Mafia 72 Arms Race

“Town roles”

Lucky Ham- Arms dealer- He is an arms dealer every day phase he gives a high powered weapon out that can be used during night phase. For the person receiving the weapon it is a one time use. Can not give the same person the weapon 2 days in a row. Can’t give weapon to himself. (gives weapon the person receiving weapon gets a night time kill)

Joey Dollar- A 19 yr old Hacker that can find information about just about everyone (1 investigation a night)

Virgil Mentz- Coroner- Recieves the body of the person that died. Him and the other Coroner are the only ones that get their identity after death.

Nancy Gross- A underground doctor that is known for fixing some of the worse criminals wounds. Can heal one person a night ,but can’t heal the same person 2 nights in a row.

Barry Green- A master of distraction. (town role block) Can’t block the same person 2 nights in a row.

Harry Vino- Arms dealer that doesn’t like someone else taking a share of his clients away. Night time immune and investigation immune. Gets 1 kill a night.

If sk is dead before day 3 a plain townie will be rolled the sk role.

Mob (special forces undercover agents trying to stop the worlds biggest arms dealers)

Terry Big- Highest ranking officer can put in one kill order each night to take out a suspect. Night time immune and investigation immune. Once per game can cause the second person in votes to die instead of the person that is most in votes.

Mike Pike- Coroner- will get the information about the person that died. Also an expert with tech and can get the information of one person a night (1 investigation a night)

Monica Bliss- Field medic can protect one person a night and can’t protect the same person 2 nights in a row.

Vince House- Demo expert will set off an explosion stopping the action of 1 person a night can’t block the same person 2 nights in a row.

1 plain mob activated if 2 mobsters is dead before night 3


  1. Tish
  2. Nai
  3. Sunstorm
  4. Goddess
  5. Wild
  6. oldie
  7. Ordos
  8. Schniepel
  9. Melsfreefallin
  10. soul
  11. Cxris
  12. You_fool
  13. Rizzy
  14. Rand0
  15. The_Unknown
  16. Nolio
  17. Daylight
  18. TBO
  19. Swagga

** Order of Action during Night Phase **
Town RB
Mob RB
Town doc
Mob doc
SK kill
Arms dealer kill
mob kill
Town investigation


Terry Big was assigned to infiltrate the underworld of the arms dealers. An Assignment like this was very tricky as if his team was to big it would be dangerous to him and his whole team. He decided on Mike Pike who would work the darkweb for information along with being undercover as a Coroner.

Next he choose Monica Bliss a field medic might be useful he thought. Someone that can patch up our wounds would come in handy. Lastly he choose Vince House the demolitions expert maybe take down the whole racket with one big explosion he thought to himself.

Harry vino been in the arms dealing business for a long time yet lately there has been more competition as of late and this upset Harry very much. He was about to put an end to this with one body at a time.

Lucky ham had a core group of people he liked to keep around. Joey Dollar the young hacker was a useful member to his team. His core group was strong ,but he never expected what was about to happen next.

Harry vino been out drinking all night having a good ole time. He had reasons for being where he was that night. On the way out of the bar that night he followed Schniepel who was walking home stumbling up and down the sidewalks. Harry took out a blow pipe and figured one dart into the back of Schniepel’s neck right before he walked inside his home. A couple hrs later Schniepel awakes tied up to a chair as Harry laughs with delight.

Harry started smoking a cig and before he leaves he tosses it on Schniepel who goes up in flames as Harry walks out of the house.
Schniepel- killed by sk

When you work to close to someone it is always possible you were made. Always living on edge going thru your daily motions hoping that you are still on the inside of the crime organization and no one is the wiser. We knew tuff decisions and choices were going to happen on this assignment. Failure was not an option everyone had their job to do. “You_fool” was just to close to it all and had to be dealt with before the whole operation went up in smoke.

Fool and an unrevealed undercover agent were traveling together when the car stopped on the side of the road. Hey i have to take a piss said the driver. Fool had a small and weak bladder also so he was down with this also. They walk off the main road just a little when the agent stops. Let fool take a few steps lead. He takes out his pistol and blasts in 2 times in the back 1 time in the head.

you fool- killed by special forces.

Harry enjoyed killing the night before and set out after ordos. He had it planned out and followed him till it was just the two of em so he thought. He heard a small explosion and didn’t think much of it was somewhere behind him. He paused as ordos turned a corner. And a second explosion went off this time in front of him. Harry ran to catch up to ordos ,but the path ordos took is now blocked. Will have to try again tomorrow harry thought to himself.

The arms dealer passed the weapon a high caliber rifle and the person receiving the weapon knew who he was gonna aim for. Had him lined in his sights and pulled the trigger ,but somehow he missed the shot.

The unknown really thought he had become a successful person. He must of crossed the wrong special agent while they were undercover though. While he was taking a shower and whacking himself off in the shower he didn’t even notice the ticking sound coming from inside the toilet. The force from the blast was to much and the unknown didn’t survive.
The unknown killed by the special agents