Mafia 67: Red Rising

The year is 736 PCE (Post Conquering Era) around 2,836. The solar system has been explored, settled and a color-based social hierarchy has been established called “The Society”. There are fourteen colors designed to create order upon each of the colonized planets such as Earth, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus and all others in the solar system. Genetic engineering was conducted to modify each of the color’s physical traits and abilities as well as the pigment of their skin and coloring of their eyes. This allows each specific color to be assigned certain jobs that they and their children will perform throughout their lives.

HighColors consist of:

Golds: Rulers of the Society

Silvers: Financiers and businessmen

Whites: Clergy and judges

Coppers: Administrators, laywers and bureaucrats

MidColors consist of:

Blues: Bridge crew of starships and pilots

Yellows: Doctors and researchers

Greens: Programmers and technicians

Violets: Artisans and other creatives

Oranges: Mechanics and engineers

Grays: Regular soldiers and police


Browns: Servants, cooks and janitors

Obsidians: Elite soldiers and bodyguards

Pinks: Pleasure slaves and social functionaries

Reds: Manual laborers (high reds) and miners (low reds)


Darrow, a low-red born in the mines underneath Mars has never been above the surface of the ground. As a miner they are told that Mars has not yet been terraformed and that the work they are doing will help to create a world in which colonizers will be able to move into in the years to come. Little does he know that Mars is already colonized and a fully functioning civilization exists above the ground. Red miners do not have a long-life expectancy, only living until they are in their thirties before dying due to the terrible living conditions. Due to such a short life, they marry at much younger ages and begin having children in order to maintain their population.

Darrow has fallen in love with a beautiful girl named Eo and the two end up marrying at sixteen years old. Their curious nature leads them to investigate areas of the mines and they end up in an area that is forbidden for them to enter. They are caught and Eo is hanged while Darrow is forced to watch. He is broken and secretly takes the body and buries it in the forbidden place. He is now caught as well, leading him to be hanged too. However, an underground rebellion force manages to save his life and he is whisked away in the mines to become something the Golds and their Society will forever regret.

Darrow undergoes a procedure by a carver (specialized Violet) that ends up not only turning him into a Gold, but also physically changes him to be just as big, strong and powerful as the Golds. After this, he is sent off to the Institute where he will be trained and become a Peerless Scarred (Specialized Gold, top of the Society order). He passes their exams while missing only 1 question and proceeds further into the Institute. All students are then selected by drafters of the different houses within the Institute. House Mars ends up selecting Darrow and he is off. His first test, he is thrown into a room with another student from House Mars. He quickly realizes that only 1 of them is meant to come out alive. He sadly kills the boy Julian au Bellona. Having finally made it to the castle with the other surviving students, he realizes that the brother of Julian, Cassius au Bellona, is part of House Mars as well.

They all seek to become Primus of the House Mars and win the “game” by being the last House left standing by enslaving all of the other houses. Along the way, Cassius finds out that Darrow is the one who killed his brother and stabs him in the stomach during a duel, leaving him to die. He is saved by Virginia au Augustus of House Minerva and he begins to rebuild his army from students of other houses.



Alliance of Houses:

1. Darrow “The Reaper”

  • A red that has been carved into a Gold. He is full of rage and his only goal is to win the Institute and work his way up the ranks of the Society in order to destroy it from the inside.

a. Is immune to investigations by House Mars.
b. If he manages to become in contact with (through cop investigations) his primary lieutenants
(Sevro, Mustang, Pax, and Roque (or their replacements), he will gain the ability to kill 1 student during any night phase of his choosing. This is a one-time use.

2. Sevro au Barca “Goblin”

  • Born to a Gold father and a Red mother, he would have been killed if ever found out. He is the best friend of Darrow and lead the Howlers, a group of students that wear wolf skins as cloaks.

a. If Sevro is in contact (investigated by) with Roque or Quinn (after Roque dies), he can attempt to kill any member of House Mars that has been investigated. He has a 25% chance of killing that student during the following day phase. Should he fail, he will lose his ability for 1 day phase.
b. Upon failing, one of his Howlers has a 50% chance of dying.

3. Virginia au Agustus “Mustang”

  • Primus of House Minerva who saves Darrow’s life and allies with him against House Mars and the Jackal who happens to be her brother.

a. Has the ability to select 1 person at night to heal. Cannot heal the same person twice in a row. (Doctor)

4. Pax au Telemanus

  • Pax is over seven feet tall and built like an Obsidian. He is best known for yelling his name repeatedly during battle and also tackling horses during combat to unseat their riders.

a. Has the ability to prevent another player from using their abilities at night. Cannot target the same player 2 nights in a row. (Roleblock)

5. Roque au Fabii

  • Roque is calm and is known for his quiet nature and composure even in intense situations. His analytical skills and thoughtful nature allow him to become a major part of Darrow’s alliance.

a. May investigate 1 player at night and know who they are. (Cop)

6. Tactus au Rath

  • *Tactus comes from one of the purer lines of those involved in the Conquering. He is what some might consider to be a Pixie since he indulges heavily in Pinks, drugs and partying.

a. Will become the Roleblock should Pax au Telemanus die.*

7. Quinn

  • Has fallen in love with Roque au Fabii and spends a majority of her time with him. Is learning to be as intelligent and careful as he is.

a. Will become the Cop should Roque au Fabii die.

  1. 5 unnamed Howlers roles will be assigned. They will know they are a Howler in their role description but are regular townies as far as the game is concerned and will appear as plain townies upon investigation.

House Mars:
1. Cassius au Bellona

  • Cassius is shown to be arrogant and careless, but values the people he keeps close. He is the favorite of his family; his twin brother, Julian, was killed in the Passage.

a. Sends in a kill order every night, choosing which of his House will conduct the murder.
b. Cannot be investigated or night killed
c. His ability to order kills will pass down to the next in line upon his death.
d. Should the Jackal AND Lilith both die, will gain the ability to order a 2nd kill order every night, but MUST be the one to conduct the killing. This ability does NOT pass down to any other students.

2. Antonia au Severus-Julii

  • Antonia betrays Darrow in an attempt at a coup and joins with Cassius. However, this backfires as Darrow survives and forms his own coalition of houses with Mustang

a. Can investigate 1 student every night to learn who they are.

3. Vixus au Sarna

  • Vixus enjoyed mutilating prisoners by cutting off their ears. He collaborated with Antonia au Severus–Julii to murder Lea and attempted to overthrow Darrow in a coup, which failed.

a. Has the ability to prevent a student from using his abilities at night should he target them. May not target the same student twice in a row.

4. Titus au Ladros

  • Titus is a very large boy and powerfully strong. Not quite as large as Pax, but still formidable. He perpetrates acts of violence and rape at the Institute

a. Will gain the ability to Roleblock a student should Vixus au Sarna die.

5. Pollux

  • Darrow indicates that Pollux isn’t particularly loyal, and that "he’ll go whatever way the wind blows.

a. Has no abilities to speak of.

House Pluto: (Work as a team)

1. Adrius au Augustus “The Jackal”

  • *Mustang’s brother and pure evil. He is one of the smartest and most devious Golds alive and has plans to take over the Society, kill Darrow and rule for himself. The Jackal is shown to possess a high intellect and a penchant for politics. He is an adept deceiver and planner, often one step ahead of his opponents and willing to make substantial sacrifices as he sees fit.

a. Cannot be killed at night or investigated at night.
b. The first time targeted at night, will kill the person targeting them. Except for Cassius au Bellona.
c. Can kill 1 target every night and is too devious for role-blocks or doc heals to prevent him from killing.
d. Should Lilath die, may investigate 1 target every night.

2. Lilath au Faran

  • Lilath is a cold and callous individual. She was also shown to be rather emotionless when speaking with Darrow. She finds acts of cruelty and violence to be quite humorous.

a. May investigate 1 target at night.
b. If the Jackal dies, gains his ability to kill 1x every night but loses her ability to investigate.
c. Not protected by any immunities and can be blocked or stopped by doctor heals.

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Name Alive? Dead? Role?
1. Jets :x: :skull: :wolf:
2. Xenon :white_check_mark: :x: :question:
3. oldie :white_check_mark: :x: :question:
4. thirdrock :white_check_mark: :x: :question:
5. TheBigOne :x: :skull: Titus :supervillain:
6. Tishxo :white_check_mark: :x: :question:
7. Tortoise :white_check_mark: :x: :question:
8. Ordos :white_check_mark: :x: :question:
9. You_Fool :white_check_mark: :x: :question:
10. Goddess :white_check_mark: :x: :question:
11. Nai :white_check_mark: :x: :question:
12. Melvin :x: :skull: :policeman:
13. Daylight :white_check_mark: :x: :question:
14. Melsfreefallin :white_check_mark: :x: :question:
15. Missy :x: :skull: The Jackal :see_no_evil: :
16. Zarfy :white_check_mark: :x: :question:
17. Kratom :x: :skull: :woman_farmer:
18. The_Unknown :white_check_mark: :x: :question:
19. Soul :white_check_mark: :x: :question:
20. Nolio :x: :skull: Pollux :supervillain:
21. Genesis :x: :skull: :wolf:
22. KT :white_check_mark: :x: :question:
23. ZoZ :x: :skull: :man_farmer:
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The Rules

  • Your objective is to eliminate your opposing faction and save the town or rule the town
  • Townies will win if they kill all House Mars members and the Serial Killer
  • House Mars are allowed 1 kill each night; they win if they kill all townies and the Serial Killer.
  • Serial Killer is allowed 1 kill each night; they win if they kill everyone else and are the sole survivor
  • Each day phase, every town member must vote for whoever they think should be lynched; this person will die and no longer be a part of the game. A vote only counts if you state “vote PLAYERNAME” or “voting PLAYERNAME” in your post. Saying somebodies name without the specification that you are voting them will NOT count as a valid vote.
  • In the event of a tie in the number of votes at the end of day phase, there will be no added time. All players in with a tied vote will be lynched.
  • You cannot miss two votes in a row; should this happen, you will be immediately removed from the game, and lynch will still commence based on voting.
  • The voting deadline is just that, a deadline. Day phase will finish at 0100 GMT, this means that if you vote at 01:00:01 GMT your vote will be excluded. This is irrelevant of whether the game moderators have posted that voting is closed. Night Phase Will end at 1300 GMT.
  • You are NOT allowed to make public the message sent you by the game moderators to tell you your role or any investigations, either entirely or in part; should this happen you will be removed from the present game and possibly future editions as well. You can share what your information means, but you cannot share exact text. No copying text from admins. You may inform someone that you have investigated them and what their role is. Just no copy/pasting.
  • Once you’re dead, you’re dead. Do not talk about the game to still active players, or post in the forum thread. This will be considered an act of influence upon the remaining players, and will get you banned from future games. We all like to have fun, and play by the rules, so please keep that in mind.
  • There should be no reason that a dead player is having any conversation with live players in regards to the ongoing Mafia game. If it is found out that you are, you will be banned from the next game that you sign up for.
  • When the game has 4 or less players alive, all players MUST participate in the lynch phase by voting. If a player fails to vote, that player will be the one lynched. You must be willing to make your decision and live/die with it.
  • DO NOT POST SCREEN SHOTS! If I feel that a screenshot posted has an effect on the game, I will kill you from the game. The idea is to leave ambiguity for people to question whether you are telling truths or lies. If you are posting screen shots, that gets much more difficult.

Night Phase Order of Events:

Town Role Block
Mob Role Block
Serial Killer Investigation
Town Cop
Mob Cop
Serial Killer
Mob Leader


0100 GMT- 1300 GMT Night Phase

1300 GMT-0100 GMT Day Phase


I love this book series

@Lord_Pickle have you read the most recent one that came out like a month ago?! is great!

No, I need to read the latest two.

Day Phase has begun! It is going to be extended as it would normally be Night Phase right now. So it will end in 23 hours and 42 minutes!

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Pollux of House Mars was attempting to sneak into House Ceres and steal some of their bread. They were the only House that had bread ovens and grain grown inside of their castle keep and he was gory damn tired of eating whatever stringy meat he could get his hands on. He slipped around the west side of the castle and began looking for a hand hold that would allow him to gain access over the wall. He finally found a purchase and began climbing.

The wall was 10 meters high and it took him five minutes of strenuous work to finally make the top of the wall. He peeked over, looking for guards, and to his surprise realized he had found a location of the wall that was not covered. Smiling, he shimmied over the wall and slipped down the stairs, hugging the shadows. He began his search for bread near the wall section that he had managed to scale. Somehow, stumbling around in the dark, he managed to find an oven that was actually baking some bread. There was a smaller girl in the corner working on preparing some more dough. She had her back turned to him so he moved as quickly as he could and began grabbing loaves from the oven.

He filled his pack with as many loaves as he could get, slung it on his back and began quickly making for the wall again. Still, nobody managed to see him. He could smell the fresh bread on his back and feel the warmth as it started to heat the pack and the shirt he was wearing. His mouth was watering and he was really looking forward to being the hero for having brought back some bread.

He made it to the top of the wall, slipped over the edge and started to climb down. Suddenly, the heat from the fresh bread began to go from warm to exceedingly hot. It was actually starting to burn his back now. He attempted to shake his body to make the bag move and give some relief but it failed. Desperately, he reached backwards to pull the pack away from his back with one hand when his other hand slipped on the hold that he had found purchase on and he fell backwards from the wall. He landed on a small rock that was hidden under the snow right in the middle of his back, snapping his spine. He lay there moaning as the med bots came screaming in to collect him. His days at the Institute were no more, but at least he would continue to live.

Pollux (Nolio) of House Mars has fallen to his death.

It is now Night Phase! You have 11 hours and 50 minutes to get in your actions to me!

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House Pluto had to run. They had been battered and beaten up by House Vulcan. The siege had lasted for 2 weeks now and Adrius au Augustus began to realize they would likely not win this. It angered him that he could not outright defeat House Vulcan, but he was simply not built for typical combat. He knew that his strengths were in the mental fighting and not the physical prowess that so many of these other Golds had. So, he did the only thing he knew to do. He took his troops into a nearby tunnel and collapsed it on them, killing many of his own members and House Vulcan in the process.

The first week passed and they had still not managed to dig their way free. Too much of the tunnel had collapsed. They had plenty of water, but were quickly running out of food. Another week passed and now they were completely out of food and the despair had begun to set in amongst all of them. Were they really going to die in this tunnel? In the fourth week of being stuck underground, working every day to dig themselves out, some of them finally succumbed to hunger and died. Adrius took the opportunity that presented himself and began to eat the freshly dead bodies. It was not a pretty sight but the other students began to do the same as well. They wanted to live.

After five weeks of being stuck in the tunnel, they managed to dig their way out and make it to freedom. Only half their number remained. ZoZ of House Vulcan had been stuck down there in the tunnel with House Pluto the entire time. During the 4th week, Adrius had become angry and struck him over the head with a rock, killing him. He was eaten. Lilath laughed so hard at the absurdity of it. They say when a jackal gets its paw stuck, it will eat it off to save its own life. She nicknamed Adrius “The Jackal”.

ZoZ of House Vulcan (plain townie) has been killed and cannibalized.

A scouting party had been sent out during the night. Darrow was hoping to catch some of House Mars out late and capture them if he could. He needed to lower their numbers and give himself a chance to beat them in a siege. Roque au Fabii and a few others from House Diana had been selected and they headed out towards the bridge separating House Minerva land from House Mars land.

An hour passed while waiting near the bridge, hiding in the thick brush before a small group finally appeared. Roque had been part of House Mars but left after Darrow was betrayed by Cassius and joined him so he knew immediately who was in the group. It was Vixus leading the group along with a few of Titus’ followers. Vixus was an animal that needed to be kept leashed. He had already beaten on multiple slaves they captured and even gone so far as to rape one and cut another’s ear off. Roque wanted to give them a little taste of their own medicine.

As the group of House Mars students arrived on the other side of the bridge, Roque and his band jumped out of the brush and charged them. A flurry of action commanded the scene as students wielded wooden clubs or other makeshift weapons to beat at each other. They fought and fought for 20 minutes before Roque and his band began to realize that they were not going to win. He ordered the retreat and his troops turned to run. As Roque ran away, Vixus gave a warcry and hurled his club at the back of his head. Roque impacted the ground hard. His vision was blurry and his body would not work properly. His head was bursting with pain and he attempted to get to his feet but could not manage to make them support his weight. He was rolled over roughly and looked up into the face of a sneering Vixus. Vixus laughed at Roque and picked up his club. He mocked him for a few minutes, angry at how Roque always tried to prevent him from messing with the slaves. Then Vixus took the club and broke both of Roque’s knees. He was about to continue on with his arms when the med bots came screaming in to carry Roque’s broken body away. Roque would no longer continue in this game.

Roque au Fabii of House Mars aka Melvin (Town Cop) has been beaten and removed from the Institute. Quinn has stepped up to fill his shoes.

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Things were heating up, and everyone knew that Darrow would need all the help he could get to have any chance of competing with the Houses. After Pollux’s unfortunate incident in House Ceres the day before, Jets was sent to determine if there were any other viable food sources they could gain access to.

Having determined beforehand that he would try his luck in the greatwoods near House Diana. A good deal of debate had gone into determining which area Jets should scout, and there were valid reasons to expect the woods of Diana would be full of wild game. As he approached the edge of the woods, Jets adjusted his wolf skin cloak, and waited for dusk to approach before attempting to penetrate the woods. Alas, the hunters of House Diana had spotted him, and only spent a little time placing bets on whose arrow would be the end of the wolf boy before knocking arrows and firing.

Moments later, the med bots were retrieving Jets, and his time at the Institute was finished.

The first Howler (Jets) is no more.

It is now Night Phase! You have 11 hours and 47 minutes to get in your actions!

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He was hiding in the well as Darrow’s troops scaled the wall of House Vulcan. Within minutes he was found by search parties and pretended to be one of House Vulcan, scared and hiding from Darrow’s troops. He was always a more slender and small Gold. And since nobody knew what he looked like he w=quickly realized he would be able to pretend his way out. He was secluded in a room with Genesis standing guard just inside. He smiled at Genesis and struck up a friendly conversation about everything that had gone on in the game so far. Genesis slowly lowered his guard and case over to the table where the Jackal was sitting and carried on the conversation. Suddenly, the Jackal pulled the knife out of the holster on Genesis side and jammed it into Genesis throat. He twisted it, opening a large hole, pulled it out and fled the castle, leaving Genesis bleeding out of the floor.
Genesis, the Howler has been killed by the Jackal.

He had been captured by House Mars almost a week ago. They were very mean and very brutal to all of the slaves that they captured, so Kratom tried to keep to himself and be as least noticeable as possible. However, late one night, Antonio al Julii came back from scouting in a foul mood and decided to take out her anger on some of the slaves. As she walked into the room full of slaves, she happened to randomly select Kratom. She dragged him outside into the courtyard while he screamed helplessly. She tied him up to a post and proceeded to beat him with a wooden club until his body was nothing but a broken mess. The only thing that saved Kratom’s life was Antonio becoming tired and the med bots came and whisked him away from the Institute.
Kratom (the townie) has been removed from the Institute by Antonia al Julii of House Mars.

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TheBigOne laughed to himself as he shut the door, pausing for a moment to hear the soft weeping coming from the other side. He believed he was thriving in the institute, and was determined to make sure everyone knew he was the strongest person there. There was small chance that he would ever lead a House to victory, but he was sure that by showing how vicious he could be the most powerful Golds would take notice.

As he walked by a window he could see the sun setting in the distance, and was surprised at how much time the afternoon’s activities had taken. “Bloodydamn golds, they’ll all get what they deserve” he muttered under his breath. Turning a corner, he gasped as he came face to face with Pax and Darrow. TBO hated Pax, there weren’t many people he had to look up to meet someone’s eyes, and every time he did so to meet Pax’s started a dull throbbing behind his eyes. Darrow had an odd look in his eye and as TBO walked by them, he tried to recall exactly what he had been saying to himself. “Gory damn assholes shouldn’t be eavesdropping on me,” Titus thought.

Exhausted from his earlier excursion, Titus decided he had earned at least a quick nap. Shortly after falling asleep, he was startled awake. Looking around sleepily, he saw a 2 skinny ankles to either side of his head. Standing above him was his last victim. Titus groggily muttered, “miss me?” just as the knife went through his throat.

Titus au Ladros (TBO) is no more.

It is now Night Phase! You have 11 hours and 59 minutes to get in your actions!

[Editor’s Note: Any names that don’t refer to the killed individual were only included for story purposes]

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Cassius was tired as he headed back to House Mars castle. He had been out searching for Darrow for 3 straight days and had little sleep or food. He was angry. He just could not seem to find him and he waa hungry to finish what he had started.

As he neared the bridge he noticed someone else crossing from the other side. He quickly ducked down behind some bishes and waited to see who it was. He didnt recognize this person amd decided to just release some of his oent up stress. He charged out without a weapon and began to beat an unsuspecting Ordos to a bloody pulp with his bare fists. He left him to the luck of the med bots.

Mustang had been hiding in a tree by the bridge to scout House Mars movements and watched the beating. As soon as Cassius disappeared on the other side of the bridge, she scurried down to Ordos and carried him away to safety. She performed what medical fixes she could, left Ordos some food and water and then headed back to Darrow to report what had happened.

Ordos has been saved by Mustang from Cassius au Bellona.


Missy giggled softly to herself. Her scheme of feigned ineptitude and lack of action had so far fooled everyone one around her. Just this morning she had looked to Lilath andsaid, “When you play the game of…golds, you either win or you die… So why play by their rules when we can sit around and do nothing while everyone dies around us?”

Lilath however, was growing impatient. She had agreed to work with the Jackal because he had seemed to be possibly the most intelligent and ruthless person there. This complete unwillingness to put the slightest effort forth was clearly ruining their chances, and frankly it was insulting for anyone else in the institute to have to deal with such a lazy schemer. As the Jackal continued to mutter to himself, she realized he was clearly becoming unhinged, and instantly made the decision that his usefulness was at an end. The one thing the Jackal hadn’t taken into account was the need to defend himself against his closest ally, and Lilath took the opportunity to permanently remove him. It was time she took matters into her own hands.

Adrius au Augustus, “The Jackal” (Missy) is no more.

It is now Night Phase! You have 11 hours and 58 minutes to get in your actions!

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Lilath has been promoted to the position of lead SK upon the Jackal’s death. She has lost her ability to investigate and gained the ability to kill. She is not protected by any form of immunity.

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Darrow lay in the mud. Hiding from the party searching for him. He and his lieutenants had been split up after Lilath and her army showed up suddenly out of the fog. Now they were searching for him, wanting to kill him.

As he lay there in the deep, cold mud, he heard Lilath calling out his name in cruel tones. He frantically searched for a way to escape. Nothing. Lilath called out again, this time telling him that she had Quinn and if he did not come out, she would kill her.

He heard Quinn scream in the for and his heart dropped. He could not come out. Loath would kill them both. He lay there quietly, listening to Quinn beg for her life, sobbing. Then he heard gurgling as her throat was slit open and the thump of her limp body impacting the mud.

The_Unknown aka Quinn (Town Cop) was killed by Lilath (SK)

As Darrow lay there in the mud, screaming inside at his friend’s life being stolen and discarded so casually, a sudden explosion of noise came out of the fog. Horses thundered out of the gloom and bore down on Lilath and her army. Darrow could feel the ground shake beneath him as mounted horses charged past him. One narrowly missed stepping on him.

He looked up in time to see Cassius, riding a large white stallion, bear down on Lilath. He swung his proto-steel sword down on her as she stood there in shock. She never stood a chance. The sword struck her just above the right eye amd split her head open, leaking out her brains and causing her eye to pop out of its socket.

Cassius and his army quickly beat down Lilath’s remaining troops, forcing them into slavery or leaving them so battered they would never continie at the Institute.

Ordos aka Lilath (Serial Killer) has been killed by Cassius (Godfather)

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Mels and Soul sat together on top of a hill overlooking the valley below. Not only was the view breathtaking, it also provided a perfect perspective from which they could see multiple strategical locations. The valley, as well as being a critical approach to the House , presented them with an abundant supply of fish, fresh water, wood (suitable for both building and fires), fertile ground, forageable goods, hemp building supplies, fresh game, and other important materials.

It wasn’t so long ago that the two of them had worked together in an attempt to overthrow that gory damned Darrow. If it weren’t for that son of a bitch, Cassius likely would have already taken control of the Institute and they could be on about their day. Soul glimpsed up at the prisoner that had accompanied them (someone had to carry their belongings) and begain imagining what they would look like with the lower half of their left ear removed. Possibly with a nice scar going down the right side of his face, just missing the eye…yes that would balance out the loss of the ear perfectly… How many fingers does a person really need anyway?

Unfortunately, during his daydreaming Vixus stepped just a little too close to the edge of the hill, and Mels came tumbling after. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the hill had maintained a consistent grade, but after a short tumble they came to the edge of a cliff and plummeted to the ground below. Medbots raced in to bring Antonia and Vixus out of the institute, for their time was finished.

Antonia (Mels) and Vixus (Soul) have been removed from the institute.

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And Tortoise died too, because he’s an inactive asshat.

Some random student (Tortoise) has been removed from the institute.

It’s night phase!


End this and start over I wanna mafia already!

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