Mafia 58 New Sanguine

Earth was Dying and a new life had to be found somewhere. A small group of people from all paths of life formed a small town ,but troubles arose. Was this town filled with more crazy people? A mining town a place with unknown riches on a foreign planet. I guess you would expect the greedy to find their way here.

"As their hovercraft came to a halt, Llewelyn stuck his head out of the window. They had been traveling for so long and he couldn’t wait to stretch his legs. As his eyes adjusted to the radiant sunlight, he felt a blanket of warm air touching his face. Dear god, such a humidity, he thought to himself and quickly pulled his head back into the hovercraft. He set back down and looked over to his cousin James, who had his arm around his sleeping wife and stared through the window on the other side. Such a lucky man to catch himself such a lovely wife. During their long trip together he had gotten to know Evelyn pretty well and he had to say he envied his cousin for hitching himself to such a beautiful and intelligent woman.

He stood up and gathered his belongings from the overhead bin. He had only taken the absolute necessary with him. Since they left Earth the feeling crept over him that he may have forgotten something and it had kept scratching at him for the four months it took them to get there. But there was no more need tot hink of it now. They had arrived and anything he needed, he could probably buy here at the general store. He looked at James and James nodded at him. It was time to go out and see where they had arrived.
“Welcome, welcome!” a friendly looking man approached them the moment they stepped out of the hovercraft. “I hope you have had a good trip.”

Llewelyn looked at him and scratched his head. It was a small, balding man with a weathered brown suit on. The remainder of his grey hair was combed behind his ears in an attempt to make it look thicker on the side. His thick, bushy eyebrows were raised up and his dried up, bloodshot eyes looked at them with anticipation. Probably some kind of vender, Llewelyn thought.
“It wasn’t awful.” James replied as he pushed Llewelyn out the way to give the man a hand. “We had to take a detour because of an asteroid, but the cargo ship we came in on was pretty luxurious for a cargo ship. We even had a bath.”
James put on his hat and looked around with one of his eyebrows raised up.
“So, this is New Sanguine, is it? Mister…?”
The man let go of his hand and raised his arms to the sky as if he’d been struck by lightning. The dust that had accumulated on his suit for what Llewelyn assumed were months was released into the air. Evelyn held her hand in front of her mouth and coughed loudly to inform the man of his misbehaviour.
“Where are my manners?!” He said, blatantly ignoring Evelyn’s cough. “I’m the major of this town, and my name is Jack Bartington. But you can all call me Jack, as all my dear friends do.”
He quickly stretched out one hand to Evelyn and another to Llewelyn and looked at them enthusiastically. They both shook one hand and looked at each other with some confusion in their eyes.
“Well, I’m James McGarty and this here is my wife, Evelyn.” He then pointed at Llewelyn. “And that’s my cousin, goes by the name of Llewelyn Lennon. Very glad to meet you, Jack.”
James grabbed the major, who was slightly smaller than him, by the shoulders.
“Now, where can one discuss business in this town? And where can we get a room and, more importantly, a bath?”
Jack looked at him with a big smile on his face and pointed to James’ right over there. James looked where he was pointing at and chuckled. Right in the middle of the small town there was a big building with the words “Hotel New Sanguine” on it.
“Well, I’ll be darned.” James sighed and looked at Evelyn, who raised her shoulders at him.
“Come with me, new friends.” Jack said and he started walking towards the hotel. “You’re in luck, I happen to be the owner of that hotel.”
They gathered their belongings from the ground and James looked at Llewelyn, who was trying to get the dust of his bag, and pointed at the person sitting on top of the hovercraft they came in on.
“Can you pay the man, Llewelyn?”
Llewelyn looked at him, tilted his head back and sighed. Why did he have to pay?
“Alright, then.” He muttered under his breath and he turned around to face the driver.
He pulled his wallet out of his jacket and looked into it. Not much left, great…
They had better make some money real soon, he thought, or they’d be broke before they even started their new lives.

After he had paid the driver and he saw the hovercraft jetting off into the distance, he took some time to take a good look at where they had arrived. It was just a very small town in the middle of a large desert. There were some mountains to left and then some more to the right. Everything in between was just red sand. It all looked pretty barren to him. He looked down the ground. Nothing special. He crouched down and pick some of the sand up. Slowly, he let it slide through his hands and back on the ground. He got back up and clapped off any remaining sand. It all looked like regular old sand to him. A brighter red, but nothing better than they had on Earth. They had traveled all this way to XSF-6378 to get into the mining business, because James was convinced they could make a fortune here. He looked up and saw that his two companions and their newly made friend had just entered the hotel. He sighed again and started walking towards the hotel. James had better be right about this…


other roles to account for the number of players. Work in progress.


James McGarty :skull: Godfather Odd nights actions
Moved to XSF-6378 with his wife Evelyn McGarty and his cousin Llewelyn Lennon 23 years ago to start a new home and get into the mining business. Started a company together with his cousin Llewelyn, named McGarty & Lennon Mining. 5 years ago Llewelyn left the company and the name was changed to McGarty’s & Son Mining. 18 years ago his son Jimmy was born. James is now 44 years old.

Night time kill immune (unless other GF is only one left), Investigation immune (unless by FBI), if only mob left in family, able to investigate 1 person each night.

Jimmy McGarty :skull: Mobster odd nights actions
Son of James and Evelyn McGarty, born on XSF-6378. 18 years old.
Can block at night for a total of 3 times

Evelyn McGarty :skull: Mobster odd nights actions
Wife of James, mother of Jimmy. Is well known in town for her participation in politics. Age 42.
Can investigate one person every night, this can be done 3 times

Jacob Long mobster odd night actions
A bored teenager got a job in the mines.
Does bad things for money 19 yrs old
No actions just a thug

Llewelyn Lennon :skull:Mobster on even nights
Moved to XSF-6378 with his cousin James Mc Garty and James’ wife Evelyn. Was unhappy with the way things were seen in town. Jealous of James and the credit he got for starting the company. Started his own company on the other side of town. Age 46.
Night time kill immune (unless other GF is only one left), Investigation immune (unless by FBI), if last family member left, able to block 1 role each night.

Bartholomew StClaire mobster on even nights
Best friend of Llewelyn Jr and a friend of the Lennon household. Started working there at age 15, now age 19.
Can block at night for a total of 3 times

Llewelyn Lennon Junior mobster on even nights :skull:
Son of Llewelyn Lennon, age 18. Slightly younger than Jimmy McGarty. Mother died at childbirth.
Can choose to plant false information on one person during night, this can be done 3 times each plant false info lasts for the night it’s used ,but also the next night also.

plant false info makes an innocent seem mafia if used on a mobster they will seem town (maybe even a role)

Carlos Ortega even day actions :skull:
The town drunk part of his release from Jail had to get a job. Knows how to do the dirty work. Age 38
No special abilities

Jack Bartington Major :skull:
Longest living inhabitant of the town. Had been there for 8 years when James, Evelyn and Llewelyn came over from Earth to seek their fortune. Worried about the town now that the two cousins are pitting against each other. Age 63,
Investigation immune (unless by FBI), gets access to cops reports once cops gone, 3 roleblocks allowed during the game. Also has the option to determine the outcomes of ties during lynches.

Noel Johnson Sheriff :skull:
Sherriff of the town. Elected two years ago when things escalated between the two mining companies. Age 38.
Can investigate one person every night

Truck Johnson Deputy
Deputy not the smartest on the force ,but is young and strong
Age 23
Can investigate one person every other night (once the sheriff dies can investigate 1 person each night)

Dr Herbert Jacobsson Doctor
Local physicist to the town. Age 54.
Can save one person each night time (can’t heal himself and can not heal same person 2 days in a row)

Janice Jacobsson :skull:Doctor in training
Daughter of Dr Herbert learned medicine growing up and plans to take over the family business one day. Practices medicine against her fathers wishes so they do not know each other at the start of game. Age 27
Can save one person on Even nights ( will be able to heal every night if Dr. Herbert dies)

Aloysius Brand Expat
Former black ops specialist. Unclear where from and why there. Arrived about half a year ago. Age between 30-35.
Can investigate or block a player each night. Gets one kill total, no other skill can be used while the kill goes out.

Smiley Lang card shark :skull:
He wins nearly every game of poker he plays ,but the town and mob still sits down to play. Once he takes all of their money he will play for secrets or dirt on others instead.

Can lynch anyone he wants 1 time in the game. Can investigate 2 times in game if he investigates CIA or FBI he will get their true identity.

Neutral FBI and CIA night immune for 3 days

Thorbin Jackson CIA
Marshall sent over from Earth as the Major had requested assistance with the ongoing struggles between the two mining companies. May have had different instructions as well. Age 35.
Investigation immune (except by Smiley) , can choose to kill someone each night. Gets 3 investigations and 1 night time roleblock, these will be in place of a kill.

Martin Jones FBI
Sent over by the capitol of XSF-6378 to investigate and if necessary cover up the whole affair. May want to take over the business and town for himself. Age 41.
Investigation immune (except by Smiley), can investigate each night. Gets 3 night time kills and 2 night time roleblock, these will be in place of an investigation.

Dr Darius Robins Crazy doctor :skull:
Deranged individual. Takes medication, but is very unstable. Conflicted between causing and curing pain. Age somewhere between 40-50.
investigation immune Activated when either CIA or FBI dies. Alternates between killing one person at night on even days and healing on uneven days.


The Rules

- Your objective is to eliminate your opposing faction and save the town or rule the town

- The McGarthy miners is allowed 1 kill on odd days and will start the game; The Lennon miners is allowed 1 kill on even days, Either miners will win if they kill all other players

- Citizens will win if they kill all miners and Neutral Roles

- CIA is allowed 1 kill each night if doesn’t use other abilities instead; they win if they kill everyone else and is the sole survivor

- FBI is allowed 3 kills all game, They win if they kill everyone else, and is the sole survivor

- Crazy Doctor is allowed a kill every other night once activated if activated. They win if the kill everyone else, and is the sole survivor

- Each day phase, every town member must vote for whoever they think should be lynched; this person will die and no longer be a part of the game

- In the event of a tie in the number of votes at the end of day phase, The Major will have an option to choose who dies or do nothing and let everyone that is tied die.

- You cannot miss two votes in a row; should this happen, you will be immediately removed from the game, and lynch will still commence based on voting.

- The voting deadline is just that, a deadline. Day phase will finish at 0100 GMT, this means that if you vote at 01:00:01 GMT your vote will be excluded. This is irrelevant of whether the game moderators have posted that voting is closed.

- You are NOT allowed to make public the message sent you by the game moderators to tell you your role, either entirely or in part; should this happen you will be removed from the present game and possibly future editions as well. You can share what your information means, but you cannot share exact text. No copying text from admins

- Once you’re dead, you’re dead. Do not talk about the game to still active players, or post in the forum thread. This will be considered an act of influence upon the remaining players, and will get you banned from future games. We all like to have fun, and play by the rules, so please keep that in mind.

No sharing screen shots.

Major (roleblock)
Jimmy McGarty/ Bartholomew StClaire
Evelyn McGarty/ Llewelyn Lennon Junior
FbI Block/investigation
Deputy if day of investigation
Doctor in training if day of heal
Smiley Lang
Crazy Doctor if is activated
James McGarty/ Llewelyn Lennon

Times Day time will be shorter it seems to drag towards end of round. More EU friendly also
2100 GMT- 1330 GMT Night
1330 GMT-0100 GMT day


Active player list

Current List

  1. Sextans- Lynched day 1
  2. Ordos- lynched day3
  3. HydroP- Killed by CIA Night 1
  4. Daylight lynched day 5
  5. Goddess Lynched day 4
  6. Dukey
  7. Seraph
  8. Nai
  9. TBO
  10. TU killed by CIA night2
  11. TR Lynched day 2
  12. Luker Killed by CIA night 3
  13. Kratom
  14. player1
  15. Genesis
  16. Torqez killed by Lennon fam fam night 2
  17. ZoZ- Killed by FBI night 5
  18. You_Fool
  19. KT- Killed by CIA night 5
  20. Lethal
  21. Missy- Killed by McGarty night 3
  22. A10
  23. Melvin
  24. Lex Inactive killed day 4
  25. Apoc
  26. Arby3- Killed by McGarty GF day 1
  27. Rizzy

As the sun was setting in the South, Noel Johnson turned up the heater in his office. A last flicker of light came through the door as it was swung open by a young man wearing a badge that said “deputy of New Sanguine” on it. He wasn’t too happy with him, he was not the brightest kid in town and he most likely would have trouble outwitting a piece of dry toast. But he had to do something, things were escalating again between the two families and he wasn’t able to handle it all on his own anymore. At least he was as strong as a mule. And that god damn major wasn’t much help either, a lot of whining about how he wanted things resolved. But how? He didn’t really see any good coming from this all. His chair creaked as he slowly sat down. He leaned back and put his feet up on his desk. His back had been killing him today, he was really getting too old for this shit.
He reached out to his bottom drawer, while almost falling out of his chair, and opened it. In it was his real trusted sidekick, his bottle of scotch. He grabbed the bottle, put it to his mouth and pulled the cork out with his teeth. He wanted to be cool about it and spit it out on the ground, but what moron would do that? He spit it into his left hand and put the bottle to his mouth. Even before he could take a sip, Truck Johnson, his deputy, stood next to him with a confused look in his eye.
“It’s not my shift anymore.” Noel muttered into the bottle’s neck.
Truck sighed and turned around to walk to the bulletin board. “None of my business, boss.”
Darn right, Noel thought to himself.
“You can go home, Truck. Have yourself some R and R.”
Truck nodded and took his rifle from his shoulder. He put it down slowly on his desk and looked at it for a bit.
Noel looked at him and sighed. “Take the rifle with you, son.”
Truck smiled and quickly put it around his shoulder again.
“If you say so!” He smiled and quickly ran off.
Dumb piece of shit, Noel thought to himself. But yeah, better him than nothing.
Noel took a big gulp from him bottle of scotch and put the cork back in. He cradled it like a baby and leaned back some more. Time for rest for him too. He closed his eyes and quickly dozed off.

Meanwhile James McGarty was waiting for the last person to leave the station. Plotting and planning this masterplan.

The sheriff woke up dazed and confused with sweat stinging in his still unfocused eyes. It was piping hot in his office. Had his heater gone nuts? He looked at it, but it was still on the same setting. He wiped the sweat from his eyebrows and put the bottle of scotch on his desk. Where was this heat coming from? And what was that smell? Fire? He jumped up from his chair. Fire!
He quickly ran to his door and tried to open it, but it seemed blocked by something. He pushed, but it wouldn’t budge. He looked at the windows, they will are all barred up.
Everything in his office was built so that no one could get in or out through a different opening than his door. And now someone blocked his only way of exit.
He grabbed revolver out of its holster and fired two fully charged photon blasts at the door.
“Shit, shit, SHIT!” He shouted.
Noel already knew before he shot that it would be a futile attempt, the Sheriff’s office was made of reinforced titanium steel. And shouting wouldn’t help him either. It was entirely soundproof, for any interrogations.
He sat back down as he felt he was getting woozy. Must be the smoke, filling up my lungs, he thought to himself.
He looked at the bottle of scotch and stretched out to get it. But he couldn’t gather the strength. He closed his eyes… and it felt as if a warm, comforting blanket was laid over him, holding him down. He tried to struggle against it all, but this wasn’t a battle he could win. He could feel it all slip away as he dropped slowly into a dark, silent abyss.

Back in an alley, in the light of the second moon of XSF-6378, Dr Darius Robins was busy rummaging through some garbage. He had been on the run for so long and he couldn’t even hide in a hotel or get a nice meal anywhere else in this town. Sometimes he’d find some food in the garbage, it wasn’t all bad. Sometimes he’d catch a rat. After a while without any actual food, you don’t get picky anymore. He sat down on the ground and looked at the sky. It was so different here than on the other planets he had been to. The stars seemed of a different colour here. Probably something in the air. He couldn’t put his finger on it. As he sat there and waited, it actually seemed peaceful at times. He slowly got up and dusted off his jacket and pants. While he did that, a young girl came walking into the alley. Dr Robins looked at her as she walked by him. “Any chance you have something for me to eat, young girl.” He said as he tried to use his most innocent smile on her. “No, sir. Nothing.” She said, while covering up herself. He could see she was startled, she started walking a bit faster. “Don’t be scared of me.” He said, now with a sinister grin on his face. “I’m a doctor.” Quickly, before she could act, he jumped at her. In his hand, he had a scalpel that he swiftly had pulled out of his jacket. He crouched down and with a precise swing he cut the Achilles tendon on her right heel. A small stream of blood poured out of the perfectly executed incision. The girl dropped to the floor and shouted out in pain. He jumped on top of her and held his left hand in front of her mouth. She tried to fight him, but he had positioned himself on her so she couldn’t move. With his right hand, he frantically started undoing the buttons on his pants. “Don’t worry.” He whispered in her ear. “I’m a medical professional.” The girl tried to bite his hand, but that only made it more exciting for him. While keeping her down, he started stroking himself, but it wasn’t really doing anything for him…

He pulled his scalpel out of his jacket again and opened up the piece of cloth on her back. He made another incision on the right part of her back, just where her kidney would be. He could hardly stop himself from releasing a sound of joy as he pushed inside her to grab hold of her kidney. Her squirming underneath him as he gently squeezed it made him feel ecstatic. With the blood still on his hand, he grabbed his penis again and started stroking it once more. “Ah yes…” He was thoroughly enjoying himself. For about 2 minutes, Thorbin Jackson had stood there and observed this all. What in the name of anything holy was occurring in front of him? He had orders to follow, but this was something he couldn’t let slip by. He pulled out handmade rifle and charged the bullet. He aimed at the sick bastard and pulled the trigger. The bullet landed straight in his neck. He looked at his watch. “And, 1-2…” The doctor turned around and looked at him with disgust. “Who…?” Before he could finish his sentence, the bullet in his neck exploded, removing his head from his body and covering the alley in blood. Thorbin, knowing what he was doing, was just outside the blast radius. He walked up to the corpse and saw the girl still lying under it. He removed the hand from her face and cleaned the blood from it. “I’m sorry, kid.” He said. “But you can’t ever talk to anyone about having seen me.” He smiled and tapped her on the forehead. “If you do…” he made the sound of an explosion to illustrate it for her. Thorbin patted her on the head and walked away, leaving the girl lying there, under the body of a deranged lunatic.

Noel Johnson Sheriff (Arby3) killed by James McGarty Godfather
Dr Darius Robins Crazy doctor (HydroP) killed by Thorbin Jackson CIA
Both stories written by Mr.blonde
It is now Day phase you have to 0100 GMT

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Current votes:

Genesis (1) - Lex
TBO (1)- Rizzy
Sextans (12)Lethal, TU, Goddess, Ordos, player1, melvin, Luker, TR, Seraph, Kratom, You_fool, Apoc
Ordos (1)-Torqez
Lethal (4)-zoz, Genesis, Nai, Dukey
Lex (1)- Missy
Melvin (1)- Daylight
Goddess of the dead (4)- A-10, KT, Sextans, TBO

The town of New Sanguine has gathered to decide who among them would no longer be welcomed. The people voted and the Major had an area prepped for the execution. The staging area for the event was an old fashioned platform with a few ropes hanging from above. This isn’t what was planned for today’s festivities, today had something grand planned for all to partake in. Sextans was walked to the stage by newly named Sheriff Truck Johnson, his arms was chained up in the air on opposite posts and his legs tied around the ankles spread eagle to the lower portions of the same posts. The Town began taking turns with a knife some just making small cuts while others sliced his face. The doctor’s daughter Janice took the knife and placed it above Sextans right ear and applied pressure as cutting downward. Truck Johnson plunged the knife in his upper left thigh and pulled it out slowly twisting it. The last one to go was Doctor Herbert who earlier that day did the autopsy on a young girl that was torn apart in horrible and heinous ways. The thought of what if that was Janice hasn’t left his thoughts since, he took the knife and lifted up the loin cloth covering his Penile area and slowly started cutting from the base though the ball sack till it fell down in front of Sextans. Blood started gushing out and soon all his life has left him. Llewelyn Lennon Junior (Sextans) was no more.

Llewelyn Lennon Junior (Sextans) was no more.
Written by Jets
You have till 1330 for your night time roles

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Llewelyn Lennon mere hours ago witnessed his son be murdered by the town and plotted his avenge against the doctor. The sheer thought of what he witnessed got his blood boiling and he knew just what he had to do. “Dr. Jacobsson was an older man and I want him to have to live with the same pain that I have to” he thought to himself. He started his plan by heading down to the pub under the inn and paid off the bartender to overpour a certain patron when they arrived. “This will be simple as easy can be” Llewelyn thought to himself. The hours started ticking by and he arrived at the bar sat at a table off in the corner to observe. The bartender seemed to be doing what he asked and shortly before closing time he left the location to be sure he wasn’t seen leaving with the victim. Knowing the path she would take he hid behind a building waiting for her to walk by. She was singing Girls just want to have fun and being loud bumping into everything., When she walked by he politely asked if he could help her home. She swung her arms and said no ,but then agreed he steadied her by having her arm around his neck. As they walked past the cemetery he told Janice that this would be a short cut. They walked in together ,but only Mr. Lennon walked out. The next morning Dr. Jacobsson found a box on his doorstep and when he opened it, He instantly dropped to his knees and shouted “No No NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”. In that box was a piece of Janice’s ear with an earring that he gave her for her birthday just the week before.


It was a normal night with the stars illuminating brightly in the sky. The Teenagers of the town headed to Mount Bison to drink and party. The mountain was a beautiful spot and from the distance made the shape of the old earth animal it’s named after. The top of the mountain has these hot springs that the teenagers eventually stripped down and sat in just talking, and drinking. They were unaware that they were being watched from the shadows of the night. A few hours past midnight most everyone went asleep or was passed out except for Jimmy McGarty only 18 years old ,but was trying to flirt with this girl he liked for some time. Jimmy obviously had to much to drink and was being a bit forceful to say the least. Thorbin Jackson has seen enough and lined up his sights. The girl ran from Jimmy ,but ran back when he said “I think I just got shot in my ass” she walked around him and could see the blood dripping out his rear end. She said “yes you have” A moment later his body split in 3 sections with the explosion inside of himself. Left leg went to the north, the chest and head with arms flipped straight up in the air and his other leg just went a bit in the other direction. Jimmy McGarty is no more.

Janice Jacobsson (Torqez) killed by Lennon mining corp
Jimmy McGarty (The unknown) is no more Killed by CIA

Written by Jets

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thirdrock (15)-Lethal, KT, Ordos234 , zoz, Luker, you_fool, player1, TBO, Genesis, Dukey, GotD, Daylight, Apoc, Rizzy,Missy
ordos (1)- Melvin
Genesis (1)- Lex
Lethal (4)-tr, kratom, Seraph, Nai

thirdrock was chained up in the loincloth just like the day before, up on the stage, in front of the town. He begged " just hang me plz" not wanting the same death as sextans ,but that wasn’t the town plan at all. Earlier that day he was put under using advanced medicine when he was freaking out and scaring the children. He was brought inside a private room where the doctor performed a surgery that involved sowing his anus shut. When Tr awoke he was very hungry and the voting procedures has limitless amounts of the best food ever known to mankind. He ate chili dogs and corn beef among other favorites from the planet earth. A special drink was giving to him before he was chained up filled with chemicals that will make him have a bowel movement. Now as he is chained he vomits and vomits under the intense pressure of not being able to release the shit built up inside of him. His body is struggling to stay upright as he continues to vomit and scream out in pain. This goes on for a few hours, and Truck Johnson pulls out his gun and shoots him right between the eyes. Tr could of lived a few days in this pain ,but “Carlos Ortega” The town drunk and former inmate was spared a slower death for the peace of mind of the town. Knowing one less criminal was on the loose and New Sanguine was a safer place because of it.

“Carlos Ortega” (thirdrock) was now dead
Written by Jets
Night time roles you have till 1330 GMT to send in your decisions

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Evelyn McGarty walked out of the door, her son had only recently died and she was still shook up by it all. What kind of monster would take the life of such an innocent young boy? She wiped away the tears from her eyes and looked across the border of their estate. At the far right she could see a man climbing over the fence. She gasped and quickly ran inside, closing the door behind her. Next to the door was a red button, she pushed it with much force and she could hear the sound of iron bolts dropping down.
Thank god James had these installed, she thought to herself. And the windows were made of tempered glass able unable to be penetrated by any bullets, not even exploding ones. James had told her this and explained what to do in case of an emergency. She turned around and pushed a small button next to the light switch. A small door, hidden in the wall, clicked open and a cabinet was revealed. She opened the door and firmly took hold of the plasma rifle inside. She held it close to her body and looked around the hall. It was probably best to go upstairs, she thought to herself. She took one more look outside, the man she saw was still approaching the house.
Who was he? No time, she thought, and she didn’t really want to find out either.
She ran up the stairs and jumped over to the door to their bedroom. She looked at the door to her son’s bedroom and froze. What if it was the same man? Has he come to kill her too?
She quickly shook it off and grabbed the handle behind her to enter her bedroom. She slid in and locked it behind her. She breathed heavily and dropped to the ground. In front of her, in the chair next to the bed, sat a man with a gun in his hand.
“Don’t even think of using that rifle, ma’am.” He calmly said. “It needs a couple of second to charge. All those old rifles do.”
He got up and calmly walked at her. Evelyn panicked and threw the rifle at him. He swiftly caught the rifle in the air and pushed the charge button on it.
“Well, thank you. Saves me the trouble of using my own gun.” He grinned and put away his own gun.
“This is nothing personal, ma’am.” He said while pointing the rifle at her.
“But… I don’t even know who you are…” She stammered.
He nodded at her.
“That’s fine…”
A small beep came from the gun, it was done charging. He aimed at her head and pulled the trigger.
A flash of light came from the gun and a plasma blast blew away the top half of her body, leaving a big hole behind her in the wall. He dropped down to his knees and looked through the hole. He could see right into the hallway.
“Now that’s an old decent gun…” He said to himself.

Downstairs he could hear someone knock on the door. Thorbin Jackson dropped the plasma rifle and walked to the window. He looked down through it and could see a young man walk around the house.
Probably some bible salesman, he said to himself. He would wait for him to leave and then he’d take off as well…

Smiley Lang sighed of relief as the air started filling up with the warm damp of his urine. He had been holding it up for hours as he just couldn’t leave that card game without being accused of cheating. Which he most certainly did. His chuckling made him miss the pot, but he quickly got his aim back.
He looked down, some prostitute told him back in the day it resembled an elephant’s penis, but he never really got why. It was pretty normal sized, he thought. He leaned forward and rested his head against the wooden board above the toilet.
Behind him, he heard the door open. He didn’t feel like looking back. He was just too tired.
The man walked past him and took the urinal right next to his. So fucking rude, he thought to himself. But he wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of his anger. He had already stopped urinating, but he didn’t really feel like leaving. Maybe he drank a bit too much.

He opened his eyes as he heard the sound of something falling into water and he felt a splash of urine hit him. He looked down and saw a small device with a blinking light on it. He looked to his side and saw Jacob Long running away from him as fast as he could. Before he could react, the device went off, blowing him away from the urinal with a tremendous force. His momentum was put to a halt by a condom vending unit, as he dropped to the ground, some even fell out on top him.
He looked down and saw his body was covered in blood. He tried to stop the bleeding, but he was slowly slipping away. Must’ve hit an artery, he thought to himself.
He closed his eyes and felt the last bit of life force leave him.

Evelyn McGarty- (Luker the mobster is dead)
Smiley Lang - (Missy they killed missy)

Stories written by Mr.Blonde

** You have till 0100 GMT to vote **

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Ordos234 (8)- A-10, rizzy, You_fool, , player1, genesis, daylight,TBO, Nai
Seraph (2)- zoz, Apoc
Goddess of the dead (2)-Ordos, kratom,
Nai (6)- KT, Dukey, Seraph, Lethal,GotD, melvin,

Still to vote Lex

New Sanguine was having the biggest super storm the people have ever seen the storm was really indescribable with Lightning storms worst than those on the planet Mars. The sky kept flashing like it was the fouth of july 10 times over no these were no fireworks only insane and criminal acts of this universe. Hurricane like weather with high winds and rain that flooded the streets which looked more like a river than a street. It was nasty outside and the whole town was in one of the bigger buildings up on higher ground, but many of the town people never even been inside before. Once the votes came in the major schemed up a great and relaxing way to get the town to stay calm during the storm and still get rid of the degenerate of the town. The guards brought ordos into a room with 30 ft walls the room was huge decorated with couches with great lighting. The center of the room had a tray with grapes and strawberries a chocolate fondue fountain against the wall on the left was a hottub Ordos felt like he won the lottery he also thought to himself " If this is what happened before you died I want to die everyday." The guards told him to relax and enjoy himself so Ordos took off his shirt revealing a 6 pack and muscular arms unknowing to him that the town was watching him from above. The town now had popcorn and beer and sat down to enjoy the show. In one of the corners of the room was a box and Ordos being curious had to see what was inside. The box contained fuzzy handcuffs, whips, anal beads, dildos, and so much more. He pulled out a butt plug thinking no one would notice, and quickly inserted it and sat down on the couch. A few moments later 2 guys walked in and these were no guards they sat down next to him. Started kissing him and rubbing him all over with some baby oil. The men started kissing him from his head, his lips, down his chest working their way lower and lower. Ordos said out loud “is this heaven” ,but after about a couple hours of this orgy they blindfold him. Bent him over and insert his ass with a 10 ft spear not slowly ,but like the storm fast, dangerously, destructively, and once it was over not only has the storm passed ,but Ordos the Plain townie also.

Ordos (the plain townie died)


James McGarty had to wait out the storm in town, he had managed to get to a stable just in time. The buzzing sound of his hover bike underneath him soothed him as he drove through the wreckage of the storm. Trees were knocked down, gates had been tossed through the air and everything was covered in dust. Losing his son had left him distraught, who had any reason to kill him? Even Llewelyn wouldn’t sink to that level. But who then? Maybe Evelyn had come up with any information. He sped up as he avoided any debris on the road.

Only after a short while he noticed a man walking on the road from his house. He squinted his eyes, but he couldn’t say he recognized the man. He released the throttle with his right hand and slowly reached for his gun. He wasn’t taken any chances…

He had wanted to leave the James’ estate right after the man had left, but that storm seemed to have started brewing out of nowhere. Thorbin Jackson decided it was best to just wait it out in the house. Little chance anyone else would show up there during it anyway. Now why didn’t he take a vehicle with him?

He looked up and in the distance he could see a man on a hover bike approaching. He slowly reached to the plasma rifle on his back and pushed a button on it. The sound of the charging plasma rifle only made him tense up even more.

James’ hover bike slowly came to a stop on its own, he leaned a bit to the left and observed the man. It seemed he had a rifle on his back. James had his gun in his right hand, away from the man’s sight.

“And who might you be, stranger?” James shouted at him.

The man stopped walking and looked straight at him.

“I’m nobody, kind sir.” Thorbin shouted back. “Just a man taking an evening stroll.”

James wasn’t buying it.

“Then why are you coming from my land?” He grasped his gun firmly, ready for any action.

Thorbin looked back over his shoulder.

“That’s yours?” He calmly said and he slowly approached James. “You must be a rich man, if that’s all your land.”

James smirked and leaned forward.

“I pretty much own all of this land around here.” He said, with an arrogant tone in his voice.

Thorbin slowly kept on walking closer to him. He had to strike at the right time. He was clearly hiding something in his right hand.

“Well, it’s a nice piece of la…”

Before Thorbin could finish his sentence, James showed him his gun. Thorbin quickly got out of the blast area of his gun and swung around his rifle. He grabbed hold of the trigger and pulled it.

But James had already stretched his leg to kick it to the side. A photon blast blew past Thorbin’s head and he could see his own blast miss James. He lost his balance and dropped to the ground. As he got up again, he heard the sound of the accelerating hover bike.

“Fucking shit…” Thorbin shouted furiously.

He pushed the charge button on the plasma rifle again and got one knee. He aimed for him and pulled the trigger as soon as rifle was done charging. But he missed… he was too far out now.

James looked back and saw the plasma rifle fire. Who the hell was that guy? He sure as hell wasn’t going to find out right now. He got lucky, this man knew what he was doing. He pulled the throttle all the way back and leaned down, he had to get to his house as quick as possible…

Llewelyn Lennon woke up and looked at the ceiling while his eyes adjusted to the light. He slid to the side of the bed and just sat there for a bit. A lot had been going on outside. Murders around town, a big storm. He had decided to just stay inside. He reach over to a chair covered in clothes and pulled out a pair of trousers. He put them on and walked into his adjacent bathroom.

He looked at himself in the mirror and sighed. He should probably shave. He rubbed past his beard and grinned. Must have been three weeks since he shaved last.

He opened the faucet and after a few seconds warm water started pouring into the sink. Oh shoot, he forgot to put the stop in. He almost burned his fingers, but he got it in. He blew in his fingers. Bloody hot water, like always. He wished he’d never moved to this god forsaken planet.

The mirror was already fogged up, he grabbed a towel and wiped it clean. He closed the faucet, the sink was full enough. He got his shaving cream out of the small cabinet behind him and grabbed his razor as well. He put the razor in the hot water and filled his hand up with shaving cream. He dispersed it over his beard and quickly washed his hands in the still piping hot water. He turned around to put the shaving cream back and felt his foot was stuck under the matt on the floor. With nothing to grab on to in time, he dropped to the floor with his arms flapping in the air. With a hard scream and a loud bang he landed, with his face right next to the toilet bowl.

“GOD!” He shouted out, knowing there was no one that could even heard him.

He dodged a bullet there. All alone in the bathroom, this is how old people die.

Slowly, he grabbed hold of the toilet bowl and pulled himself up. He sat down and sighed. That was going to leave a bruise. He got to the sink and splashed water in his face. He got the towel and dried himself off. He’d get a shave another time…

When he got downstairs, he noticed he was in fact entirely alone. Imagine what would have happened if he’d hit that toilet bowl. A shiver ran down his spine.

He walked over to the calendar and looked at the date. He jumped up and immediately bent over. That drop earlier really hurt him. Might have even broken something.

But it was Wednesday! Bingo night!

He quickly put on his shoes and put on his jacket. There was no way in hell he was missing Bingo night for anything.

He walked up to the tavern and saw a big hole in the side. He walked in and looked at the bartender.

“What happened to the toilet?” Llewelyn asked.

The bartender looked at him.

“You mean… you really don’t know?”

“Would I ask if I did?” Llewelyn looked at him with one eyebrow raised.

“Oh, sorry…” The bartender replied. “Figured you’d… oh well… someone blew up the toilet. With Smiley in it.”

Llewelyn gasped.

“Then what about Bingo night?” He asked, knowing all too well what would follow.

The bartender looked at him and shook his head.


No one died (disappointingly)


Melvin (2) - Kratom, Nai,
Nai (2) - A-10, Daylight
Goddess (12) -zoz, player1, lethal, apoc, rizzy, tbo, seraph, genesis,gotd, you_fool, dukey, kt

Not voted Lex ( killed by missing to votes in a row)
Llewelyn Lennon was a wanted man and the town has made a decision ,but no one has seen him for 2 days. Where could he be people wondered, and they didn’t think for long as most really didn’t care. He wasn’t the nicest guy around or on top of anyone’s christmas gift list. Around the time voting ended the town noticed a big black cat that was chewing on something that looked like a finger. This nice older lady walked over to the cat and talked to him and asked where he found it. The cat ran off towards the forbidden land ,and the town followed. The forbidden land is a place of dangerous species that are much more dangerous than those found on earth. The cat barely inside the forbidden land meow’d and the town saw the body of Lennon meat almost completely torn off the bones his face only halfway eaten. The Boakin Cat a gigantic cat the size of moose roared and charged the group like it was hunting. 5 town people opened fired and it took multiple shots before it went down. The town carried the Cat back to town saying "tonight we feast. "

As the town arrived back they mocked James McGarty by throwing things at him while he remained chained on the stage. For some hours they knew they had the right target for lynch as a confession was made. The town had some special plans for James and decided that he needed not to die to fast as this was the cop killer after all. They prepared a hole and place James into the box at the bottom. They filled in the hole and James has to face his own demons deep inside of himself till the moment he takes his last breath. Thoughts of losing those he loved, thoughts of never breathing the air from above, thoughts of killing the cop, thoughts of how life could of been different.

Both Godfathers are dead
Llewelyn Lennon- Lex- killed by mods- BANNED
James McGarty- Goddess of the dead -lynched

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It was a warm day, as usual, when KT, or “Cat Lady” as the kids in the neighborhood called her, walked out onto her porch to sit down in her comfortable rocking chair. She hadn’t really seen much of all the ruckus in town lately. She lived on the outskirts of town as she enjoyed the silence more than all the fuss of the town folk. Jermaine, her black Maine Coon with white whiskers, jumped onto her lap and started purring.
“Hungry, are you?” She asked him with a sweet tone of voice. “Yeah, I’ll get you some food after I’ve enjoyed my morning pipe.”
Next to her rocking chair stood an old crate with an ashtray on top of it. In it, lay an old wooden pipe. It was the only thing left she had taken with her since she left Earth. The rest she either sold or threw away. Earth, she had many fond memories of the cats she took in and raised. And after a while, lost…
A tear ran down her face. She petted Jermaine and smiled at him. Lucky for her she had been blessed with many good cats in her lifetime. She removed the last bit of ashes from her pipe and filled it up with some new tobacco. She took her lighter and held it in the bowl. Slowly, she puffed a couple times and put it back down. She exhaled and felt a warm relaxing feeling come down on her. She really enjoyed pipe from time to time.

She turned around in her chair as she was startled by a rustling sound coming from her kitchen.
“Whiskers McPurrington, if that’s you…” She jumped out of her chair and rushed in, leaving the door open behind her. But it wasn’t her cat this time. She stood in her kitchen, with her mouth open, staring at a man she had never seen, who was holding a knife in is hand.
“Wh-wh-who a-a-re y-ou?” She stammered.
“Now relax, lady.” Thorbin Jackson said, firmly keeping hold of the knife. “My name is Thorbin Jackson, CIA. I’m just here to clean up a bit. The place seemed abandoned from the back. I’ll be gone any second now.”
Without thinking she grabbed Jermain from the ground and threw him at Thorbin.
Thorbin caught the cat and threw him to the side.
KT wanted to scream, but before she could even make a sound, Thorbin had moved in on her and held his hand over her mouth. She froze as she felt the cold steel of the knife slide into her stomach. She wanted to fight, but her body was entirely paralyzed.
Thorbin twisted the knife and pushed it to the side, opening up her stomach.
It felt as if a warm, wet blanket fell on her knees. She looked down and saw her guts were hanging out.
He let go off her and she fell back, still in shock. She wanted to grab onto her guts and push them back in, but it felt as if her body had turned to stone. She just laid there, waiting for her demise…

It felt as if a lifetime had gone by, Thorbin had already left a while ago. She was just too weak to move anywhere at this moment. Her cats had already started licking her wounds. Soon they’d eat her, she was sure of it.
But, what was that? She could feel someone’s footsteps approaching.

Jacob Long slowly walked into KT’s house. He came here to let off some steam. He had a pretty good understanding with the “Cat Lady”, but because of recent events he felt he might as well enjoy it a bit. His intent was not very pure, but he deserved a treat as well.
“Well, what the hell happened here?” He said, more to himself than anyone else.
He looked at KT lying there with more surprise than concern.
“Well, would be a shame if I let this go to waste…” He said while unbuckling his pants.
He bent over her and looked her in the eyes.
“I hope you enjoy this too.” He said, with a big smirk on his face.

Story by Mr.Blonde

Martin Jonesa smart calculated man decided that tonight was the night. He went in his closet and opened a dry cleaning bag pulled out the clothes and put them on. He then proceeded to look in the mirror and said “I am Jones Martin Jones.” He picked out some special tools and packed a small bag to bring with him.

knocking sounds Knock Knock Knock**

“Hello can I help you” a man said. " sorry to bother you kind sir my hovercar broke down and I was wondering if I could use your galactic phone, so I can arrange another way to get to this important meeting." Martin said The man let him inside seeing the way he was dressed it seemed everything added up. “Nice house by the way” Said Martin “Thanks” said the man The man then offered Martin a drink and then proceeded to go in the kitchen. Mr Jones grabbed a tiny electric device out of his pocket and slammed it into the man’s neck. ** Jack** wakes up and says " Martin I remember when you came to this town and wanted to help. I was here I helped you find a nice place for your wife and kids. I thought we were friends. UNTIE ME NOW LET ME OUT OF THIS CHAIR. Do you know who you are messing with. I fought in 7 wars I am a highly decorated war veteran." Martin pulls out another tool basic pliers and inserted into Jacks mouth pulling out 1 tooth. Jack screams and screams “you don’t have to do this I can give you money.” Another tooth gets pulled out. Jack screams in pain and asks " Have I ever told you about my pet chicken" Martin laughs and says I hope the chicken died just like you will tonight. He reaches in his small bag to pull out a hammer and a round piece of metal that he places over the pinky bone then smashes it with the hammer. Then the index finger until all 10 bones were broken. Jack screams and screams stop stop stoppppppppppppp. Martin is enjoying every moment of this ,but he pulls out a knife this time. He makes an incision from both wrists up to the elbows of both arms. He goes and grabs a bottle of wine. Once the screams and the blood stopped flowing Jack was no more.

Story by Jets

KT (the plain townie)- was killed by the CIA
ZOZ (The mayor Jack Bartington Major) Killed by FBI


Story pls
Nai (1) - Kratom
Melvin (3) - A-10, daylight,tbo
Daylight (10)- Nai, genesis,lethal, you_fool, seraph,dukey, apoc, player1,rizzy, melvin,kratom,rizzy
Still to vote no one

StClaire was led to the staged. Pleading his innocence the whole way there. With Jack no longer around the town looked to Martin to help with these sort of things. This was very last minute and he told the town why don’t they just do things the old fashioned way. The town watched as the rope went around StClaire’s neck how he stood strong in the face of what was to become. Not much time later the spot where we was standing started to rise higher and higher. He was four stories above everyone else at this point the air at this level is perfect for harks a bird that is very dangerous. A few harks start to circle him and the platform ejects him into the air. It is unknown if the rope or the harks actually ended his life as a few body parts dropped back down to the ground. The town rejoiced.

Daylight (Stclaire- mobster miner) lynched day 5

The last mob team will now be able to kill each night

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Lethal a short stocky man had a routine about him. A man that mostly kept to himself ,but was known to get a bit rowdy after he had a few, and he visited the bar nightly. This night was just like the ones before it, Lethal stopped by the bar and drank a few while watching the UIC the Ultimate inmate championships on the big 4D screen. The new world had legalized inmate prison fights for many they made more money for their families in prison than on the outside. Lethal Loved watching ,but he knew it was getting late and he had one more place he always went. He paid his tab and left the bar jumped in his hovertruck and sat back while the truck drove him to Lake. He got out of his truck and grabbed his cooler and his fishing pole and laid it by the shore, and took one more trip to the truck for his folding chair. Lethal is drinking and fishing like he does every night and nothing seems to be biting tonight. He sat there for a few hours and still nothing was biting. It was such a beautiful night that he stripped down to bare skin and walked into the water. Took a swim for around 30 minutes and dove under the water to swim back towards shore, and as Lethal lifts his head out of the water and stands up near shore he see’s a man standing there “Who the hell are you” Said Lethal. Thorbin Jackson just stood there laughing and said “I might have misjudged you I thought you were that big dicked Truck Johnson and I can tell I was way wrong.” Well Since we are both here I will do what I came here for (Lethal starts to pee in fear) Thorbin doesn’t usually like getting his hands dirty ,but decided to this one time. He grabbed lethal and pushed him back down towards the water, took some steps towards him and held his head under the water for a few minutes and the job was done Lethal the plain townie was no more.

Story by Jets

Kratom woke up with a splitting headache and his head glued to a table. He slowly pushed himself up and heard the skin of his face come loose from the table. The smell of beer and whiskey reminded him how he got to be in this place. He must’ve drank too much again and passed out in the bar.
Still slightly drunk, he tried to focus his eyes on his surroundings. Nobody to be seen anywhere.
He pulled himself together and stretched his arms out wide. He yawned and let himself fall back into his chair. He had not really been involved in anything the town.
“Wait, where’s Smiley?” He said out loud.
He got back up and looked around, there was no sign of Smiley either. Normally he’d have been in the bar at any time of the day. He slowly rose himself up and moved his head from side to side.
He moaned while his neck cracked. His sleeping place had not been first class.
He looked down at the table. There was still a sip of whiskey left in one of the glasses. He reached down and took it to his lips.
“Bottoms up…” He said, before throwing the whiskey down his throat.

He slowly shuffled out the saloon and checked his watch. It was nearly noon, why didn’t anyone wake him up? While his eyes adjusted to the radiant light of the sun, he noticed someone approaching him rapidly.
Before he knew it, he was knocked upside down and a couple feet back from where he stood. He struggled to get back up and to understand what was going on.
“Who the…” He couldn’t even finish his sentence. He took another kick to the face, leaving him entirely unbalanced.
Somehow he managed to stand up. He looked around, still dizzy from the kick, but he couldn’t see his assailant.
“A thousand years of death, you bastard!” He heard someone yell from behind him.

On one knee, behind Kratom, sat Aloysius Brand, his hands woven together, with his two index fingers and his middle fingers pointed forward. With an admirable thrust, he punched his fingers into Kratom’s rectum.
Kratom felt Aloysius’ fingers power through his bridges and fill up his anal cavity.
He screamed it out in pain while he flew a couple of feet forward before landing flat on his face.
Aloysius stood over him with a look of pride on his face. He knew his attack left Kratom with enough internal bleeding to die within a few hours. He dragged him to the back of the saloon and left him there in the alley to bleed out.

Kratom died several hours later, wondering what the hell he did wrong…

Truck Johnson had been running around town, always one step behind of everything. Since the night the sheriff died, he had zero guidance. He’d been trying to get some stories from everyone and they were all full of shit. A lot of people were ending up dead and nobody knew anything to tell him. But the sheriff didn’t make him deputy for nothing. He had a duty to fulfill. He pulled up his cruiser to the house of that “Cat Lady”. He heard something had been going on there as well. He climbed out of the side door and stepped firmly onto the ground. He was certain this would at least bring him a bit closer to what was going on around here. He heard the cruiser power down and lock its doors behind him. He stepped onto the front porch of the house and knocked on the door. No answer. He walked to one of the windows and tried to see in. It was too dark for him to make anything out properly. He put his hands around his eyes and tried to get a clearer image. But he couldn’t make anything out at all. Just some furniture. He jumped back as he heard the floor creek next him. But he was too late, there stood Jacob Long, his hand stretched out to his side. He felt the blade pierce his side. Truck quickly grabbed onto Jacob and tried to keep hold of him. But he couldn’t keep hold of him, he was losing strength by the second. Jacob punched him on his head and eventually he had to let go.

He dropped on his back and looked down at his shirt, which now drenched in a dark shade of red. Truck quickly pushed down on it, but the flow was too much. He couldn’t hold it back. He panicked and looked around. “HEEEELP!!!” He yelled out. A scream of agony followed. Why had he gone out alone? He heard Jacob run off into the distance. “Shit-shit-shit…” He said to himself. “What am I going to do?” The longer he bled, the weaker he felt. So this was going to be it? He leaned back and looked up at the sky. What a shithole to die in, he thought to himself. Suddenly he felt someone grab hold of him and pulling away his hands. He looked up and saw the face of Dr Herbert Jacobsson. He sighed of relief. But before he could even relish in the thought of being saved, he saw the shadow of a man approaching. Dr Jacobsson turned around and Truck saw his head get blown clear off. He closed his eyes, his last chance at survival had just been taken away. Martin Jones had walked into the scene by chance. He wasn’t going to interfere, but when he saw the doctor try and save him, he knew he could get two birds stoned at once. Two birds with one stone? Whatever… He looked down at the two bodies lying there with a satisfied look on his face. This town was being decimated nicely.

Stories by MrBlonde

Kratom the plain townie killed by Aloysius Brand
Lethal the plain townie killed by CIA
TBO- Dr Herbert Jacobsson killed by FBI
You_Fool Truck Johnson killed by Jacob Long (admended zombie fool lives)

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Melvin-(4) A-10,Sereph you fool, apoc
Seraph (4)-Rizzy,melvin, genesis, Nai
Apoc (2) Dukey,player1,

With all the rain that New Sanguine has received over the past weeks in back of the hotel was mud on mud. The new el Jefe Martin thought a little light hearted entertainment was in order for the town and he knew the perfect two people to participate Melvin and Seraph. Melvin was the first to strip down into his tighty whities and jumped into the mud. Seraph was hesitant at first ,but eventually stripped down revealing he been wearing a pink lace thong and dived into the mud. The smart money was on Melvin a taller gentleman ,but the good odds were on Seraph short chubby man that loved to eat. The wages were made and the fight started with melvin getting the first good shot in right to Seraph’s jaw. Someone said the winner got a 16 oz steak and seraph pounced gracefully on top of melvin. It looked like two monkeys were humping a football to be honest. This went on for some time and both of em were exhausted Truck Johnson finally ended it all by putting a bullet in each of their heads.

Melvin (the plain townie has died )
Seraph (the plain townie has died)

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Truck Johnson woke up and raised his head up to see what was weighing him down. He saw the lifeless body of the doctor lying on top of him. Distraught, tears started running down his face. Was there no one who could help him? Really… no one? He heard footsteps approaching. He turned his head and looked up with his watery eyes into the face of Jacob Long. “Fuck, you’re still alive?” Jacob Long said. He walked over to the side of the house and grabbed a shovel. “No, Jacob, please… don’t…” Truck whined at him. But Jacob was not having any of it. He firmly embraced the wooden handle with both hands and prepared to wack it down on Truck’s head. Before he could even raise it up, a smoke bomb went off right next to him. He jumped back and tried to see who threw it. But the gas was already affecting his eyesight. Jacob dropped the shovel and ran off as quick as he could. Aloysius Brand had been just in time to stop that boy from hurting the other boy. He scratched his head. What in name of the seven seas was going on here? He held his hand in front of his mouth and ran into the smoke. He grabbed Truck by his shirt and pulled him out of the smoke. “You’re gonna be alright, kid.” He said, with a smile on his face.

Aloysius Brand had been disappointed with himself, a highly skilled, former black ops specialist like himself, having this much trouble in this town. Too many things had gone wrong and he was just left in the dark. Him saving that young deputy was more dumb luck than any real skill. He’d have taken out that boy with the shovel, but him killing the wrong person the other day hadn’t left him unscathed. Luckily, he’d brought his medi-kit with him. The stimpac should keep the kid alive and he’d managed to glue his wound shut.
He got up from the ground and walked into the main road. It had become a ghost town as of lately. Everyone was scared to come out. Probably afraid to get killed by some passer-by.

He looked up and suddenly saw a glimmer of something on the top of a roof. He immediately jumped back in the alley before he heard a loud crackle in the air. Before him, on the ground, a small grenade landed. He recognized it immediately, it was military grade photon grenade. He ran back as hard as he could and as he heard it detonate, he jumped forward with all the strength he had. But he couldn’t avoid it entirely, the blast sent a wave of highly charged electricity out, burning the clothes of his backside. As he got up, he could already smell the scent of burnt flesh. He leaned on his right leg and grunted. He had just given his only stimpac to that kid. What to do next?
Thorbin Jackson whistled as he walked down the main road. He was sure the photon grenade would have done its trick. He walked through the rubble the blast had made and over the scorched ground into the alley. He looked at the deeply burnt back of the man he knew was an expatriate. “Sir, I have no intention of letting you leave here alive.” Thorbin said, while stretching out his gun. “I know.” Aloysius calmly said, trying not to show any weakness. “But can you leave the kid alive?” Thorbin smirked and pulled the trigger. Aloysius’ lifeless body quickly dropped to the ground. “Alright… for now…” Thorbin said as he turned around and walked away.

Aloysius Brand (Genesis) was killed by Thorbin Jackson (CIA)

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Rizzy: (2) player1, apoc
Apoc:(2) dukey fool
Dukey:(2) rizzy a10
Not voted Nai

Rizzy was cought red handed with his hand in the cooke Jar. The votes were arriving and he knew his time was numbered. Just as voting has ended he took off and ran for it saying " you won’t catch me i am the gingerbeard man" He ran and ran then he tripped the momentum pushed him forward and at a high enough speed. The impact of hitting those rocks were enough to end the life of Jacob Long once and for all.

Dukey and Apoc was told the winner in a battle to the death would be set free. Dukey took off running and Apoc took chase. Dukey was pretty quick and to be honest didn’t seem to be much of a fighter, he was more like a dunken town idiot. He never did much ,but was fun to keep around at least. Dukey ran into the Lennon mining corp mines which have been abandoned for a few days now. Dukey tripped and Apoc cought up to him he took out his knife and sliced his legs up not overly deep ,but enough that it would hinder him running. Apoc backed off and dukey got up and started off again like before Apoc followed behind ,but now he could just follow the drips of blood on the ground. Apoc punched dukey in the back of the head and down dukey went again. This time Apoc took out his pliers and pulled a few teeth and placed them in his pocket. Apoc grabbed the pickaxe that was laying on the ground nearby and slammed it down on top of dukey’s left hand. Apoc again backed off and Dukey struggled but managed to get back to his feet and then apparently he gave up he begged for Apoc to kill him. Apoc had mercy and slit his throat. When Apoc left the mines the whole town has gathered waiting to see who would come out. Apoc clothes was covered with blood ,but they held him there while they looked for the body of Dukey. Truck Johnson came out and asked about Dukey’s missing teeth Apoc opened up his bag and reached inside. When he opened his hand there was 5 teeth (Truck thought for a few seconds) then asked " Dukey only had 3 teeth pulled who do these other 2 belong to." Apoc said “oh those are nothing never mind them.” Truck knew then that he was the one that killed Major Jack and the whole town started beating on him till the life has left his body.
Rizzy (jacob long) is no more
Dukey( the plain townie) is no more
Apoc (FBI) is no more

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Jets, 1259 I voted apoc not rizzy


In the back of a large shed stood a grey haired man in a brightly coloured lab coat. In front of him stood a black board filled with formulas, more intricate than anyone had ever seen.
Nai had a doctorate in a field nobody really understood in town. He had been trying to wrap his head around what was going on. Too many town folk had fallen and even the McGarty and Lennon families were gone now.
What in the blazes of hell was going on? He put his hands on his hair and screamed at the board, hoping it would maybe give him an epiphany.

Without making a sound, Thorbin Jackson, had entered the shed. He walked past what he presumed was a covered up car, probably from an old make. He could see the words “GMC” on one of the rims sticking out from under it. He didn’t even know what kind of brand that was.
Slowly, he approached the grey haired old professor and tapped him in the shoulder.
Nai turned around and stared Thorbin right in the eye, Thorbin was slightly startled by the crazed look the man had in his eye.
“We have to go back, Marty.” Nai shouted at him. “We need to save them all!”
Thorbin close one eye as he felt a little saliva hit his face.
He actually felt sorry for the old geezer, he had clearly lost his mind.
“It’s fine, doc.” Thorbin calmly said to him. “We’ll go back to save them all.”
Nai looked at him, with one eyebrow raised up.
“Wait a minute…” He said, with a confused look on his face. “Did you bring me my hotdog?”
Thorbin smiled at him and pointed at the desk.
“Sure, it’s right over there.” He said.
Nai quickly walked over to the desk and start rummaging through the big pile of devices on it.

Thorbin pulled a small pen out of his jacket and walked up to the old man. From behind, he stuck the pen into his back and pushed a button on it. A small light on it flashed and Thorbin jumped back.
The old man dropped down to his knees and moaned.
“There’s no hotdog here, Marty…” He wheezed as he slowly bent over further.
What had Marty done to him? He turned around and looked at the man.
“You’re not Marty…” He said before going down in agony once more.
“I’m not.” Thorbin said. “And you’ve been injected with a uranium block.”
Nai knew that what the man had said was true, he could already feel his insides being cooked by the radio-active material. He looked at his skin, which had already turned red. It wouldn’t be much longer now. He tried to get up, but he couldn’t muster the strength. He coughed into his hand and looked down, a small pool of blood was in the palm of his hand. So this is what it feels like to be microwaved?

Not before long, the pain had become too much for him. Thorbin saw his body drop to the floor. The blisters on his skin burst and it looked as if he had dropped into a small puddle of water.
“Another one down…” Thorbin smiled and turned around. “Up to the next…”

Nai (Townie) was killed by Thorbin Jackson (CIA)