Mafia 79- The Giving Game

Once a year around the time that thanksgiving would occur in the old United states of America. An opportunity is giving for the poorest members of society called the giving game. The poorest of the poor is interviewed and giving a chance of their lifetime ,but this comes at a great cost. Failure isn’t something that is looked down upon, as even in failure at least their families that they left behind will be taking care of for a couple years. Being accepted means that your household will have food for two years ,but winning means getting that family out of the slums.

The selected is taking to a mansion where they will stay and most likely spend their last days. People are selected for various reasons ,but the main one is will this person help drive ratings to the ones watching. Everything that happens in the house is shown live to society and people love watching for the blood, drama, and entertainment. There’s also a huge betting couture built around the giving game. Sometimes families will even wager against their own kin.

Society get their kicks from watching weather it’s the voyeurism they are after or the in-human way people tend to die. There’s something for everyone it seems and kids are taught at a young age to watch and to be groomed for their opportunity one day.

What tends to happen is a group of people will band together and create an early alliance with each other which is very dangerous to the ones working alone.

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The Main cast ungrouped ,but after seeing what is going on decides to try to group up.

Janna Wall- The hottest person selected the future star of the show. Can control the outcome of tie votes. Investigation immune unless done by george zoomer or Jenny sparkles

George Zoomer- A Sneaky and crafty person. Can investigate, heal, or block one person a night. Can not heal or block the same person 2 nights in a row

Krissy Vaultman- An older woman that is trying to do one last thing for the family. She just couldn’t bare the thought of one of her children doing this. Can heal 1 person a night. can’t heal same person 2 nights in a row

Wolfe Snow- A man that is an expert in poison Can send in a night kill ,but the target needs two doses of poison before they die. So it takes 2 night kills on same target to actually kill.

Jenny Sparkles- A bubbly 17 yr old semi cute and becomes the under study to George Zoomer. Backup to his role.

Mob roles
Hank Henderson- A star of the show also. A good looking guy that knows how to put in the work. People tune in just to see what he is gonna do next. Night kill immune investigation immune

Dallas Ford- A mid 40’s dude that is just a bad ass that looks to kill. If lynched will take out the 3rd person to vote for him.

Veronica Smart- Not the most attractive female ,but she been around the block a few times. Knows how to handle herself and the master of distraction. Can role block or investigate each night.

Candy Candy- A stripper in the slums doesn’t make much money been abused for years and will do anything to win this game. Will become mob if mob losses 2 players before day 4. Otherwise will win with town.

Warren Ice- A 16 yr old that been training for this chance his whole life. He started by killing animals and then his family helped him kill his first human at a young age. night time investigation immune. Night kill immune.


Order of events

Town block
Mob block
Wolfe Snow
Sk kill
Mob kill

Plain townies Can protect one person a night for the first 2 nights ,but their target is targeted they will die instead. Will die instead of mob or town.

In final 3 you have to vote or you die.

In a tie everyone dies unless Janna wall says otherwise that day.

If you miss 2 votes in a row or 3 votes at any point you die

No screenshots

Be nice to each other this is only a game. Have fun.

Other general mafia rules applies.

During this game their will be preplanned events these will piss some of you off. they were pre planned. Enjoy the show.

Times subject to change ,but about 14 hrs till day time. Night time ends 0700 EST (New York Time)

The contestants arrived at the mansion and was greeted with food they never had the privilege to taste before. The drinks also was of very high quality as the players of the giving game got to know each other.

Hank henderson really was enjoying himself trying to flirt with the smelly stripper candy candy. He also kept taking shots after shots he really had no self control ,but he is a good looking guy. I guess his flaws is how he sees himself on the inside. He ended up going to his room alone and passing out.

Warren Ice didn’t touch the alcohol ,but he was stalking someone at the party. The unknown left the party early to go to his room. The unknown was putting his collection of dildos in his anus gaping himself as warren Ice came upon him. Young Ice man didn’t waste any time slitting his throat.

The Unknown the plain townie is now dead.

The cleaning crew was sent to TU room and had the place all cleaned up by the morning.

The time has come and the contestants has gathered. Everyone was acting pretty normal ,but Oldie was sitting at a table playing the knife game with his hand on the table and stabbing the knife around the table.

Cxris was pacing across the room as the time was nearly up. He was embracing that his time has come at least my family would be well fed for a couple of years he thought to himself.

All of a sudden an announcement came over the loud speaker saying the audience has voted.

The players were confused ,but the announcement played again “the audience has voted” This time it continued and it said the audience is bored by oldie and he must be the one to die. This is the day 1 special event.

The players in the house started pounding oldie and then one of the players took the knife and stabbed him over and over he has long passed to the after life.

Oldie- the plain townie is dead

Veronica smart was still dripping wet from the shower her long unmanaged hair soaking wet. She wrapped a towel around it and walked into her room. A private bathroom was something she enjoyed very much. The little things make living here so nice she thought to herself. Sitting on the side of her bed was a kid in her eyes ,but he been watching her the whole time. She didn’t really know what he wanted ,but decided to give him a show something to remember her by. She started bending over picking things up and just acting silly. He waited for the opportunity when she turned away from him. Warren Ice quickly threw several knifes into the back of her knees. She dropped quickly he jumped on her back and as he seen it humanly put her out of the pain by slitting her throat.

Verinica Smart- Daylight was no more killed by sk

Dallas Ford had something up his sleeve also and caught Janna Wall outside alone in the middle of the night smoking. He got the jump on her and forced her to put a rag in her mouth to muffle the screams. Dallas didn’t like how much attention she got and he took the ciggerette and started burning her face with it. He ended up pushing her to the ground ,but on the fall she snapped her neck on the boulder she landed on.

Janna wall- TR was no more killed by mob

Unknowingly to the players 1 player was taking aside and giving the choice to either kill 1 person or they will die themselves. They were told the lights would go out at the deadline time and that is when they are to make the kill.

Cxris (2)- TBO,Hala
Tish (1)- Cxris,
soul (2)- ordos,YF ( was tish ,but she dead)
Tbo (1)- sunstorm
you_fool (4)- Nolio, ,Goddess, Hydro, Soul

Ever since Candy Candy rejected him on that famous first night in the house he has turned to alcohol like never before. He is a very angry drunk smashing things, yelling, and just being an asshole.

The time hit 1900 EST and the lights went out Warren Ice is usually never caught off guard ,but a sledhammer to the back of his head and when the lights came back on everyone saw he was dead.

Rip Tish aka Warren Ice the SK is dead.

The contestants focused their sights on Hank Henderson as the night before they just all went in on him. not giving 2 shits mob mentality better him than me. You_Fool aka Hank Henderson took a few good shots ,but was over powered by the pure numbers that was attacking him.

Rip You_Fool Aka hank Henderson the GF is dead

Candy Candy has Joined the Mob

Dallas Ford was Hunting for his victim He knew it was gonna be Goddess. He waited till all was quiet goddess was now trapped in a room in the basement of this huge house. “Why did I have to want this bottle of wine at this hour.” Goddess thought

Dallas seen the rats running around and figured up a plan. He Taped goddess mouth shut and taped goddess’s hands behind her back. He then placed the rats under a pan and taped that over her stomach. This will work he started to heat up the metal container to the point where they would want to eat there way out.

Knowing his job was done he went back upstairs and went asleep.

The rats started gnawing at goddess’s fresh

George zoomer found goddess and removed the metal container and patched up goddess’s wounds before any serious damage was done. Goddess would live after all.

Candy Candy stripped off all her clothes and viewership numbers went way up. People started making donations to try to save her those sick fucks. They didn’t hit the threshold before the timer ran out though.

Ordos was a pretty boy ,but to be honest he never really enjoyed himself much the one person he hooked up with the Unknown died night 1. Well they were both drunk so not sure if it was as gay as it sounded.

Ordos decided to join candy candy and just strip for everyone, and with everyone being distracted they didn’t realize that the studio brought in rolls and rolls of old american money called change.

The other contestants picked up these rolls and started pelting candy candy and ordos with them. It was more painful then anything even the few times they were hit in the head it just wasn’t deathblows.

After a while of this the remaining 7 mauled these 2 to death.

Candy candy aka sunstorm lynched
Ordos (plain townie ) lynched

The contestants gathered in the common area wondering what happened the night before. It seems like no one expired the counted everyone. Wait where is Dallas Ford some of the contestants scoffed who cares he laughed at the whole splitting the prize. Well Wolfe Snow let out a huge laugh and some of the other players kinda seemed confused. So what happened last night they all went up to his room to see if they could find him.

There he was naked on his bed an empty drink on the side of it. Krissy Vaultman examined the body and decided the cause for death had to be poison as their was no signs of anything else.

TBO AKA Dallas ford Dead killed by Wolfe Snow

An announcement came over the loud speaker saying there could only be one. Hala quickly grabbed the lamp and slammed it over Cxris’s head. Rip
Cxris the plain townie. He then grabbed a piece of the broken glass and went after George zoomer ,but Wolfe Snow subdued him and the 2 of them took him out. Hala “the killer of the sk” the plain townie is dead.

Cxris and Hala (plain townies killed)

An announcement came over the loudspeaker congrats Jenny sparkles (soul) Wolfe SNow (goddess) Krissy Vaultman (hydro) George zoomer (nolio) you guys can split the winnings getting you and your family out of the slums ,but not to be in the high class. you must join the military police force for 5 years first.

Town won congrats Hala, Soul ,Cxris, Nolio, goddess, and hydroP