Mafia 76: We Are the Walking Dead

Roles and abilities

Saviors (Mob)

Negan (Mob Godfather)

Leader of the saviors and professional Asshole. Negan believes in the greater good and fairness for everyone. Unfortunately, his definition of what’s good and fair differs entirely from the rest of the world’s point of view. In order to create a world where everyone can be happy, he believes in cracking some skulls every now and then…literally. Though many have tried to challenge him directly, he has a knack of avoiding attempts on his life. Each night he decides whether or not to make an example out of someone and kills them…for the greater good of course. If the game comes down to just he and Rick, Rick wins. Immune to night kills and investigations.

Simon (Mob Cop)

Negan’s right hand man. Simon believes in Negan’s vision but he takes it upon himself at all times to demonstrate just how much of an asshole he can also be. In order to further the goals of the saviors, Simon, once a night, can investigate a member of the neighboring communities for any useful supplies or information.

Dwight (Mob Roleblocker)
Dwight doesn’t like Negan at all, however he does what he needs to do in order to survive and protect his wife, whom Negan has claimed as his own. Dwight has a talent for infiltrating areas that others can’t, making it possible for him to block someone each night. If the game comes down to just he and Daryl, Daryl wins.

Gavin (Mob Hitman)

Unlike the other savior lieutenants, Gavin is more level headed and more willing to give chances to his “neighbors.” Although he appears to be calm, collected and more diplomatic than his comrades, he is not a man that is against using violence to make a point. He has a one-time ability to kill anyone at any time during day phase. The kill will be immediate.

Eugene Porter
One of Alexandria’s former leaders, Eugene was taken hostage and eventually converted into a Savior by Negan who recognized his intelligence as a great value. Though Eugene is essentially a “good” guy, his fear of death and need to preserve his own life makes him a threat to any and everyone. He serves an advisor to Negan. Nothing more.

Alexandrians (Town):

Rick Grimes (Town Leader)

Rick is the leader of Alexandria, the hope of civilization and the hero of humanity. Rick will survive the first attempt on his life if targeted at night. He is seemingly immune to Walker attacks and therefore cannot be infected. His quick thinking, strong nature and diplomatic skills can influence a voting outcome. (Once in the game, he can change all of the votes of one particular target to another. The original votes and their new votes will all be reflected)

Michonne Hawthorne (Town Cop)

Rick’s love interest and Alexandria’s warden. Michonne is the moral compass when questionable decisions need to be made, as well as swift blade when justice needs to be served. In order to make effective decisions, Michonne patrols Alexandria at night, keeping a watchful eye on all activities.

Daryl Dixon (Town Roleblocker)

Daryl is Rick’s best friend and beloved citizen of Alexandria. He is Rick’s swiss army knife and the man that people turn to when things need to get done. His expert tracking, hunting and fighting skills make him the ideal go to guy for Alexandria when a threat arises.

Sasha Williams

The beautiful Sasha is a fearless warrior and wise leader among the Alexandrians. However, her deep loathing of Negan makes her do the imaginable. She has taken a lethal, slow acting pill that ensures her death. After DAY 3, if she is still alive, she will become a Walker and kill the last person that voted for her when she is lynched. If she is targeted and KILLED at night, she will die, but bite her attacker, turning them into a walker afterwards. If it is the SK, they will lose their ability to kill after 1 (ONE) (UNO) NIGHT phase has gone by and then become a walker. If it is Negan, he will survive unscathed. If it is any other Savior, they will lose their powers AFTER one night phase and then become a walker.

Denise Cloyd (Town Doctor)

Denise Cloyd is mostly introverted and not known to be a fighter, however she is always there to provide her medical expertise when needed. She is loved by all and found love in her girlfriend Tara, which gave her newfound bravery and purpose. Every night, she will leave her doors open in case any Alexandrian on patrol needs medical attention.

Neutral Roles

The Governor (SK)

The Governor is a sick and sadistic man who thirsts for power and will do any and everything he can to get what he desires, including sacrificing his own people. Rick and the Alexandrians trust him, believing him to a normal member of the town of Alexandria, but they don’t know what sinister plans he has for them all. Immune to night kills and investigations.

Night time order of actions

Cop investigation
Roleblocks (in order of request)

Doctor Heal
SK Kill
Mafia Kill

General rules

  • Day phase: 09:00 AM EST to 09:00 PM EST (eh, maybe)
    Night phase: 09:00 PM EST to 09:00 AM EST (Probably)

  • Your objective is to eliminate the other faction.

  • Each day phase, every player must vote for whoever they think should be lynched; this person will die and no longer be a part of the game

  • In the event of a tie in the number of votes at the end of day phase, the players tied will all die

  • Don’t post screenshots with messages from the game moderator. You’ll be removed from the game faster than Jets at a strip club.

  • If you do not vote, you will be killed and eaten by a Walker. The ONLY exception is if the moderator moves the time up unexpectedly. Or if you are going into labor. Or are arrested by the police and put into jail. Or there’s an earthquake. Or having sex, but proof will be required. Just vote.

  • The voting deadline is just that, a deadline. If for example, Day phase finishes at 22:59:59 GMT, this means that if you vote at 23:00:00 GMT or later, your vote will be excluded. This is irrelevant of whether the game moderators have posted that voting is closed.

  • You are NOT allowed to make public the message sent you by the game moderators to tell you your role, either entirely or in part; should this happen you will be removed from the present game. You can share what your information means, but you cannot share exact text. Any trick that goes against the spirit of this rule will be treated as a violation of this rule.

  • During the lynching process do not edit or delete your vote. Nolio personally despises the logger. I’m not gonna kill you off, just don’t do it please lol

  • Once you’re dead, you’re dead. Do not talk about the game to still active players, or post in the forum thread. This will be considered an act of influence upon the remaining players, and will get you banned from future games. We all like to have fun, and play by the rules, so please keep that in mind.

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Player List

1. MrBlonde (Denise) - Killed by Negan night 2
2. The_Unknown (Townie) - Lynched Day 2
3. Ordos(Townie) - Day killed by Gavin Day 2
4. Sunstorm
5. Oldie
6. Goddess
7. Soul
8. Jets
9. TheBigOne
10. Nai (Daryl Dixon) - Killed by Dwight Night 1
111. HydroP(Townie) - Killed by Negan Night 3
12. Big Tish (Dwight) Killed by the Governor Night 3
13. You_Fool (Simon) Lynched Day 3
14. Melvin (Michonne) - Killed by the Governor Night 2
15. Cxris (Townie)- Modkilled Day 3
16. Schniepel - Killed by the Governor Night 4
17. Daylight (Eugene) - Lynched Day 1

Game will begin October 31st at 9pm EST for NIGHT phase.

Also if anything has been left out, it’s because I didn’t care, forgot or some hybrid of the two.

NIGHT phase begins in 2 Hours. All players with NIGHT abilities must send in their requests for tonight.

Two roles were added. Some roles that were given were taken away and given new ones. That is all.

Halloween is a night filled with those who want to be creatures of the night. Ghouls and goblins and everything in between. Out in the woods, somewhere between Alexandria and the Hilltop, were a group of people afraid for their lives. Wondering if they would see tomorrow ever again. Negan and his gang made Rick and his people get on their knees and watch as he mercilessly toyed with them. He allowed the emotional anguish to set in as they watched helplessly as he decided on who would die. No, who would be beaten to death with his barbed wire covered bat.


And so the decision making process began…

Negan settled on Glenn… The most honorable and noble among the group. He was the heart and soul of the Alexandrians. The rest of the group could do nothing but watch as Negan beat Glenn to a brutal pulp. One Alexandrian couldn’t help but call out, even against Negan’s orders to stay silent.

Genesis: “Melllllvviiiiiinnnnn! Nooooooo!”

Melvin: “That’s Glenn, not me stupid.”

Negan: “I told you all from the beginning to be quiet. Now someone else has to die for that outburst.”

Daryl, filled with rage and remorse from the death of one of his best friends struck Negan. He had to do something.


Gavin quickly grabbed Daryl to pull him off of Negan but Daryl wrestled him off and took off into the woods. He didn’t want to leave his friends, but he knew that he had to get help from the others back home. They had to know that the threat of Negan was bigger than they initially imagined. Being the expert tracker and hunter that he is, he knew how to evade capture. He managed to last for hours, surviving until the sun came up. He stayed off the main roads, doubled back when he could, stayed quiet and didn’t light any fires. He was virtually a ghost.

Though he wasn’t a ghost. He was a human being. Human beings get hungry and Daryl was beginning to feel it. Even with the despair he felt at the death of his good friend, he hadn’t eaten for almost a day and the hunger was taking over. He spotted a rabbit nearby and was preparing to make it his next meal. He stalked it, raised a gun that he managed to nab when he ran away and aimed it at the rodent. He was still, he was quiet, he was focused. Too focused. He didn’t notice that he had company.


Daryl (Nai) was no more

Back home in Alexandria, no one knew anything, but some of the people felt a wave of Nausea. They had a feeling that something was wrong. No one dared leave the confines of Alexandria’s gates though. Everyone felt it would be best to stay inside and wait for Rick and the others to get back.

It is now DAY Phase.

You have 12 hours to vote. If you do NOT vote, you will be attacked and killed by Walkers. Don’t get attacked and killed by Walkers.

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Rick…the one and only Rick Grimes knew that this would be his last day alive. He looked among his friends. His family. The people he swore to protect. Negan was pure an unadulterated evil. He was a menace that needed to be stopped. Unfortunately Rick felt that he was not going to be the one to deliver the final blow. Today would be his last day on this planet. Negan killed 2 of his closest friends and he knew that his next action, his next move, would be the end of him.


However this is not Rick’s story. This is the story of a man of great style, of great importance to the world, as his contributions could lead to a community’s ability to flourish. A man named Eugene.
A man who was once a friend and loved one among the Alexandrians, but switched loyalties the moment he saw how dangerous the Saviors were. He saw how green the grass was on the otherside, took off his shoes and walked into the yard.


This decision led to the pain and suffering of his former friends. Eugene held a talent for making bullets, fortifying defenses and executing strategies that had a high success rate due to his incredibly high intellect. His friends, though they loved him, knew that in order for them to win the war, a sacrifice had to be made.

Less than 24 hours after the deaths of Glenn and Daryl, Eugene arrived with some of Negan’s men to claim half of Alexandria’s resources. While there, Eugene plead with his friends to give into the saviors, to become Negan. The ultimate betrayal!

Rick didn’t hesitate. He couldn’t. This was no time for weakness. He ordered a group of Snipers to shoot down Negan’s men. Eugene cowered in fear and begged for his life but Rick didn’t trust him. Still, he gave him one chance to make himself useful to his former friends.

Rick pointed his revolver at Eugene’s face and shot him between the eyes…

Daylight (Eugene) is no more.

It is now NIGHT Phase. Players with roles know what to do.

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Many believe that death is not the end, but merely a beginning to something greater. They feel as though our loved ones never truly leave us when they pass on. It’s only the physical version of themselves that we don’t see, but their spiritual presence lingers on. Rick Grimes is a man who must feel that presence every day of his life.

Alexandria 5am

The Governor, former leader of Woodbury before it mysteriously burned to the ground with all of its people with it, had been spending his days watering crops and making sure that defenses around Alexandria were fortified. He was very well known and liked by the Alexandrians and he displayed strong leadership skills. Although there was always one person who never quite trusted him…

Michonne, Denise and Rick had just finished having an early morning pow wow, discussing supplies and potential emergency medical scenarios that could come up in the event that the war against the saviors got worse. Denise assured Rick that they were more or less stocked, but she could use a certain medication for bacterial infections. She volunteered to go on a supply run with some protection later.

Rick and Michonne left Denise’s house and bumped into the Governor.

Governor: “Hey guys, you’re up early.”

Rick: “Well not many people are sleeping so much these days.”

Governor: “I hear that. Is there anything that I can do?”

Rick: “Just keep your eye out and let me know if you see anyone on edge. We need everyone alert, but I don’t want people to worry themselves too much.”

Governor: “I’m on it.”

The Governor left Rick and Michonne and headed towards his house. Michonne stared him down the entire time.

Michonne: “I don’t trust him.”

Rick: “You never liked him. He’s an alright guy. A little weird I admit, but he’s doing his best to fit in.”

20 Miles outside of Alexandria 3pm

Denise, Rosita and Carl were out scavenging for supplies. They had just about everything they needed and Carl felt they should get back home. Denise went off on a rant suddenly about how screwed up this war is. She told Rosita and Carl that they can’t baby her all the time. Negan’s saviors were a threat to everyone and even though she isn’t a fighter, she still needed to be able to defend herself and not have to be protected all the time.


It was at that very moment that an arrow ended Denise’s hopes for tomorrow. Though she did everything she could to heal others, she died ready to protect them from being harmed in the first place.

Alexandria 9pm

Rick and Michonne sat in their living room, huddled around a cup of tea, saying nothing to each other. They had just heard the news of Denise’s death. The saviors got her. They knew it. Rick knew that more would die. He expected it. The moment he shot Eugene down, was the moment he sealed the fates of so many others.

Michonne couldn’t stand it. She stood up and walked towards the door.

Rick: “Where are you going?”

Michonne: “I need air.”

She walked outside and stared blankly down the road. She saw someone turn the corner quickly a few blocks down. She wouldn’t have thought anything of it had it been any other day, but Rick and Michonne specifically told everyone to stay in tonight and gather at the town hall in the morning.

Michonne went into a light jog to catch up to the figure. She didn’t bring her sword with her. She didn’t feel that she would need it. After all, she was just going to stand on the porch.

She listened and heard a slight rattling sound. She turned the corner and the Governor was at the supply building, trying to pick the lock.

Michonne: “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Governor: “Oh Michonne. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

Michonne: “Answer the question. What are you doing?”

Governor: “I was uh.”

Michonne: “I knew we shouldn’t have taken you in. I’m going to have a talk with Rick right now.”

Governor: “Wait a minute Michonne.”

But it was too late, she wouldn’t hear it. She turned back in the other direction. The Governor had no choice. He had to act fast. He grabbed a big nearby rock and bashed Michonne in the head. She stumbled before falling to the ground. She didn’t even have time to turn around or call out. The Governor repeated hit her over and over until there was no life left in her body. Blood was everywhere. Brains were mixed with gravel. The Governor dropped the rock and ran home before anyone could notice what happened.

Melvin (Michonne)
MrBlonde (Denise)

are dead.

It is now DAY Phase. Vote or be eaten by a horde of walkers.

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“Oh God no! Who did this???”

Rick was in shock. He knelt down and stared at the lifeless body of his beloved Michonne. Her face barely recognizable, he could hardly stomach the view.


He stood up and looked around. A crowd had gathered around him. Everyone held looks of shock, fear, anger or sadness upon their faces. Still, Rick knew that there had to be a leak. Someone had done this. Someone was working with Negan or at the very least, against Alexandria.

Rick: : “Who saw what happened?”

No one said anything. No one knew anything. Except for one person.

Governor: “I didn’t see what happened, but I can’t find HydroP anywhere. The last time I saw him he said that he wanted to talk to you and Michonne.”

Rick: “Pair up. Find him!”

The Alexandrians split up and searched for HydroP. No one could find him anywhere. Rick and the Governor checked his place. They found no trace of him anywhere. His clothes and supplies were gone. The only thing left behind were a few empty cans of beans and a book entitled, “12 Ways to Lick the Clit.”

Rick kicked over a chair in a rage. The Governor put an arm on Rick’s shoulder and told him to calm down.

“I found something!”

Rick ran to the front gates and found Morgan there with binoculars.

Rick: “What is it? Hydro?”

Morgan: "No, smoke coming from over there.

Rick and some of the Alexandrians went out in a truck over to the area where the smoke was coming from. They came across a fire and a BBQ pit.


It was Ordos. His head had been severed and placed for Rick to find. There was a note nearby. Morgan handed it to Rick.

“I don’t know about you Rick. But I like my meat extra fucking bloody.”


Negan and Lucielle

“Over there, walker!” Sasha said as she called out to the others.

She pointed out a walker that emerged from the woods and stumbled into the fire. She pulled out her knife and ran to stab it. It wasn’t until she got up close to the walker that she realized it was The_Unknown. That slight delay allowed the walker to grab her and bite her hand. Sasha cried out in pain and stabbed walker TU in the brain.

She looked at her hand and cursed under her breath. Rick called out to her.

Rick: “Are you ok?”

Sasha: “Yeah…peachy.”

Ordos (Alexandrian) and TU (Alexandrian) are dead.

It is now NIGHT Phase. Be prepared to die…or live. But most likely die.

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HydroP knew what he had to do. Tried as he may, the Alexandrians wouldn’t listen to reason. The more he talked, the more they resisted. He knew that the only way to save the people he loved, would be to leave them and take matters into his own hands. He packed up his few belongings and snuck out of town. He thought for a moment that he saw the Governor outside, but he managed to avoid his detection by standing on his blindside.

HydroP mostly stayed off the roads for a few miles until he could hot wire a car that he found at an old convenience store. He killed a few walkers along the way, and scavenged himself a stale pack of saltine crackers, a can of spam and an expired protein bar. Great haul! He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a piece of paper with notes written on it. Jesus, a resident of Hilltop, another community similar to Alexandria, had told him roughly where the Saviors lived and he made sure to jot down the directions. According to what Jesus told him, he should be close to the Saviors’ base. He pulled out his .45 and checked the magazine again. He had 16 bullets, but ultimately, he only needed 1 for what he planned…


The Governor who had been tailing HydroP all this time, watched him through binoculars in the distance. He saw HydroP clean his knife after braining a particular ugly walker. One that reminded him of his ex girlfriend, Jetsica back before the fall of humanity. He chewed on a piece of jerky and smiled to himself. When HydroP hotwired a car, the Governor got back into his own car and slowly tailed him some more.

Later on…

HydroP cursed under his breath. He was careless. So fucking careless. This whole time he watched his back, covered his tracks, hid the walker bodies he killed and now he was in trouble. All because he hotwired a car that had a fucking Elton John greatest hits CD in it and he got into a zone. He stopped his car in the middle of the road and stepped out. Gun locked and loaded at his side, he stood face to face with the saviors.

Genesis: “Hello friend.”

HydroP: “I’m not your friend. Pal.”

Genesis: “And I’m not your Pal. Buddy. But I will take all your stuff. It belongs to Negan now.”

HydroP: “And where is Negan?”

Genesis: “We’re all Negan. Now one way or another, your property belongs to Negan. You can give it up and come with us. Or we can take it and leave you here. It’s your choice.”

HydroP knew he fucked up. This was a hopeless situation. Outmanned, outgunned and outmaneuvered. He still had a job to do and these assholes weren’t going to stop him. He never planned on making it back home anyway. But regardless of what they said, they weren’t Negan and that was the man he set out to kill. He was about to make his move when the unexpected happened.


HydroP hit the floor to take cover. He looked around and saw the governor in the distance with a bazooka.

Governor: “Figured you could use a hand.”

HydroP: “Damn good timing!”

Governor: “I know what you’re doing.”

HydroP: “Then you know there’s no point asking me to come back.”

Governor: “Like I said, figured you could use a hand…”

Soon after…

HydroP and the Governor arrived at the factory where the Saviors called home.

HydroP snuck in through a side gate while the Govenor waited in a nearby building with a sniper rifle. HydroP killed a few guards along the way but fucked up again when he crashed into a group of saviors coming around the corner. After a brief melee, he was caught and brought to Negan.

Negan: “What kind of asshole of a man fuck breaks into another man’s home with a big ass fucking gun?”

HydroP: “You’re gonna die bitch.”

Negan smiled for a moment.

Negan: “You talk too much and I have to fuck my wives. And believe you me. All 5 of my wives are hot as shit!”


Negan: “Ok I’m horny as hell. I’m gonna fuck. Dwight, get rid of this guy while I go fuck your hot ass ex-fucking wife.”

Negan walked away whistling while Dwight and a couple of other saviors picked up HydroP’s body and took it outside.


The Governor watched Dwight and 2 other Saviors come through the doors behind the warehouse that lead outside. He leaned in closer with his Sniper rifle and saw that it was HydroP. He looked around and didn’t see Negan anywhere.

Governor: “Fuck. His arrogant ass failed.”

The Governor watched and waited. The other 2 saviors tossed the body into the back of an old pickup truck and went back inside. Dwight stayed outside for a bit longer to smoke a cigarette. The Governor abandoned his position and went down the stairs.

Dwight smoked and jiggled something in his hands. He finished one cigarette and immediately lit up another. He looked angry. He heard something in the woods. He dropped the cigarette and pulled out his gun. He slowly walked over to check it out, thinking it was a stray walker. He was wrong.

The Governor snuck up behind him and hit him in the back with the butt of his gun. Dwight was dazed and confused. His gun flew a few yards ahead of him. He reached into his pocket for something. The Governor, thinking it was another gun fired his pistol.


He went over to the now lifeless body of Dwight and checked his pocket. It wasn’t a gun. It was two gold wedding bands. The Governor left Dwight and went back to his car to report to Rick.

HydroP (Alexandrian) and Tish (Dwight) are dead.

It is now DAY phase. Vote or suffer.

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Negan was absolutely pissed off that one of his main guys, Dwight, was dead. He was even more pissed that the Alexandrians know where to find them. He gathered all of the saviors in the factory together for a serious talk about what happens next.

Negan: “Dwight is dead. That is NOT cool. You have no idea how fucking NOT cool that is! Dwight was one of my top guys. Sure, he was ugly as shit and I took his wife, but that was a matter of principal. He may have deserved for me to fuck his ass hot holy shit balls redhead of a wife, but he did NOT, I repeat, did NOT deserve what happened to him out there.”

Simon who had been frustrated with some of the things that had been going on spoke up.

Simon: “You know, Dwight would still be here if we had taken care of Rick and the others long ago.”

Negan: “Well pardon my fucking french, but excuse the fuck out of me.”

Negan got into Simon’s face who didn’t back down. In fact, Simon was staring him down intently. He had clearly had enough. It was time. He didn’t want anything to do with Negan anymore. It was time for new leadership. He hit Negan with a hard right hook.

Negan stumbled back, not expecting Simon to hit him. Simon rushed him but Negan recovered and gave him a hard elbow. The two exchanged blows with Negan ultimately gaining the upper hand and throwing Simon to the ground. He jumped on top of him and attempted to choke him to death.

Simon struggled until he could breathe no more. Negan stood up and spit on Simon’s face.


Later, somewhere between Alexandria and the Kingdom.

Cxris had decided that he needed to escape Alexandria. He wasn’t much of a fighter and didn’t want to die anytime soon. Although he really loved being with Rick and the others, the reality is that he wasn’t there at the beginning and didn’t feel like he should be dragged into a war he didn’t agree with. The best place to go seemed to be the Kingdom. He had heard king Ezekiel was a wise and diplomatic man. That seemed like a place that he could go to perfect his skills as a baker.

He came across an abandoned shopping mall and though this is the place he’d normally avoid, he had been walking for 2 days straight and was low on energy and food. He took out his gun and flashlight and carefully entered through the doorway. All was quiet. He looked around a bit before he moved in some more. No walkers in sight. Good.

He walked into a store that hadn’t been raided yet. He loaded up on batteries, matches, water and some other things. He still needed food though. He chanced looking for another store. SCORE! There was a Taco Express! With any luck, he could find some flour and beans.

He hurried inside and looked around. Just as he thought, everything he needed to make tortillas and tacos. He couldn’t believe it. He screamed out in success!


That’s when he heard it. Across the hall was a store filled with walkers. They broke through the glass and came in his direction. He ran in the direction he came in, but that area was now crawling with walkers. He doubled back and shot a couple of walkers who were in his path. He ran out of bullets in the process. He continued running until he found an old escalator. Knowing that he had no other way of escaping, he ran up to the 2nd floor but tripped over an old baseball that was on one of the steps. He landed face first and felt groggy. Before he could get back up, the walkers were upon him. He had no weapons to fight them off. There would be no tacos this day. No refried beans and rice. Only Cxris served medium rare.


Cxris (Alexandrian) and You_Fool (Simon) are now dead.

It is now NIGHT phase. More of you will die now.

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The Saviors numbers were dwindling down, but they still had the advantage over Alexandria. All thanks to Negan, whose strong leadership and ability to invoke fear has created a force that the Alexandrians are not equipped to handle. Negan decided that tonight was the night that they had to make a point. In fact, he figured that the best way to show Rick the Prick what he was actually up against, would be to bring the fight directly to his door. Something he’d been attempting to avoid as slaves are much more useful when they’re alive.

A group of about 100 Saviors took to cars and trucks and rolled out. This would be all out war. Or so they thought. There was an unexpected obstacle in the road. One that Negan hadn’t considered. He told his new right hand man Gavin to stop the truck. He grabbed his bat, Lucille, and stepped outside.

Negan: “Well what in the actual fuck is this shit?”


Negan: “No shit you have a tank. Any dipshit with one eye can see that you have a giant man sized ass fuck cannon next to you.”

Governor: “I think you should turn away now.”

Negan: “And who in the hell are you supposed to be?”

Governor: “I’m the Governor.”

Negan burst into laughter.

Negan: “The Governor? Are you shitting me right now? We have an asshole who calls himself the King on side of town, and now this cyclops who calls himself the Governor. In that case, call me the fucking big dick lord of Narnia.”

Governor: “Last warning.”

Negan stared him down and then broke into a smile. He whistled and the saviors began shooting. The Governor ordered his people, groups of Alexandrians who were beginning to mistrust Rick, to fire on the saviors. It was an explosion of bullets on both ends, but 2 rounds of fire from the tank was enough for Negan to know that he was outgunned. He ordered his people to flee and jumped into the truck.

Negan: “See you later fuck face!”


The Governor walked up to a Savior who was left behind. It was Gavin. His leg was badly wounded and his hair was matted with blood and gravel. The Governor looked down on Gavin and extended his hand. Gavin took the Governor’s hand and tried to sit up when the Governor put a blade into Gavin’s throat. Gavin choked to death on his own blood.

The Governor turned to the traitor Alexandrians.

Governor: “I know that you all want this war to be over. So do I. Rick doesn’t have our best interests in mind. Negan is an asshole. This world is not theirs. It is ours.”


Negan failed to eliminate the Governor.
Schniepel (Gavin) was killed by the Governor.

It is now Day Phase. Vote or end up like Cxris.

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The walkers are the least of the worries in the new world. Sure, they constantly hunt for their next meal. Relentlessly pursuing the sweet taste of blood and human flesh. They growl, crawl, scratch and claw at any living thing moving. They are mindless creatures with no purpose but to quench their never ending thirst. And yet…they are not the thing that makes Rick and the others lose sleep at night.

People are the biggest threat to the rebuilding of civilization. Nearly everyone has killed. Either in self defense or for personal gain. This is the way of life. This is the way to stay alive.

Rick understood that in order to remain alive. In order to keep his people alive…he would have to do things that he would never do in the old world. These are the thoughts that ran through his mind as he looked the Governor in the eye and the saw the stare of a man who did not have good intentions for his people.


Rick: “I know what you’ve been doing. If you didn’t like my leadership style, you should have come to me. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Governor: “You don’t have what it takes to beat the Saviors. I’m taking anyone who will follow me and we’re going to the Kingdom. We will beat Negan.”

Rick: “Did you kill Michonne?”

Governor: “Why would I kill Michonne?”



The Governor stood up, knowing that talking was over. There was no more reason to play games or to hide their cards.


Rick lunged at the Governor and the two wrestled with each other. Trading blows and knocking over furniture. The Governor tried to pull out a gun, but Rick was too fast for him. He knocked the gun away and spit in the Governor’s single eye. The Governor was shaken. Rick grabbed the bottle of whiskey that rest on the table and attempted to hit the Governor over the head with it, but the Governor recovered and kicked Rick in the stomach, forcing him to drop the bottle. The Governor grabbed Rick and tossed him through a nearby window.

The two fought outside, with the Governor getting the best of Rick.


Rick tried his best but he couldn’t beat the Governor. The Governor forced him to the ground and strangled him to death with his bare hands.

He stood up and stared down at Rick. It wasn’t what he wanted, but it was necessary. Alexandria would be his. This would not be like Woodbury. He had made mistakes with his old community, but this time, this time he would do things right.

Oldie (Rick) is now Dead.

It is now Night Phase. The Governor and Negan are coming for you.

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He loomed over her. Smiling that sadistic smile of his and brandishing the barbed wire bat that he named Lucille. His equally sadistic and murderous lover. He considered introducing them to each other. Giving them a more intimate relationship that would be consummated with the contents of Sasha’s skull. He considered this for a brief moment that felt like an eternity to Sasha.

She lived to remember this moment. Or perhaps she died inside that day. The memory of not what Negan threatened to do to her, but to her lover Thirdrock, is ultimately what drove her to the point of killing Negan herself.



Negan had to die. She coughed. She felt her body growing weak. The fever was at its all time high. The lines between humanity and animalistic instinct became blurred. She didn’t have much time left. That’s when it happened. Fortune favored her. She heard his voice.


Negan was at the front gates of Alexandria. He brought all of his men this time and they were armed to the teeth. Rick was gone. Michonne was gone. Daryl was dead. Who would protect the town? Sasha knew that she was the only one who could put the town of Alexandria on her back. She walked to the front gate and told the guard to open the doors. She could smell the blood on Lucille. The scent of flesh was so powerful she could almost taste it. She began to salivate. She couldn’t remember her parents’ names. She struggled to remember Thirdrock’s face. She walked towards Negan with her head down. She couldn’t count how many steps she took. She could only focus on the growing scent of delicious blood and flesh.

Negan: “So is this a surrender? Because I have to say. I so DO fucking love with a woman submits to me and my BFD. That’s a Big Fucking Dick!”

She was no longer herself. She was thirst. Sasha became the worst thing imaginable. She was a walker or as they call them in the midwest, a Jets.

She lunged at Negan and took him by surprise.


Negan: “What the fuck? WHAT THE FUCK!? Get this crazy bitch off of me!”

He struggled against her, but she was strong. She was relentless. She almost got to his face when she was stabbed in the head by Zoz. Another Alexandrian.

Zoz: “Negan…we surrender.”

Meanwhile, on the road to the Kingdom…

The Governor had been busy. Very busy. Clearing the road of Walkers, raiding every supply site around and claiming his stake on every worthwhile piece of real estate in the area.

He and his crew set up camp near an abandoned construction site for the day.

Soul: “Governor.”

Governor: “Yes?”

Soul: “Why are we doing this? This has nothing do with Negan.”

Governor: “What kind of world do you want to live in?”

Soul: “What do you mean?”

Governor: “Negan dies. Great. What happens after?”

Soul: “I don’t know. I always wanted to be a porn star. That’s about all I got so far.”

Governor: “Small men don’t deserve to live in a big world.”

The Governor grabbed grabbed a 2x4 board and hit Soul over the head. Soul hit the ground, barely conscious. The Governor picked him up and carried him over to a hole where a bunch of walkers were stuck.

Governor: “I’m building something special. You’re not apart of it.”


It is now DAY phase.

Soul (Alexandrian) and Jets (Sasha) are dead. Who’s next?

Sunstorm, who had not intended to surrender to Negan at all, realized that he should have gone with the Governor when he had the chance. He believed in Rick. He believed in the cause and was ready to put his life on the line for Alexandria. He was angry that Rick was no longer here to lead them. He was angry that the Governor and so many of his former friends had abandoned Alexandria. He was so angry. He was ready to put that anger into action.

Negan lined the Alexandrians together for a final conversation.

Negan: “I’m only going to say this one time. You are Negan now. You do what I say, when I say it and you don’t ask any questions. If you do NOT understand this, I will very fucking well MAKE you understand.”

Sunstorm stepped forward. Negan looked over at him and walked over to face him.

Negan: “Is there a problem?”

Sunstorm: “I just want to pledge my loyalty to you sir.”

Negan laughed. The Saviors laughed. Sunstorm stood tall.

Sunstorm: “And to show my loyalty, I feel like I need to make an example of myself. I was one of the people who stood against you, I should be put down.”

Negan laughed some more.

Negan: “Look at the Godzilla sized fucking balls on you! You know something? I think that you’re right. You are ab-so-lutely fucking correct. Why should you be saved? Get on your knees.”

Sunstorm kneeled before Negan. He knew that this had to be done. It was the only way.

Negan: “I want you all to learn from this moment. This man, what’s your name? Actually, it doesn’t matter. Lucille doesn’t give a rat’s ass what your shit name is. But I respect you for being man enough to accept your punishment. Goodbye.”

Negan was about to kill Sunstorm the same way he killed so many others when Sunstormed shouted, “NOW!”


Sunstorm’s pet tiger Kevin Gates the third attacked the other Saviors. Negan freaked out and ran but there was no way he could outrun a tiger. KG3 pounced on him and ripped him to shreds. The other Alexandrians took up arms and fired at the Saviors, killing everyone who fought and leaving those who managed to flee with injuries. It was a great day for Alexandria. It was a great day for Sunstorm. The threat of Negan was finally over.

Alexandria survived and was lead by Sunstorm who honored Rick’s legacy and built a new world. He even managed to form a trade alliance with the new Kingdom, lead by former Alexandrian, the Governor. It was a time of peace.