here all the way from Canada.”

Tish: “Yeahhhhhhh. But friends though?”

Minutes later MrBlonde came back with Nolio and a couple of other government officials.

Nolio: “What’s going on guys?”

Cxris: “They’re saying that I have the virus. Just because I coughed. I had peanut butter and jelly. The peanut butter was really thick.”

Nolio: “Cxris we can get you checked out. Just come with us.”

Cxris: “Why? What are you going to do?”

Nolio: “We need to put you into isolation until we can determine whether or not you’ve developed an infection.”

Cxris: “No. If that’s the case I’ll leave. I’m better on my own anyway.”

Nolio: “If you leave…you won’t be allowed to return. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is. I urge you to reconsider.”

Cxris: “Pass. I’m gone.”

Cxris grabbed his possession and left. No one fought for him to stay. Nolio shook his head and walked away. Cxris walked out of the front door which was locked and bolted behind him. He went out into the streets and headed in the direction of a hardware store. He kept to the shadows, moving very quietly and swiftly. He was across the street, watching the store when a woman cried out to him from the distance.

“Help. Please help.”

Cxris went to investigate. “Hello?”

“Help. I need help.”

Cxris inched closer to her. Looking around for signs of corona zombies. None in sight. He did see the woman lying on the ground, writhing in apparent pain.

Cxris: “I’m here. Are you hurt?”

The woman was too quick. She slashed Cxris’s stomach with a sharp blade. Cxris hit the ground, doubled over. She stabbed him repeatedly in the back, neck, arms, everywhere she could until she was certain he was dead. She snatched his backpack and ran away. Cxris was dead. Missed by none. Loved by fewer. He spent his life as an introvert and died as he lived…alone.

It is now DAY phase. Players with NIGHT abilities have until 9am EST to submit their choices.

It’s not often that all of the people agree on the same thing. In fact, it’s quite rare. But on this night, everyone slept soundly with the idea of Cxris being out there, left to fend for himself. Would they ever see him again? Hopefully not. That was the original thought anyway. After the doors were shut, one man protested the decision.

Sunstorm: “Bring Cxris back!”

Nolio: “When we rescued you, I told you that we have rules. Believe me, I don’t take pleasure in sending people out there to certain death, but for safety reasons, we have to maintain a certain set of guidelines.”

Sunstorm: “I like him. We need guys like him around.”

Nolio: “When your ankle is feeling better…well, the door is there.”

Nolio walked away. Sunstorm shrugged it off and hobbled over to the living room area where Goddess and a few other people were watching Ordos and TU play a game of checkers.

Ordos: “Checkmate!”

TU: “What?”

Ordos: “Checkmate. I win!”

TU: “We’re playing checkers Ordos.”

Ordos: “Chess is a better game.”

TU: “Dude…you can’t just make up rules…”

Ordos: “It’s not like Nolio isn’t. I mean what the hell right?”

TU: “They’re trying to protect us. It’s rough out there. I know, it’s not fun being in quarantine like this, but I’ll take a hot shower and 4 walls over the alternative.”

Ordos: “You people are stupid if you think that we’re not pawns.”

He stood up and faced the group. Everyone looked at each other, but said nothing.

Ordos: “If those…creatures…get in here, they’re not going to focus on protecting us. Those government assholes are going to feed us to the wolves.”

Ordos knocked over the checker game and stormed off to this room.

TU: “This guy.” He shook his head. “I’m going to bed. Goodnight everyone.”

Some of the others stayed. Some agreed that it was getting late and went to bed as well.

Hours later…

Ordos heard a knock at his door. He was half asleep and still in mid-dream. He assumed it was one of the goats knocking things over.

Ordos: “Settle down. It doesn’t even hurt that much and you know it.”

The soft knocking continued. Ordos realized where he was and what was happening. He cursed under his breath and sat up, stretching and yawning trying to figure out who would be visiting him at this hour. Maybe Nolio or one of those other government guys? He opened his bedroom door.

Ordos: “Oh it’s you. What do you want?”

Person: “I was thinking about what you said downstairs. I think you’re on to something. I think that the government people are the ones responsible for this whole thing. I’m willing to bet that they’re experimenting on us somehow.”

Ordos: “What? I didn’t say…ohhhh, wait I think I do remember something like that. I was drunk, don’t mind me. I’m going back to sleep, goodnight.”

Ordos tried to shut the door but the person placed their hand on the door forcefully.

Person: “You’re not hearing what I’m saying. This is real. This is the end game. We need to come together and fight back. Are you in?”

Ordos: “Back off. No, I’m not…IN. The only thing I want to be in is my bed.”

Person: “So you’re out?”

Ordos: “Yes! Now go away.”

The person at the door clinched their free fist and gritted their teeth.

Person: “Fine. But can I ask you a favor? I heard you were pretty good with watches. Can you just take a quick second to see why mine isn’t ticking anymore?”

Ordos sighed, but motioned for them to come in. He went to switch on his lamp and check the watch. Anything so that he could get some sleep. He was feeling hungover in a bad way. He turned on the light and looked at the watch. It was perfectly fine.

Ordos: “Are you mental? It’s fine.”

Ordos turned to face them and was hit with a hard right hook. He was knocked over onto his bed and before he could make sense of anything, he was being suffocated with a pillow. He struggled to get it off his face. He kicked, he punched, he did everything he could, but he didn’t have the strength. His muscles struggled for oxygen. His heart was slowing. He desperately fought a losing fight for life.

It may have been the alcohol in his system that weakened him. Perhaps it was the fact that he was infected with the virus and didn’t know it. Either way, he didn’t have what it took to survive in the end. It was over for Ordos.

It is now DAY phase. Voting ends at 9pm EST.

HydroP scoured the camera footage for any indication that there was foul play in the Ordos death.

Hydro: “There’s nothing conclusive here. We should have installed cameras in the room like I suggested.”

Nolio: “I don’t even have the patience to go over why that’s a bad idea. It’s unethical and I’m not entertaining that nonsense.”

Hydro: “Then we’re shit outta luck.”

Nolio: “Go back to 0200 hundred hours. You said someone came down the stairs.”

Hydro: “Yeah but I don’t see the point in…”

Nolio slammed his fist down on the desk.

Nolio: “JUST DO IT! Try to make out who came down the stairs. This is a serious situation. If people start thinking they aren’t safe, this whole thing falls apart! Figure it out and let me know.”

Hydro went back to the cameras and tried to make out who the shadowy figure was that came down the stairs at that hour. Nolio left the room.


Jets: “Sunstorm had to have done it. I heard a sound last night that sounded like someone fell over.”

Sunstorm: “Why the hell would I go into some random guy’s room and kill him?”

The pair argued in the common area. Everyone was gathered there to discuss the discovery of ordos’ body.

Sunstorm: “I can barely put pressure on my ankle. Why do you think I’m sitting down asshole?”

Jets: “You could have gotten help.”

Sunstorm: “And you could have gotten a haircut but that didn’t happen either. Now back off.”

KT: “I was up too last night. I was knitting something for my pussy when I heard someone talking to ordos.”

Goddess: “You were what?”

Genesis: “She has a cat. You probably haven’t seen it yet since you just got here.”

Goddess: “Ohhhhhh.”

Genesis: “KT what did you hear?”

KT: “I overheard Ordos call out TU’s name. Then there were sounds and then nothing.”


Everyone argued and shouted at each other. Nolio who had been on his way to address the situation anyway ran up to the group and calmed the situation.

Nolio: “ENOUGH!!! What the hell is happening?”

Jets: “TU apparently killed Ordos last night!”

Nolio: “That’s a serious accusation Jets.”

TU: “And a lie! I was asleep last night. I didn’t touch Ordos.”

HydroP came in at that very moment and whispered something into Nolio’s ear. Nolio nodded and motioned for 2 of the government security guards to come over to his side.He looked at TU very seriously.

Nolio: “TU…it seems that we have you on camera coming down stairs around 2 in the morning. You stayed down for about an hour and when back up. You were the only person seen up and about last night.”

TU: “Ok yeah, but it’s not what you think. I was getting some food. I have a problem. I constantly crave to have some sort of meat in my mouth. I woke up and couldn’t shake the craving so I came down, snacked and then went back upstairs and went to sleep.”

Nolio: “I can’t take the risk. Guards, escort mr. TU out please.”

TU: “Noooo, I promise I’m telling you the truth!”

Nolio turned his back. The guards grabbed TU who struggled and resisted, but was ultimately outpowered. They forced him outside of the gates. He was given a bottle of water and a bag of supplies and left to fend for himself.

Hours later

Blonde was on his way to see Nolio. He banged on Nolio’s office door, but was met by HydroP instead.

Hydro: “Yeah? Ummm Mr Pink right?”

MrBlonde: “Blonde.”

Hydro: “Yeah, right. What can I do for you?”

MrBlonde: “I think there’s a mutiny forming. Someone came to me saying some…odd things.”

Hydro: “Ok for the sake of my time, why don’t you tell me exactly what happened?”

MrBlonde began coughing violently at that moment.

Hydro: “What the hell?”

MrBlonde: “Its ok, I just swallowed too much saliva.”

Hydro: “Bullshit, look at your damn pupils!”

MrBlonde: “I’m fine!”

Hydro pulled out his sidearm and aimed it between Blonde’s eyes. He radio’d security who quickly grabbed Blonde and injected him with a tranquilizer. Blonde was knocked out instantly.

Hydro: “No need to bother Nolio with this and as far as I know, the cure isn’t ready to be tested yet. Finish him off outside and throw him in the fire pit with the bodies we found on the streets.”

The guards nodded and took Blonde out back. They gave him a lethal injection of poison and threw his body with 3 other people that the patrols found earlier. Blonde’s body lay lifeless, growing cold among the others. Among the others was TU, who couldn’t last an hour on his own apparently. His throat and stomach had been ripped out. Blood covered his face and arms. This is not the way that Ordos fantasized about him when he called out his name in the middle of the night, in the middle of a gay sex dream.

It is now DAY Phase. TU (Plain Civilian) and Blonde (Infected Civilian) are dead.

365 days ago…

Woman’s voice: “Excuse me sir, the president is on line 1.”

Nolio: “Thank you Monica.”

Monica: “Shall I stay? You seem stressed. I can help with that.”

Nolio: “I don’t know what you mean, but I’ll manage. Thank you Monica. I’ll call you if I need anything.”

Monica leaves and shuts the door. Nolio picks up the phone.

Nolio: “Mr President. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

President Trump: “Hi Nolio.”

Nolio: “Hello Mr. President. What can I do for you today?”

Trump: “Hey we’re going to have to let you go.”

Nolio: “Excuse me?”

Trump: “Yeahhhhh, long story short, there’s an investigation going on and some funds were sent to your office that probably shouldn’t have been sent.”

Nolio: “Sir, I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

Trump: “The thing is…some members of your staff have been paid in fundraiser proceeds that were supposed to be going towards this wall that we were supposed to build and ah, look that’s not important.”

Nolio: “Sir, you’re telling me that a few members of my staff have been paid illegally and you’re firing me. I think that’s pretty important. You do realize that I am the leading researcher for contagious and infectious diseases. If there’s ever a situation that affects public health…I won’t be there to prevent it from becoming a pandemic.”

Trump: “When everything blows over, we’ll bring you back for Tacos and Burgers and Fries and everything else that the championship sports teams get.”

Nolio: “Thank you sir, goodbye.”

Trump: “K bye.”



Nolio worked in his lab analyzing the latest results on a possible cure for the pandemic. 52 tests, 52 failures. Why couldn’t he figure out a way to neutralize the virus?

He paced around the lab, wondering what he was missing. Moments later, Hydro joined him.

Hydro: “Hey superman, you need to eat sometimes you know.”

Nolio: “Ha. If I were superman I would have figured this shit out by now.”

Hydro: “We’ll get there.”

Nolio: “I don’t understand. What angle are we not considering here?”

Hydro: “This is a very aggressive virus. No one understands it. Not fully.”

Nolio: “Inexcusable.”

Hydro: “Yeah well have a beer. Maybe it’ll help you think.”

Hydro handed him a corona. Nolio frowned at it but took it anyway.

Nolio: “Cheers.”

Hydro and Nolio clinked bottles and sipped in silence.


Goddess and the United Nations Ambassador sat alone in a dimly lit room. The Ambassador sat across from Goddess who stared back at the camera next to the Ambassador. Attached to Goddess’s hand was a machine that monitored her reactions to the questions. A lie detector test.

Ambassador: “I just want to ask you a couple of questions.”

Goddess: “Ok. Shoot.”

Ambassador: “What is your name?”

Goddess: “Goddess.”

The Ambassador looked at the computer display and nodded with satisfaction.

Ambassador: “Where are you right now?”

Goddess: “A government safe house designed to quarantine people from the coronavirus.”

Ambassador: “Have you, to your knowledge, come in contact with anyone showing signs of the virus?”

Goddess: “No.”

Ambassador: “Have you yourself shown signs of the virus.”

Goddess: “No.”

Ambassador: “How many people have you killed since the pandemic?”

Goddess: “…”

Ambassador: “You have to answer.”

Goddess: “1.”

Ambassador: “Who?”

Goddess: “His name is Oldie.”

Ambassador: “When did this happen?”

Goddess: “An hour ago…”

The Ambassador stopped reading the display. Goddess lowered her head in shame. The Ambassador stood up and called in Nolio who arrived in a white lab coat accompanied by Hydro P.

Nolio: “Goddess…you killed someone? Here?”

Goddess: “Yes…I did.”

Nolio: “Explain.”

Goddess took a deep sigh.

An hour ago…

Goddess hadn’t had a chance to relax in what felt like months. She’d been on the run for so long. This mansion, although she didn’t trust it entirely, felt like paradise. In fact, it WAS paradise as far as she was concerned. She walked outside and noticed a hot tub next to the pool. She couldn’t help but get her hopes up. She nervously switched it on.

Goddess: “IT WORKS!”

She was alone, but she didn’t care if she weren’t. She stripped off her clothes all the way to her birthday suit. She untied her hair and tossed the scrunchy aside. She stepped into the hot tub and let out a soft “oooh” of relief. She sat in the water and closed her eyes. 20 minutes later she stepped into the pool and did a few laps.

While she was swimming, she hadn’t noticed Oldie sitting near the edge rubbing one off. She did a final lap and emerged from the opposite end. It was at that point she looked across and saw him. She quickly covered up.

Goddess: “What in the hell do you think you’re doing!?”

Oldie: “Please. I need this.”

Goddess: “You asshole!”

She got up and ran over to him. He tried to run but tripped over his shorts and fell into the pool.

Oldie: “Help, I can’t swim!”

Goddess: “Liar! I’m not touching you you pervert!”

Oldie: “Help, I…”

Before he could speak, he sank. Goddess, still furious, didn’t fully register what was happening. It wasn’t until the air bubbles and the splashing stopped that she realized that Oldie had drowned. She quickly gathered her clothes and left the scene in a panic.

Nolio: “So he drowned?”

Goddess: “Yes. I didn’t know. I didn’t realize. I would have. I would have…”

She looked away.

Nolio, Hydro and the Ambassador all looked at each other. Nolio sighed and place a hand on Goddess’s shoulder.

Nolio: “Who else knows about this?”

Goddess: “I haven’t told anyone else. I didn’t know how.”

Nolio: “It seems to me that it was an accident. I’m not going to make you leave.”

Goddess: “I have to leave. I can’t stay here. Not after what I’ve done.”

Nolio: “You realize what you’re saying?”

Goddess: “I do…”

Nolio: “I won’t stop you then.”

The Ambassador detached the lie detector from Goddess. She nodded and was escorted out of the room and out of the house by Hydro. She didn’t say goodbye to anyone. She almost felt relieved to be away from everyone. She ran away. Away from the mansion. Ran until her feet were on fire. She hot wired a car and drove until she was out of the city limits. She never looked back. Never did anything but face forward. Never noticed the corona zombie lying in the backseat…

It is now NIGHT phase. All players with night abilities message Nolio with your choices

About 30 minutes later…

Hydro found Nolio in the lab staring at his computer screen. Nolio had decided to bury himself into his work.

Hydro: “Boss, got some news for ya.”

Nolio: “Yeah?”

Hydro: “We found a fresh carrier of the virus. This should help with finding a cure.”

Nolio: “How? Someone from the streets?”

Hydro: “Oldie was infected. Seems he wasn’t aware. Never showed any signs.”

Nolio: “Close off the pool. Tell everyone to stay in their rooms tonight. Place the body into the quarantine chamber for autopsy.”

Hydro: “on it”

Jets, Tish and Arby decided to ignore the mandatory lockdown notice that Nolio issued hours prior. They huddled up in Jets’s room playing cards.

Jets: “I see your cookies and raise you 2 beef jerky.”

Arby: “Damn, I fold.”

Tish: “Shit, I hardly have anything left.”

Jets: “You’ve got plenty.”

Tish: “What do you mean? All I have is a pack of ramen noodles and some stale chips.”

Arby: “He’s talking about boobs. He wants to see your boobs.”

Jets: “They seem unique.”

Tish: “…no. Never.”

Jets: “It’s ok, what flavor are those noodles?”

Tish: “Even if the virus kills everyone but me and you.”

Jets: “Tish I was just kidding. Honestly.”

Tish: “And I contracted the virus and your penis was the only thing that could cure me.”

Jets: “Geez.”

Tish: “I would still rather drink a truckload of bleach eyes first.”

Jets: “I’m gonna fold.”

Tish: “OH nice. I win!”

At that moment there was a knock at the door. Arby, Jets and Tish scrambled to cover up everything when the door opened revealing Sunstorm.

Arby: “Sunstorm? Dude I thought you were Nolio or Hydro. One of those dicks.”

Sunstorm: “Oh nah, I heard you lads were playing poker. Figured I’d get in on it. I got chunky monkies, strawberry cyclones, cheezy weez balls, caramel crispies, vanilla wizzlers. What’s up? Y’all ready to do this?”

Tish: “Who told you we were playing poker?”

Sunstorm: “Well KT told Genesis. I just happened to be nearby with Swagga when I overheard it.”

Arby: “Ok so everyone knows…Yeah I’m out. Just a matter of time before Nolio and the government goon squad comes and breaks this up. I can’t afford to be out on the streets. There are no tinder women out there. Well, at least none that don’t come with risk of infection.”

Jets: “Yeah, STD’s.”

Arby: “…”

Arby grabbed his snacks and left.

Tish: “Yeah I’m gonna head out too. I’m tired.”

Jets: “You can hang out here. I don’t even need the bed.”

Tish: “Nah. Maybe if you were a little more toxic I’d consider it.”

Tish grabbed her supplies and left.

Sunstorm: “So me and you?”

Jets: “No, maybe another time. This was just a set up to get Tish to stay the night.”

Sunstorm: “Ok. Well I’m gonna watch the Mandalorian. They got Disney Plus here. Can you believe that? Middle of a pandemic and possible apocalypse and I can still watch baby yoda. How awesome is that?”

Jets: “It’s pretty cool, ya. Ok I’m going to sleep.”

Sunstorm: “This is the way.”

Sunstorm left. Jets noticed Sunstorm didn’t lock the door on his way out. He shook his head in annoyance. He didn’t feel like getting up. Instead he curled up under the covers and drifted off to sleep. He woke up to the sound of soft footsteps and a voice calling out to him.

Voice: “Jets. Jets. Wake up.”

Jets: “Who’s there? Turn on that light.”

Voice: “Did you think about what we discussed? You in?”

Jets: “No way, Nolio’s cool. Did you know he wrote a book? I’m going to move in with him when this is all over with and help him write another one. And he’s gonna help me get hot chicks. I used to bang this ultra hot chick. She went to prison though. Never did get her name. But somehow she added me on Facebook so I guess I did get her name after all. And I didn’t even have to pay her for sex. She let me buy her stuff instead.”

Voice: “So you’re out? Ok then. You talk too much and you’re too close to the very man I want to take down. I’m sorry, but I can’t take any chances.”

Jets: “Sorry about what?”

The person injected Jets with a poison syringe. Jets rolled out of bed. He coughed for breath. His lungs were filling up with fluid. His heart was enlarging as the blood flowed backwards. He was dying an excruciating death. He could no longer move. He could no longer breathe. All he could think about was never finding the uniqueness that love had to offer.

Jets (Plain Civilian) was murdered by the conspiracy theorist.

It is now DAY phase. Living players, you know the drill.

Tish woke up in a drunken stupor. She was hot, she was horny, she hadn’t had sexual contact with another human being and that was before the outbreak forced everyone into months of isolation. It was time. Either she was gonna bite the bullet and give up her newfound virginity or her vagina was gonna fall off.

She stretched, rinsed her mouth out with a little mouthwash. She ran a hand through her hair and adjusted her boobs. She quietly snuck out of her room and gave it some thought.

Tish: “Who? Who? Hmmm.”

She considered thanking Nolio for allowing her to stay there but he didn’t seem like he was interested. Hydro was a douche to her since she arrived and although that would have been her thing pre-pandemic, that was not the way she wanted to break out of her slump. She needed someone safe. Someone she could control if she wanted more or easily ignore if she didn’t want anything else.

Tish: “Yeah, gotta be him.”

She walked over to a room and knocked softly. No answer.

Tish: “Must be asleep.”

She tried the door handle. It wasn’t locked. She crept in and crawled into the bed, being careful not to wake him. She traced her fingers up his legs and touched his penis. There wasn’t much there, but she knew how to wake him up. She undid his pants and stroked it. He didn’t stir. She giggled to herself and kept stroking him. Nothing.

Tish: “Ok, I can’t be this rusty.” She whispered.

She took off her shirt and crawled all the way into the bed. She caressed his face and called out his name.

Tish: “Jetssssss. I’m hereeeee.”


Tish: “Jetssssss.”

She turned his face towards her. He stared back. Cold and lifeless.

She let out an ear piercing scream.

People woke up. KT was the first on the scene. She too screamed. Undeath was behind KT.


Nolio came running behind minutes later. By this point Tish had already dressed and composed herself. Everyone else moved to let Nolio through.

Nolio: “What happened here?”

Tish: “I found him like this. I don’t know what happened.”

Nolio: “You found him? How long has he been like this?”

Tish: “I don’t know. I came in 10 or 15 minutes ago maybe. I just…I was planning to.”

Nolio: “…”

He stepped past Tish and touched Jets’s neck for a pulse. He examined the body.

Nolio: “Who else can confirm your story?”

Tish: “Buried her face into her hands. She began sobbing.”

It was quiet for a moment before someone started talking.

Sunstorm: “Yeah I can attest to her story.”

Nolio: “Oh?”

Sunstorm: “We were playing cards all night. I know it was against the rules, but I talked her into playing with me. See I was feeling upset about Goddess and needed a friend to talk to. So she agreed to play cards with me and take my mind off things. It got late, but she couldn’t sleep so I told her to ask Jets if he wanted to play. That was about 15 minutes ago like she said.”

Nolio: “I see. Well there’s a problem here.”

Sunstorm: “What’s that?”

Nolio: “This man. He’s been dead for hours. So there’s no way that he was going to play any games with you. The real question is, who killed him? And why?”

Sparky: “Obviously Tish is the one who did it!”

Nolio: “Why do you say that?”

Sparky: “She was the first one here. She probably collaborated with Sunstorm. One of them clearly poisoned him while the other stood guard.”

Nolio stared at Sparky for a moment.

Nolio: “All the evidence does point in that direction doesn’t it? Here’s my problem though.”

Sparky: “What’s that?”

Nolio: “I said that he’d been dead for hours. I never said how he died.”

Sparky: “Yes you did. I heard you. We all did.”

Nolio: “…”

Sparky screwed up. He knew it. He tried to run but Soul was too quick. He tripped him and jumped on top of him, putting him into an arm lock. The more Sparky struggled, the more his arm hurt. The pain was excruciating.

Sparky: “Why are you all listening to him!? He’s the reason we’re all in this mess. I guarantee you he’s the one who infected us all.”

Nolio: “On the contrary, I’ve been working tirelessly to find a cure. And thanks to Oldie’s body, I’ve finally developed what I believe will be a serum to counteract the effects of corona. Shame you didn’t have more faith.”


Sparky managed to break free and elbowed Soul in the face. He got up and ran towards Nolio brandishing a knife. TBO pulled out a gun and shot Sparky in the face. Brains and blood exploded everywhere.

TBO: “Everyone ok?”

Arby: “You mean except for the fact that I have people parts all over me?”

TBO: “Sorry about that.”

Nolio: “Everyone get cleaned up and please, no one do anything rash. I don’t want anymore incidents. We’ve had enough drama.”

Nolio walked away. The others stood in silence for a moment and went back to their rooms. Some considered leaving for their own safety but believed that the worse was behind them. Things didn’t really get back until Sparky started spreading his conspiracy theories. No one else went along with his crazy scheme. Most importantly, Nolio said that he found a cure for the virus. If any place is safe, this seemed to be it.

Sparky (Conspiracy Theorist) is dead. He had no followers. The last infected civilian was YouFool who had been cured by the doctor previously. Game over. Town wins.