Mafia 84: Love Bug

Finding a companion, whether for one night or the rest of your life, is easier than ever. With apps and websites easily accessible at your finger tips within moments. TenderXO is the world’s leading dating app.

With Valentine’s day around the corner TenderXO has a record breaking number of active users.

With millions swiping left and right to their heart’s desires, what could go wrong?



Mob The fuck boys

Godfather (Mike Douche)- is investigation immune, night kill immune, and selects one person per night to be killed by a member of his team. Kill gets passed on to another mobbie once he dies.

Mob Roleblocker (Robbie Nads)- roleblocks one person per night, cannot block the same person twice in a row.

Mob Cop ( Chris Smalls)- investigates one person per night.

Plain mob (Cory Bruh)
Plain mob (Nathan Smiles)

Serial Killers it’s a dating app… there are bound to be actual serial killers on there

Sk (Suzy Noone) - Investigation immune, night kill immune, and gets to put in one kill per night.

Backup sk (Matt Shush) - takes over if Suzy dies.

Town Innocent people just looking for love… or some fun. I dont judge.

Town cop (Alicia Button)- investigates one person per night.

Backup cop (James Heartly)- takes over when alicia dies.

Town Doc (Collin Gold)- heals one person per night, cannot heal same person twice in a row. Can heal self.

Town Roleblocker ( Robin Eli)- blocks one person per night, cannot block the same person twice in a row.

8 plain townies.


Each day phase, every town member must vote for whoever they think should be lynched; this person will die and no longer be a part of the game. A vote only counts if you state “vote PLAYERNAME” or “voting PLAYERNAME”. Saying somebodies name without the specification that you are voting them will NOT count as a valid vote. In the event of a tie in the number of votes at the end of day phase, there will be no added time. All players in with a tied vote will be lynched. You cannot miss two votes in a row; should this happen, you will be immediately removed from the game, and lynch will still commence based on voting. The voting deadline is just that, a deadline. Day phase will finish at 9pm EST. This means that if you vote at 9:00:01 EST your vote will be excluded. This is irrelevant of whether the game moderators have posted that voting is closed. Night Phase Will end at 9am EST. Do. Not. Delete. Votes. Doing so will get your mod-killed. Should you need to invalidate your vote for any reason, just edit your vote or vote a non-living player. Do. Not. use this during the part of the game where you have to vote (4 or less players). That will count as not voting and will get you killed. . You are NOT allowed to make public the message sent you by the game moderators to tell you your role, either entirely or in part; should this happen you will be removed from the present game and possibly future editions as well. You can share what your information means, but you cannot share exact text. No copying text from admins. You may inform someone that you have investigated them and what their role is. Just no copy/pasting. Once you’re dead, you’re dead. Do not talk about the game to still active players, or post in the forum thread. This will be considered an act of influence upon the remaining players, and will get you banned from future games.

There should be no reason that a dead player is having any conversation with living players in regards to the ongoing Mafia game. If it is found out that you are, you will be banned from the next game that you sign up for. When the game has 4 or less players alive, all players MUST participate in the lynch phase by voting. If a player fails to vote, that player will be the one lynched. You must be willing to make your decision and live/die with it. BE CAREFUL WITH SCREEN SHOTS! If you post any screenshot that shows any message to\from the moderators, you will immediately be mod killed. There are no exceptions and no “writer’s discretion”. Be warned now, if you post one… you are dead. You should all know better by now.

Night Phase Order of Events:

Town Roleblock
Mob Roleblock
Doctor Heal
SK Kill
Mob kill
Cop Investigation

Night phase will end at 1400 GMT each day. Day phase will end at 0200 GMT each day. 9 am est and 9 pm est

Night One

Suzy Noone & Mike Douche - It’s a MATCH!

Suzy - Hey Mike, I’ve got some whipped cream with your name on it.

Mike- Oh yeah? Not tonight Suzy, cut back on the whipped cream first and then we will talk. :pig:

Nathan Smiles & Robin Eli - It’s a MATCH!

Nathan - Me, you and a tub of jell-o.

Robin - When and where?

Nathan- Here and now.

Robin - Omw.

You_fool (robin eli- town rb) was killed by mob

Day One

Cory is excited about this date. She is HOT and she clearly wants him. He can’t wait to get all up in that, bruh.

He usually hits it and quits it but for this girl he might just have to come back for more.

Drinks went well, they ended up back at her place, always the chick’s place. He has to be able to leave when he wants. They were going at it when suddenly smoking hot babe pulls out a banana. Before Cory knows what’s happening she shoves it where the sun don’t shine. Cory dies of a heart attack.

He really hit it and quit it this time.

Hala (cory bruh was lynched)

Night Two

Suzy Noone & Chris Smalls - It’s a MATCH!

Suzy- What’s big, long, and irresistible to women?
Chris- Uhhh…
Suzy- :wink:
Chris- a whale?
Suzy- seriously?
Chris- Am I right? Women love whales!
Suzy- They do?
Chris- Maybe I’m thinking of dolphins?
Suzy- Are you thinking at all?
Chris- Oh yes, I love to think!
Suzy- meet me at 123 street, now.

Nathan Smiles & Alicia Button- It’s a MATCH!

Nathan- Hey, I see by your profile you’re a cop.
Alicia- Hey, yes. I am.
Nathan- sends :eggplant: pic
Nathan- think you could handle what I’m packin’?

Soul (Chris Smalls - mob cop) was killed by sk
Rando (Alicia Button- town cop) was killed by mob

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Day Two

Suzy crouched in the closet hiding as the man she had just hooked up with was fighting with his wife.

He had pushed her in here when he heard her come home early. Suzy smiled to herself at the thought. How amusing.

She was just about to kill him too, such a shame.

Suzy decided she had enough of this. If she couldn’t kill him she would at the very least ruin his life.

She swung open the closet door and strutted out, blowing them both a kiss.

Before she could open the bedroom door the wife had already clobbered Suzy on the back of the head with a ginormous purple dildo. Suzy’s head flew forward, hitting it on the door, making her fall and smash it on the dresser on the way to the floor.

She never got up again. Ironically enough, she didn’t even like :eggplant:.

Jets (Suzy Noone) was lynched by town.

Night Three

Matt was so distressed by losing his Suzy, he knew he needed to swipe until he matched someone perfect.

He swiped and swiped but to his dismay he couldn’t get a match.

Finally his phone dinged…

Robbie Nads & Matt Shush - It’s a MATCH!

Matt threw his phone so hard against the wall, it smashed into teeny tiny pieces.

Nathan Smiles & James Heartly - It’s a MATCH!

Nathan- It appears I have a thing for cops now. Your partner was lots of fun.

James- That’s not funny. Who are you?

Nathan- your dream come true.

Nathan- sends multiple :eggplant: pics from all kinds of angles

Nathan- come here and find out what I mean…

James- sure, why not?

**MrBlonde (James Heartly - town back up cop) was killed by mob **

Day Three

Mike Douche and TheBigOne already had an on again, off again thing. They loved to share each other… or rather, they loved to be in each other.

When they matched each other on TenderXO they knew it was time for another one of those things.

Tbo brought the strawberries and Mike brought the peanut butter and chocolate sauce.

What they both forgot to mention in their previous rendezvous was that, tbo is deathly allergic to peanuts and Mike is deathly allergic to strawberries.

Town lynched TheBigOne and Luker (Mike douche- mob GF)

Night Four

Matt Shush & Collin Gold - It’s a MATCH!

Matt- The doctor is in!

Collin- what a coincidence, are you a doctor as well?

Matt- No, I just like to play doctor. Want to join me, Doc?

Collin- wait, how did you know I’m a doctor?

Collin- brb there’s someone at my door

BREAKING NEWS: Beloved Doctor found dead in his home, graphic images of the deceased and his stethoscope are spreading. Foul play suspected.

Nathan Smiles & Arby - It’s a MATCH!

Nathan- will you be my Valentine?

Arby- no but I will let you ride my face.

Nathan- omw.

thirdrock (collin gold - town doc) was killed by sk. Arby was killed by mob

Day Four

Matt was so lost without his Suzy and none of these hookups or kills were filling the hole she had left. Suzy knew how to fill a hole well, no one filled a hole like Suzy.

Matt needed to try to fill that hole though. He went to the nearest adult store and bought the biggest novelty dildo he could find; appropriately named The Nolio. He brought it home …

He was found hours later after concerned neighbours called in about some screaming. The Nolio was just too much for poor Matt, he overfilled that hole.

**Sunstorm (Matt Shush - sk) was lynched **

Night Five

Nathan Smiles & Spanky - It’s a MATCH!

Nathan- sends :eggplant: pic

That was the end of spanky.

spanky was killed by mob

Day Five

Wild had a hard day at work and decided to grab a drink at the bar. Bored, alone, and drunk he decided to give Tenderxo a shot, maybe someone was close by.

He swiped as fast as he could, not caring who was popping up.

It’s a MATCH! His phone dinged.

She’s alright looking but looks familiar. Oh well, a fling is a fling.

They agreed to meet up right then and there. She was actually just in town for the night, her hotel just a block away. He strolled on over, tipsy as can be.

She let him in, they had a few more drinks. They fooled around.

Wild went to leave , " Thanks… uhh…" he couldn’t remember her name.

She looked enraged in that moment. If anger could take a physical form, she was it.

“You dont remember me?! What the fuck was this then?!” Wild stood there bewildered.

" We dated for 6 months!" She shrieked

Wild knew she looked familiar but he still couldn’t remember her.


No one ever saw wild again.

wild (plain townie) was lynched

Night Six

Nathan Smiles & Goddess- It’s a MATCH!

Nathan- Hey baby, hey babe, hey baby heyyyyyy

Goddess- That’s not a good opening line.

Nathan- I see I will have to try a little harder with you.

Goddess- or not at all. I’m good.

Nathan- I can give you multiple orgasms.

Goddess- I doubt it but keep talking.

Nathan- I’ll come over and show you

Nathan- Sends picture of abs

Goddess- fine

Goddess was never seen again, her last moments were of shock… and multiple orgasms so, at least it was a happy ending.

Goddess (plain town) was killed by mob

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Day Six

Hydro was walking down the street and tripped on his :eggplant:. The end.

Hydro (plain town) was lynched

Mob wins, apparently Nolio’s :eggplant: pics killed you all. Damn.