Mafia 66(6): The Scariest Movie Ever

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Elmsville is a small quiet town. The teens are bored and the adults are clueless.

Like any good story a deep horror lurks beneath the seemingly innocent town…

The urgent ring of the phone commanded Kristy’s attention.

“Hello?” She answered, annoyed by the interruption of her night alone.

“I have a question for you” a deep raspy voice replied.

“We aren’t interested in whatever you’re selling, bye.” Kristy moves the phone from her ear, ending the call.

It immediately rings again.

Kristy answers it, “Don’t hang up on me, bitch. You’ll regret it.”

“Okay, who is this? It’s not funny. I’m just trying to watch a movie.”

“What movie?” The raspy voice asked

“Ron, is that you? You know I don’t like pranks. Just come over to Netflix and chill”

“What movie?”

Kristy sighed, deciding to play along with Ron’s game. Maybe it would mean she could have more than a pg 13 night now. “Scream, you going to come watch it with me?”

“I am”

The call ended.

the next morning

“Sid, wait up!” Helen called out, breathy from jogging to catch up.

“Isn’t this crazy?” Helen gestured to all the news vans parked in front of the entrance to Elmsville High.

“What’s it all about?” Sidney asked, taking in the scene.

“You didn’t hear? Kristy and Ron were found dead last night.”

“Did they OD?” Sidney asked puzzled.

“No, they were gutted and hung from the tree on her front yard. Her parents found them this morning. That’s why all of this is going on”

“No way, you’re kidding, right?”




Sidney Prescott- Main character, beloved by all her friends and those watching. Sid can’t die until night 3. She has a 75% chance of taking her killer down with her if targetted at night after night 3. Sid uses her charming main character powers to get a one time extra vote.

Clarice Starling- This new FBI agent is on the scene. Here to help town with her intellect and instinct. Cops get 1 investigation per night.

Gale Weathers- This nosey reporter has used her skills to land her all the info she needs. She may not be a detective by trade but she sure is by heart. Gale gets to help out Clarice. She gets 1 extra investigation to be used during the night phase of her choice. Gale takes over investigations if clarice dies

Dr. Loomis- He may be a shrink but he’s got the healing touch. A shrink is exactly who you need around when there are a bunch of psychos running amok. Dr. Loomis can heal one person a night. If he heals Michael, Michael loses his 1 day kill. If he heals Jason he becomes town. Can’t heal the same person twice in a row, can heal himself.

Helen Shivers- she may be the easy girl around, every horror movie has one but she definitely knows how to put up a fight. Helen roleblocks one person per night.

Randy Meeks- the sweet, sweet comedic relief in the midst of all the gore. He’s an expert on horror movies and a pretty nerdy dude. He uses his expertise at night by having a 50% chance to take his killer down with him.

Jim “Jigsaw” - just wants to play the game. Jigsaw is a plain townie but the first time he is targetted by sk he survives the first attack gets 1 extra vote then next day phase after the attempt. Cant be killed first night.

Charles “chucky”- can’t be killed first night


Jason - Jason simply can’t take these naughty teens anymore. Hes out on a rampage. He is good at sneaking around making him investigation immune. Jason gets 1 kill per night. If he is healed by dr Loomis he becomes town. If he is roleblocked by Pinhead he becomes mob.

Freddy- Freddy is forced to lurk in the background until the town fears him enough. Once Jason is dead (or changes side) he can finally start slicing and dicing in dreams. He is investigation immune. If he is targetted at night he has a 25% chance of winning instead.


Ghostface- the leader of this interesting bunch of sociopathic misfits. He is investigation immune blending in with his prey and strikes at night putting in 1 kill per night.

Hannibal Lecter - uses his intellect and knowledge of the human mind to investigate 1 person per night.

Pinhead- uses his abilities to roadblock one person per night. If he roleblocks Jason, jason becomes mob.

Michael Myers- Michael goes off on his own 1 time during a day phase of his choosing. When he does this he gets 1 day kill with a 75% chance of winning. If he loses, he dies instead. If Dr. Loomis heals him, he loses his day kill ability.

Leatherface- Can’t help himself and goes off on his own during one day phase of his choosing. He gets 1 day phase kill with a 75% chance of winning. If he loses, he dies instead.

Samara Morgan- this creepy thing picks one person to watch her haunted video and they die 2 phases later. Samara can put in this kill at anytime and the person cannot be healed.


The Rules

Your objective is to eliminate your opposing faction and save the town or rule the town

Townies will win if they kill all the psychos and the Serial Killers

Psychos (mob) are allowed 1 kill each night; they win if they kill all townies and the Serial Killers.

Serial Killer is allowed 1 kill each night; they win if they kill everyone else and are the sole survivor.

Each day phase, every town member must vote for whoever they think should be lynched; this person will die and no longer be a part of the game. A vote only counts if you state “vote PLAYERNAME” or “voting PLAYERNAME” in your post. Saying somebodies name without the specification that you are voting them will NOT count as a valid vote.

In the event of a tie in the number of votes at the end of day phase, there will be no added time. All players in with a tied vote will be lynched.

You cannot miss two votes in a row; should this happen, you will be immediately removed from the game, and lynch will still commence based on voting.

The voting deadline is just that, a deadline. Day phase will finish at 9 pm EST, this means that if you vote at 9:00:01 EST your vote will be excluded. This is irrelevant of whether the game moderators have posted that voting is closed. Night Phase Will end at 9 am EST.

You are NOT allowed to make public the message sent you by the game moderators to tell you your role, either entirely or in part; should this happen you will be removed from the present game and possibly future editions as well. You can share what your information means, but you cannot share exact text. No copying text from admins.

Once you’re dead, you’re dead. Do not talk about the game to still active players, or post in the forum thread. This will be considered an act of influence upon the remaining players, and will get you banned from future games. We all like to have fun, and play by the rules, so please keep that in mind.

There should be no reason that a dead player is having any conversation with live players in regards to the ongoing Mafia game. If it is found out that you are, you will be banned from the next game that you sign up for.

When the game has 4 or less players alive, all players MUST participate in the lynch phase by voting. If a player fails to vote, that player will be the one lynched. You must be willing to make your decision and live/die with it.

DO NOT POST SCREEN SHOTS! If you post any screenshot (no matter what channel you took it from) you will immediately be mod killed. There are no exceptions and no “writer’s discretion”. Be warned now, if you post one…you are dead.

Night Phase Order of Events:

Town Role Block

Psycho Role Block


Town Cop

Psycho Cop

Serial Killer

Mob kill


9 pm - 9 am est Night Phase

9 am - 9 pm est Day Phase


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Night One

Genesis shivered looking back at his friends. The night was brisk and windy, the howling made the cemetery in front of him much more chilling.

“Go on, don’t be chicken shit!” They all called out to him.

“I am not! It’s just cold and … fine, I’m going!” Genesis crept up to the hole in the fence, moving the rusty metal aside.

“Assholes” he mumbled.

His friends dared him to spend an hour in the cemetary, alone. Their sick, rebellious adolescent way of dealing with the fear and grief of losing their peers the night before.

The cemetary somehow felt colder, probably just his mind playing tricks on him.

“Might as well start walking, can’t spend the hour beside the fence or I’ll never hear the end of it”.

Genesis began marching forward, he could do this. He will do this.

He walked for a few minutes, the fence and his friends no longer in his view.

Genesis felt his heart drop, there right in front of him was a freshly dug hole, obviously awaiting a body. The shovel placed right beside it as though the person just gave up and walked away. No head stone in front of it. Gen walked closer to it, to get a better look. As he leaned forward he heard a loud crack, dazed he looked up. He was in the hole. He couldnt move, everything hurt, he felt the wet sticky blood pool around him mixing with the cold damp soil. Everything was blurry, all he could feel was the dirt being thrown on him. Pelting him as he dazed in and out of consciousness.

Sidney was walking home from work, her father had insisted she stay home that night but she needed the distraction. The streets were more empty than usual, which was understandable, people were scared. She was scared.

Sidney felt her cell phone buzz, a text came through from an unknown number.

Unkown- how would you like to end up like your friends?

Sidney - who is this? That’s not funny.

Unkown- it will be when you die.

Sidney- who is this? Leave me alone, seriously. This isnt funny.

Sid shoved her phone back in her purse and ran the rest of the way home.

Genesis (plain townie) was killed by jason

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Michael had enough with the group of psychos he had taken up with. This town, these killers. It was enough. He needed more blood.

Hydro had just woken up for the day, got ready and was walking to school. He had to be there early to meet with the chess club for their tournament. Chess would have to do until glee club started up again.

He was running a little later than he would like, being the good little nerd he was, he always arrived at least a half an hour early to everything. Usually he needed to take some more allergy medicine and adjust his glasses and suspenders before he could be presentable and comfortable.

“Short cut today, it is” he turned down the winding, secluded path he often took.

Michael waited along the edge of the bushes. As hydro passed michael readied his knife, stepping out to catch his prey.

Michael tripped over the bush, throwing his arms to catch his fall. His knife caught his fall instead, puncturing his neck deeply.

Michael (tenma) attempted his day kill on hydro and lost.

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Leatherface followed michael and watched his demise.

“I’ll finish what you started”

As Hydro walked through a grouping of trees right before the school, leather face jumps out, chain saw revved and ready.

He hacks poor nerdy hydro up into pieces. His chess club lost the tournament.

Leatherface used his day kill to kill Hydro (plain townie)

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Day One

Sidney had fallen asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. The last 24 hours had caught up to her. She should have been more anxious, more scared after those texts but the events and emotions had done her in.

When she woke up the next morning she was determined to have a more normal day. She got ready for school and headed down stairs. Her parents were whispering in front of the TV.

“What are you guys doing?” Sid asked.

“Sindey, sit down sweetheart” her mom replied as she gestured towards the couch.

Sid did as her mother asked.

“What’s wrong?”

Her mother had been crying, her father’s face was stern but his eyes radiated sorrow.

“They found another one of your classmates dead this morning, it was Hydro. You’re staying home, school is cancelled today”

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Night Two

It was a completely ordinary night in Elmsville. Everyone slept peacefully.

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Samara has activated her ability. One of you will die in 2 phases. Wonder who it is…

new rule

You may have a chat to gather players and discuss the game. A fake town chat, etc. The writer MUST be added to this chat. Pming is fine you can coordinate and be shady and mess people up, cool do your thing. Not in a group without the writer though.

Happy? Now it’s a fucking written rule.


Day Two

Mr. Nai sighed as the bell rang and his students bustled out of the classroom. These damn kids were going to be the end of him.

“I should have gone into acting, took that leap and moved to LA or New York” he reached into his desk and grabbed a joint, holding it and watching the clock until he was sure the halls were empty for the day. Walking over to the window, he lit the joint and inhaled deeply.

He opened the window as wide as he could and sat on the edge.

Time passed, as it does, while he enjoyed the view and forgot about the day.

He didnt even register the squeaking of his classroom door until he was being pushed from the ledge.

Nai the plain townie was lynched

Rando just couldn’t help himself, rules were meant to be broken.

He was going to break into the school, everyone else be damned.

He had purposely left a first floor window open by sticking a thick piece of cardboard over the lock and closing it so the staff wouldnt think anything of it.

Rando didnt bother to look around, it was late and everyone was scared. No way people were going to notice. He lifted the window and lifted himself up. As he got his head most of the way in, the window flew down, he couldn’t move. He was stuck. As he struggled he realized he couldnt breathe, he couldnt yell. He looked up to see Principal Big Tish was standing in front of him, he motioned for help. She just watched.

His skin began changing colour, " Why are you boys so naughty?"

Rando (plain townie) was mod killed for a screen shot (sorry broski)

Night Three

Sidney (you_fool) ran over to rando as he struggled in the window, she tried to pull him down but once she managed it was too late. She stumbled back, in shock. This wasnt happening.

Sidney had gotten a text from rando asking her to meet him at the school. They liked to hook up, he was cute and she liked him.

She shook him, calling his name, tears streaming down her face. She realized she needed to call for help and scrambled for her cell. As she grabbed it, it started ringing.

Unknown caller.

Confused and still in shock she answered the call.

As soon as she put the phone up to her ear, before she could get a word out a raspy voice hissed, " you’re going to die now". The call ended.

Sidney jumped up, dropping her phone and ran in the direction of the school. There had to be someone around, she had to find someone, anyone.

Ghostface readied his blade and followed the frantic Sidney. She ran into the side doors of the school, scratching and grabbing at the handle to try to open the doors. They wouldn’t budge.

Ghostface stopped just behind her.
Sidney felt his presence and turned around.

Ghostface tilted his head “why so scared?”
Sidney pushed her back up against the door as hard as she could, to get as much space between them as possible. She screamed for help but no one was around.

Sidney lunged at the killer in front of her, she wouldn’t go down without a fight. As they wrestled and fought ghostface managed to plunge his knife into sidney’s abdomen.

“Told you” his raspy voice rang in her ears.

Ghostface gutted his victim and hung her up on the flag pole for everyone to see.

You fool (sidney) was killed by mob

Jimmy “jigsaw” (jets) was busy playing with his puzzles, as usual, when he received a text.

Samara- hey sexy, check out real live girls in your area today

Jimmy clicked the link as soon as he read the text.

A webpage popped up with a video player. “Even if it’s just porn, I’m down”. He chuckled, “samara sounds like a hot name”.

He clicked play and laid back, ready to enjoy.

The video began, it engulfed jimmy, he couldn’t take his eyes off of it. He didnt know what it was, but it definitely wasnt porn. The flashing images went on, he didnt notice the time, it didnt feel like it was passing.

By the time jimmy was done watching the video it was 12 hours later.

He didnt know where the time had gone.

His phone beeped again. Another text. He checked it.

Samara- 1 day.

He fainted.

Jimmy woke up in the hospital, the beeping of his heart monitor the only thing he could hear. He eyes fluttered open to see the television snowy and flashing. He got up, dazed but feeling the pull towards it.

He stepped up on the chair just under it to climb up to get a better looked.

Samara reached out of the tv and grabbed jimmy by the neck, dragging him inside.

He was never seen again.

Jets (jimmy “jigsaw” town) was killed by samara ability (mob)